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Do you like Owl City? Their/its music inspires me, lol. (don't know if it's just Adam Young or if it's a group)

YES. It’s just Adam Young. :) He’s had other projects under the names Sky Sailing (which is very reminiscent of the early Owl City albums) and Port Blue, which is instrumental music. There are others but those are the most popular I would say. ^^ If you like Maybe I’m Dreaming and Of June I would suggest you listen to Sky Sailing as well. There’s only one album - An Airplane Carried Me To Bed - but it’s very good. c:

Dear Stranger,

Yes, you. Has anyone ever told you everything will be okay?
It may not be like we planned or hoped it would turn out but it’ll still be okay.
We might as well make it into an adventure. Come on, take a little detour today, see a different part of your city.
Ask your waitress how she’s actually doing.
Do anything to get a smile for someone else.
I don’t care what you do, just make today different. 
You may not remember what you actually do today but you’ll remember how you felt.
How it felt to just do something different.
Life is short - make the memories count.

Live a little,