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Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:

‘Ellenya has left her mark on society. Society is not at all happy about it. In fact, there’ll be a hearing next week to determine if she’ll be required to REMOVE it (didn’t I warn you, sweetie?)’

'Tis true, I placed a taint of paint upon a Saint. The city lodged a complaint, said my art showed no restraint and I must repaint. I felt faint, so I feinted which, while quaint, did not halt my attaint or the banks distraint to pay the debts from all the paint. I guess I must adhere to their constraint…


Spectacular Rooms With A View

When we’re paying hundreds of dollars a night for a room, we want the room itself to be pretty special. We want a smart layout and a great bed and a high-pressure shower, but we also want something nice to look at: a compelling, changing landscape in late afternoon, a skyline that comes to life as the sun takes its daily bow, a sky that wakes up as a new day begins.

It’s no wonder there’s been such an ascendancy of glass lately. Is there any material that’s sexier?

These hideaways make a compelling case that no, there isn’t. Read more.

Things I have had to cut from the campaign setting book I’m writing:

  • A spread on a particular city’s Pathfinder Lodge, detailing all the delicious intrigue therein
  • A quest set in a magical tent encampment
  • A spread explaining the phonology, grammar, and syntax in a particular language and teaching you how to snark in it
  • A spread on fashion conventions of a particular nation and what you can tell about NPCs from their clothing
  • A system for becoming a patron/noble benefactor
  • The soap opera that is the royal family and the succession
  • The murderous soap opera that is the royal court 
  • A spread detailing the structure of the noble families/merchant houses in this nation, benefits you can gain from their patronage, and etiquette and specific skill checks for dealing with them
  • A spread on the state religion and how it manifests
  • Unique faiths of the region
  • A Whore Queen cult
  • 9 monsters

I need this book to be 96 pages, is what I’m saying.