city launch

I actually kinda wanted Marik to win battle city

imagine this 16 year old asshole kid marching into some government office, proclaiming himself as the new pharaoh, and waving 3 children’s trading cards in the air as if they give him full right to take over


HartLife NFP/Our Fair City cast and crew at the Season Eight Launch Party!

From the top:

DJ Catnip picking tunes for the party

Managing Director Eleanor Hyde gives her first Ladder Speech

Executive Producer Jeffrey Gardner and Managing Director Eleanor Hyde speaking

Marsha Harman (dressed up as her character Dr. Caligari) and Board Member Travis Sauder

Creative Director Clayton Faits performing as Old Man

Clayton Faits as “Old Man” riles up the crowd with a chant of “People, not Policies!”

Whitney Kraus Jones waves the Hendersonian Flag

Jeffrey Gardner smiles as Clayton Faits delivers his final Ladder Speech

Today I woke up excited; I headed to a new city and launched my Patreon. But then I turned on the news and learned about London’s attack.😨💔 I want to send my deepest heartfelt thoughts to everyone there to stay safe and stay strong. There have been so many heartbreaking tragedies this year. And though I don’t post about them often (or them all) I am aware of the world around me and what goes on in it (even if I’m a day late). And I want to spread a message of love to you all. 💞 Not just in London but in Houston, Florida, Mexico: you’ve all been hit by scary and tragic events. I wish I was Captain Planet and I could rescue you all and make it better. 💗I don’t have super powers but what I can do is create art that will make your hearts a little less heavy. I’ve also donated to multiple organizations that will reach you on my behalf.🙌 Please stay safe and keep spreading love. Together we are so much more powerful than apart. And feeling happiness is so much better than hate. I will do my best to use my art to spread love and hope. I love you all so much! 💕 #staystrong #iloveyou

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Boston Launches Anti-Islamophobia Poster Campaign
A poster offers advice on how a bystander can help someone experiencing anti-Muslim harassment — without challenging the harasser. "Education is key to fighting intolerance," the mayor says.

The city of Boston is launching a new poster campaign to fight Islamophobia by encouraging bystanders to intervene, in a non-confrontational way, if they witness anti-Muslim harassment.

Starting Monday, the city began installing 50 posters around the city with advice on what to do if you see Islamophobic behavior. The posters recommend sitting by a victim of harassment and talking with them about a neutral subject while ignoring the harasser.

“The technique is called ‘non-complementary behavior,’ and is intended to disempower an aggressive person by countering their expectations,” The Associated Press reports.

The cartoon how-to guide was drawn by a Paris-based artist named Maeril and translated into English for The Middle Eastern Feminist group on Facebook.

Superhero AUs #3

Civilian Edition

- ‘I’m a superhero and you’re the really attractive, should-be-a-supermodel cop in charge of the Supers division and I desperately want you to like me’ AU
- ‘I’m a police officer, you’re the superhero that keeps leaving supervillains tied up on my desk as ‘presents’ and honestly I’d rather have doughnuts’ AU

- ‘I’m the best friend of a superhero, you’re the main supervillain’s wife, sometimes we cross paths on hostage exchanges and share eye rolls’ AU
- ‘So now we’re tied up in a rogue government facility while our respective supers try to rescue us, wanna go get drinks sometime and moan about all these goddam superpowered idiots thinking they’re so bloody special’ AU

- ‘I’m the barista at a local coffee shop and you just strolled in bleeding, battered and clad in your full supervillain costume, please don’t kill us… hey put that down you still have to pay y’know’ AU
- ‘I’m a supervillain who just beat the resident superhero into the floor and am internally panicking because I have no idea what to do this newfound power, you’re the barista who’s still insisting I have to pay for my espresso’ AU

- ‘I work in a DIY shop and you are so the local supervillain, put that down or so help me I will call the cops, the heroes and probably the mayor’ AU
- ‘I’m the local supervillain and I buy supplies for my creations from the shop you work in, are you actually going to hit me with that spade or can I buy these screws?’ AU

- ‘I’m the journalist on the supers beat and all of you watch too many damn superhero TV shows, the whole lot of you need to stop goddamn kidnapping me because I don’t know anyone’s secret ID, okay? Also I’m going to rate this kidnapping a poor 4.5 out of 10, at least the heroes gave me popcorn, you tightwad’ AU
- ‘I’m the editor for your newspaper and I have to remove all of your mini rants from your articles, but I keep them in a file and laugh at them when I’m having a bad day but oh lord I think you just caught me; what do you mean you left them in for my entertainment?’ AU

- ‘You’re crouched behind a car with me looking utterly terrified, you’re not from around here, are you?’ AU
- ‘What the hell is wrong with your city? There’s a supervillain throwing cars around thirty foot away, and you’re completely calm. What do you mean, ‘it’s Tuesday’? This happens every week? Dear god, how are any of you still alive?’ AU

- ‘I have an essay due and I am sick to death of these goddamn supervillains holding up the goddamn traffic with their goddamn overdramatic monologues’ AU
- ‘I was sat in my car scared stiff of the supervillain two feet away, you climbed on top of my car to lecture them about their terrible oratory skills and overuse of rhetorical questions, please can I take you out on a date you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever seen’ AU

- ‘You’ve been brooding on my rooftop for the last week, I get that it’s a great spot for looking across the city skyline but you’re shivering, please accept this hot chocolate as a sort of thanks for protecting the city’ AU
- ‘You launched a mug of hot chocolate at me and gabbled something about saving the city, now I can’t stop grinning behind my mask and you can’t stop blushing’ AU

- ‘I’m the supervillain that always discreetly calls the fire brigade before I fight the pyrokinetic superhero, you’re the fireman that always arrives on the first truck and excuse the pun but you’re smoking hot’
- ‘The whole station knows that you always call us before a fight because I recognised your voice from a recording, so we staged a mini rebellion and ‘accidentally’ turned the firehose on the hero when they were arresting you. What are you waiting for, run!’ AU

- ‘I’m the bartender at a dive bar where the city’s most prolific hero and villain often come to drink away their sorrows, as of yet they’ve not shown up on the same night but they just had an all-out, city-wide fight and I’m dreading my shift this evening’ AU
- ‘I’m a regular patron, you’re the bartender, the only two other people in here are definitely the hero and villain who were on the news all day today and they’re glaring at each other across the bar, don’t worry hun I won’t abandon you, why don’t you come to my table and- okay now they’re fighting, we’re under the table and you’re super cute, seen any good movies lately?’ AU