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WBJune: Day Twenty-Five

The Backpack

So, what does the average citizen of Veda City carry around in their pockets? Well, that’s a good question. You see, originally for this prompt, I was going to empty the pockets of one of my main characters and see what was there, as a way to showcase what most people carry in their pockets. Except, none of my main characters really carry the typical things you’d find in a citizen’s pockets. Nat and Nicki are probably the best examples of how erroneous the MCs’ pocket contents can stray from the norm. So, instead, we’re going to dump out the pockets of some random person on the street of Veda City.

…You there! Come here!

All right, let’s see what we’ve got.

Veda City Smartphone

When you enter Veda City, you are issued a Veda City Smartphone - the VC Spectrum (currently version 4). This phone’s screen is completely see-through, can be dropped from thirty feet, and is water, electricity, fire, and cold resistant. It also has a warranty, so you can get it replaced whenever you need to. The Spectrum is probably the most advanced piece of day-to-day tech in the city. The screen can be expanded by pulling on the two ends - which come in a vast variety of colours - into a tablet, or shrunk down by pushing the two ends together to form a small, stick-like phone. The camera adjusts its viewer depending on the size and shape of the phone - stick is where the circle is, tablet and regular screen mode adjust the viewer so that whatever you hold the see-through screen over will be the picture. The camera allows gives live updates from social media (as all citizens are given free data and wi-fi) on the screen. If you hold your phone over a location, or a famous person, your screen will inform you of what you’re looking at, from street signs to banks, to the train schedule if you hold it over the tracks. Or the level 5s, if you happen to hover over one by accident.

Most schools and work places use group chats, apps, or texting in order to keep track of those with them, and the Spectrum can also be used as a bank card, an ID card, etc. If you need it, it can probably do it - SOLDIER and SCOUT even use them as walkie-talkies in stick mode!

Wallet/Purse and ID

The other major thing most people carry is a wallet or purse with their ID. Veda City issues citizenship cards specific to the city, which act as access cards to restricted parts of the city, bank cards if you want them to, and IDs to declare who they are in a variety of ways - scanners can tell the school, age, address, etc., of the person’s ID, and more information is added as necessary, such as occupation, power and level, and more.

It’s a little creepy how much information is on those cards, to be honest. Especially since everyone just carries them around everywhere.

Personal Items

Beyond the basic items of a citizen in Veda City, everything varies from person to person. Metahumans might carry items to help with using their powers, SOLDIER officers carry weapons, such as guns and Tasers, SCOUT officers carry their arm badges, students might carry their school books, then there’s shopping bags, tablets, extra items of that variety. Chase has an app on her phone for text-to-speech when she gets tired of signing, Zoë carries tools for gadgeteering, and Nicki tends to have whatever he was holding when he left an area.

In all, what people carry is often specific to them, with IDs, wallets, and Smartphones being some of the few things that just about everyone has in common.

Pam and her pack!

In Prague Race there are two kinds of werewolves, the ones who live in the cities with other folk,and those who live in the wilds and have forgotten what it is to be a human. Citywolves must pass a certain behaviour test to get the license and they must lock themselves up in every fullmoon. 

Werewolf who live in the wids are not well known, as they don’t want other than their own kind around them.

ID #37691

Name: Ellyza
Age: 17
Country: Hong Kong

Hello , my name is Ellyza ( pronounced El-lie-jah , please don’t ask me why its pronounced like that haha ) , I just turned 17 , and I want to make some cool dope friends ! I have a wide range of hobbies , but my main ones are skateboarding , playing electric guitar , chemistry , and learning languages. Since I live in a small city , Id prefer it if my potential coolio friend would text me and video call ? I would also LOVE it if you teach me something new ! Anything that I don’t know but you know is something I wish to know :D

Preferences: I don’t really mind anyone , but someone near my age is okie dokie :>

me and a coworker got to talking about superman this morning and i struck on my real problem with superman

he grew up on a farm

why is he a journalist and why would journalism and nerd glasses be a good cover

you put that large body in some bluejeans with a plaid button-up and nobody is going to be like “thats superman” theyre gonna be like “wow a hot farm dude this is great”

but more importantly

superman is really clean and polished as a city guy, always wearing those glasses and a suit and not having an accent

but imagine superman as a person who cant help using the word yall

imagine superman being in deeper disguise by suppressing his accent when he’s got the cape on and going back to normal when he’s out riding the tractor doing his day job

like, farmhand superman is just so much more interesting to me than city job superman

we already have lots of big city heroes and id love to see superman as like, this really great rural guy who has a lot of clout among the farmers and is just like “hide all the cows” when darkseid decides to drop in for a fight

zipping around the big city is like… the flash can do that during the day, batman can do it at night

superman is powered by the sun

you know what else is powered by the sun

thats right


yossdillo  asked:

Are Quat and Pik a couple or do they just hang out a lot? Both are good I'm just curious.

theyre just room mates. but i like to crack jokes that pik is kind of obsessed with quat like how ilana is obsessed with abbi on broad city so id understand if anyone interpreted it that way