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Use your birthday to figure out your own personal knuckle tattoos!

January: DRUG
February: HATE
March: DICK
April: REAL
June: THUG
July: CASH
August: GIRL
September: FIST
October: SHIT
November: BUTT
December: KILL

1st: CITY
2nd: RIOT
3rd: FACE
4th: FEAR
5th: GRIN
6th: WOLF
7th: PISS
8th: RASH
9th: DOGS
10th: TITS
11th: LUBE
12th: SAND
13th: FIRE
14th: KIDS
15th: BIRD
16th: NERD
17th: BOYS
18th: MOMS
19th: DADS
20th: VEIN
21st: WURM
22nd: FART
23rd: TRAP
24th: MOAN
25th: HOLE
26th: KING
27th: FUCK
28th: EYES
29th: LIFE
30th: LOVE
31st: STAB

I’m too tired to make sense of much, but there has been a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left five dead, and the picture of one of the two terrorists was a white guy with a confederate flag.

Please be careful out there–HitlerIMeanTrump has enabled the terrorists worldwide to go out and commit crimes that instill fear, the definition of terrorism, into the heart of anyone they don’t like.

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Shirtless!Kaz? Like kanej fanfic? It is perfectly fine if you don't wish to write this, but it would be awesome if u could?

          They weren’t often caught in the rain. Ketterdam, although an ocean city, was generally very dry during the summer months and Kaz made a point of avoiding the torrential downpours that occured in the early spring. 

          It was––in a sense––their honeymoon. They’d eloped a month earlier when Inej had arrived home from a particularly brutal trip. The ceremony had been small, with only Jesper, Wylan, and a minister in attendance. Inej regretted just slightly that her parents hadn’t attended, but they were safer and happier on the windswept plains where she grew up. She hadn’t expected anything from Kaz after the wedding, but a week later he’d left her an envelope with the name of a small town not far from Ketterdam and instructions to get on the ferry at noon. 

          “Kaz,” Inej greeted him warmly upon arriving. She accepted the small bouquet of geraniums he offered her with a smile. The day was cloudy and they could hear thunder very distantly.

          “There’s a park not far from here that I wanted to show you.” 

          The park was beautiful, a gazebo surrounded by trees and dripping with vines. The wind whipped the leaves into a frenzy and the roses falling petals flew through the air. Thunder cracked and suddenly rain was falling. They ran for the gazebo, laughing and pushing the hair from their eyes.

          “We should head to the Inn,” Kaz commented, pulling off his jacket to reveal a crisp, white shirt underneath. He draped the coat over Inej’s head, smiling as he heard her thank him. Peeking out from the fabric, he could see one of her eyes twinkling as she grabbed his hand.

          “Then let’s go!”

          The pair took off, running down the street in the heavy rain. 

          They barged into the Inn, the door slamming behind them loudly. 

          “A room, please,” Kaz demanded, slamming coins on the counter. The innkeeper frowned, unamused, shuffling papers away from Kaz’s dripping sleeve. He hesitated, briefly. Inej noted the way Kaz’s demeanor shifted, his voice grating with a slight edge of danger. “I said, a room.”

          After an imperceptible pause, the inkeeper relented, sliding a key across the counter. “Up the stairs and to the left.”

          Upon entering the room, Inej cast aside Kaz’s jacket, draping the wet garment over a chair and fell back onto the bed with a sigh. Kaz didn’t move, standing at the foot of the bed still sopping wet.

          “You should change, Kaz.”

          “I’m fine.”

          “You’ll catch a cold.”

          “Not from a bit of water.”

          She laughed lightly. 

          “Suit yourself. Just don’t get the bed all wet,” Inej closed her eyes, listening to the soft chatter coming from the tavern of the Inn and the patter of rain outside. Seconds later there was the rustle of fabric. She opened her eyes, watching Kaz slip off his shirt and hang it on the bed post. His skin was pale, so much paler than hers, with soft freckles across his shoulders and wrinkled pink lines of scars. 

          He sat carefully on the bed, and swung his legs up over the covers. Inej cautiously took his hand in hers and pushed herself upwards to match Kaz. The wind blew and rain pattered against the window, accompanied by the occasional tree branch. There was a flash of light, and the thunder drowned out the creaking of the hotel around them.  

          They sat silently, Kaz’s thumb running up and down Inej’s palm, and watched the world wash away.


After a suggestion from scotaire, here’s my version of an URBAN STRUCTURE GENERATOR! In this table, i leave the occupants’ races and other details up to you guys and i think this table is great for when your players are looking at/for a building and you need to come up with something on the fly :D

Hope you guys are able to enjoy this generator and get some use out of it! Let me know what you make from it :)

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas about this random generator or future work, feel free to send me a message

Here’s the download:


Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game

A cooperative board game of revolutionary strategy, hidden agendas & 21st century urban rebellion

In Bloc by Bloc players join a movement that is struggling to liberate a randomly generated city that changes every game. Each player controls a faction of revolutionaries fighting back against the authorities. The factions must cooperate to defeat their common enemy while carefully balancing individual secret agendas. Build barricades, clash with riot cops, loot shopping centers, defend liberated zones, and occupy the city before time runs out and the military arrives!


The design and development process for this game is now complete and we need your help to get it out into the world! Bloc by Bloc has now been playtested by dozens of people over hundreds of hours in the Bay Area and beyond. By backing our Kickstarter campaign, you will be buying into our initial printing and helping us get the quantity we need in order to produce this at the level of quality you expect from a premium board game while keeping the cost at a minimum. In return, you’ll get the game before it’s available anywhere else and at a discounted rate available only during the Kickstarter campaign.


For the past several months we have prepared for tomorrow. We sold our home, we temporarily moved in with my parents, we dove head first into the off the grid world, we prepped the land, and worked together to figure out solutions to any foreseen issues that are likely to arise from a life of living in the wild.

We were excited together, scared together, doubtful, and hopeful - depending on the day of the week or the task at hand, but we are here.

Tomorrow we are making the big move to our homestead where we will be living completely off the grid in a 26 foot trailer for the next year or so, while our forever home is being built.

What does that mean? No hook up to city power - only our generators, battery banks, and solar panels. No hook up to city water - just yours truly hauling hundreds of gallons of water from town to our land several times a month. No hook up to city gas - just refillable propane tanks. No hook up to city sewer - just our trailer’s black water tanks.

Mindfulness will be key, as everyday tasks such as brushing our teeth will become a creative lesson in water conservation.

In spite of the challenges, I’m ready to be humbled by the rawness of it all. I’m ready to lay the foundation of a life changing dream.

Game idea: procedurally generated city with an enormous but finite quantity of zombies. Your goal: take it back. Survival, resource management, zombie killin’ and construction. You can use classic zombie/minecraft mechanics, with day as a time to explore and gather resources and night as a time to stay still, craft and build inside a base, or run for your life.

Autogenerated buildings include high rises, malls, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

If you spawn near the outskirts you might start by raiding a hardware store and auto dealership and building a rolling deathwagon to move inwards, if you spawn downtown you spend your early game barely surviving on upper floors of buildings.

Randomly generated survivors can be hoarder merchants, bandits who will take your stuff to help themselves survive, people who are scared/trapped but will defend their area against zombies, and fellow dedicated hunters who want to help you clear the city. You accumulate allies and resources to arm them so the zombies get destroyed at an accelerating rate.


Robert Pattinson fans have plenty to celebrate. The reviews coming out of the Berlinale are equal to the raves that The Lost City of Z generated when it premiered at the New York Film Festival last October. From today, the President of the  International Cinephile Society, Cédric Succivalli, gave the film an “A,” and placed it at #2 in the top 5 films he’s seen at the Berlin Film Festival. This is a man who sees everything, and he ranks TLCOZ at the very top. The film will open in NY and LA on April 14th and open wide the following weekend.

Cédric Succivalli    ‏@OnTheCroisette      

My top 5 #Berlinale after 5 days
1 Call Me by Your Name (A)
2 The Lost City of Z (A)
A Fantastic Woman (A-)
4 Félicité (B+)
5 Chavela (B+)


Me: Doesn’t the Old Executive Office Building look amazing? Sure, it doesn’t match any of the other architecture in DC, but it looks a lot better than most of it. I was driving by it the other day, and I thought I just had to look up the history of it and post about it.

Other people:

It was designed by Alfred B. Mullett, Supervising Architect. Patterned after French Second Empire architecture that clashed sharply with the neoclassical style of the other Federal buildings in the city, it was generally regarded with scorn and disdain, and Mullett, the exterior architect, ended his life by suicide, while in litigation. The OEOB was referred to by Mark Twain as “the ugliest building in America.”[5] President Harry S. Truman called it “the greatest monstrosity in America.”[6] Historian Henry Adams called it Mullett’s “architectural infant asylum.”[7]

Hetalia Superhero AU HCs/Details

Hetalia superhero AU headcanons and details because I just wanted to have everything in a neat post for reference. More details and characters will be added in the future!

Note: some of these HCs are ones that have been sent in that I’ve expanded on with doubleox515, or ones where people have added to my own HCs, so I’ve made sure to provide links to the original asks for those!

General AU details

  • In this AU, powers are a genetic thing and are somewhat feared/stigmatised by the government and society (kinda like in X-Men), but there aren’t any groups or organisations for those who do have powers, so most of the “superhumans” either try to remain undercover or become vigilantes.
  • The city that this is all set in is run by a corrupt, elite group of people, consisting of powerful businessmen and the heads of local crime organisations (kinda like in Daredevil). They are separate from the government but pretty much control the operation and funds of the city.
  • Powers generally develop between ages 9-14.
  • The AU mainly focuses on the Nordics, but some of the other characters are in it as well.
  • The Nordics are college/university age - at the start of the AU, Emil is in his first year and the rest of them are in their second. Mathias and Lukas have known each other since childhood but have somehow managed to keep their powers secret from each other. Lukas’s mother recently married Emil’s father, making them step-brothers, but they still haven’t found out about each other yet. Mathias and Lukas know Tino and Berwald (although these two only vaguely know each other) from university. Managing class and fighting would be pretty difficult so they often turn up very tired or very sore. 
  • All of them have undertaken vigilante activities at some point but have managed to avoid running into each other until one night when they’re all coincidentally tracking down the same person. Conflict ensues when they realise they’re not the only ones but all want to be the one to take the criminal down, resulting in a pretty big battle and all of them accidentally being unmasked, which is how they find out about each other and eventually team up.
  • The Nordics are the first group of superhumans to successfully form a team - after hearing about them on the news and seeing them in action, other groups follow their example and form their own teams. 
  • The Nordics - and most other superhumans - wouldn’t have much access to special materials to make “costumes”, what with the lack of a superhuman “network” of sorts. They would more or less wear casual clothes while doing their vigilante stuff, but with masks on/hoods up.
  • The AU follows a plotline.
  • Main inspirations: X-Men & Daredevil.


  • Mathias has fire manipulation/pyrokinesis. He can generate his own fire or manipulate existing fire. His abilities prevent him from being burnt, and fire only feels slightly warm to him.
  • Lukas has “magic” powers, pretty much. He can generate energy blasts/beams, and the troll in this AU is a holographic combat avatar that he can conjure and use to fight, although it drains a lot of energy. 
  • Berwald can absorb the properties of (most) solid materials that he touches. He can transform parts of his body, like just a fist or an arm, or his whole body.
  • Tino does not really have “powers” per se, but his senses and strength are slightly beyond that of a non-powered human. He’s an expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, and is also very good with knives. 
  • Emil has super speed. His top speed would be higher than the speed of sound, maybe Mach 2 or 3, but his average would be lower since higher speeds require more energy.
  • Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. He’s in a team with Gilbert, Elizabeta and Roderich. (from asks: x, x
  • Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. (same asks as above)
  • Elizabeta has flight and sound manipulation. Kinda inspired by Banshee from X-Men but instead of directly generating the sounds, she has to manipulate them instead, if that makes sense. She often uses her powers to magnify Roderich’s. (from asks: x, x)
  • Roderich has something like hypnotic music (kind of like a siren). He performs (singing + piano usually) at various restaurants and other fancy places as a job, preferring to stay undercover. However, he gets indirectly involved in Elizabeta’s - and later the team’s - missions (albeit relunctantly), working behind the scenes and stuff.
  • Eduard is a genius hacker with the ability of super learning who helps the Nordics out sometimes. He considers himself part of the team although they don’t since he’s pretty much useless in combat. Despite this, his assistance is still very valuable for missions where a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff is required. (from ask: x)
  • Ivan has emotional manipulation. He can either project emotions onto everyone in a certain radius or specifically target one person. When he’s angry, scared or extremely upset, this ability often becomes dangerous as it can cause others to fall into the same state. (from ask: x)
  • Irina has healing abilities. The extent of her ability encompasses most injuries that can be sustained while fighting, although more severe injuries can take hours to heal. (same ask as above)
  • Natalya doesn’t have powers but she’s a skilled marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. These are learnt skills, as she’s had to keep up with her older powered siblings for pretty much her whole life. Her abilities are almost on par with Tino’s, even though he is superhuman. (same ask as above)
  • Alfred has electricity manipulation, which has a variety of applications ranging from generating lighting to manipulating bio-electric currents in the body. 
  • Feli has clairvoyance, but only sees the negative things. As a result, he tries to have a more optimistic outlook on life. (from ask: x)
  • Lovi also has clairvoyance, but only sees the positive things. He’s no longer amazed/surprised by positive events so he feels as though there isn’t much he can look forward to, as well as being slightly jealous of people caring about his brother’s abilities more. (same ask as above)
  • Matthew has phasing/intangibility, the ability to pass through solid matter.
  • Yao has shapeshifting abilities. He can transform into both people and animals; however, if he shapeshifts into a superhuman he does not get their powers.

I know it’s too late for DayofFacts but it really looks like it needs to be expanded to SpringofFacts.

Let me show you some of the infographic articles I do over at my day job, working for the City of Malmö, Sweden. Generally they are investigations into areas that would gain from a better understanding from people not likely to read statistics and reports. One of these has even been republished in a nationwide paper!

i looked at a fantasy city name generator so i can maybe name this gd human city and a few of the names given were “glupus” “jedo” “dard” and “duublore”

Quick Ref Sheet || Mun and Muse Edition!

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Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Last thing you googled: ‘bank robbery Minneapolis’
Height: 5′9″


Nickname: Rae
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Sex: Female
Favorite color: Bright Blue
Average hours of sleep: 5-10? Honestly it’s terrible 
Last thing you googled: random city generator
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Height: 5′7″

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oh dear lord || motive rxn || ai || closed w/ yuka

{tw: unreality i think?}

Being sick was just as shitty as you’d imagine with a normal flu. Congestion, cough, chills, and anything else in between with or without alliteration. For once, Ai had fallen victim to her immune system and let herself succumb to sniffling, coughing and begrudgingly eating healthier. Her pudding pile would live another day. (Or, well, last a few more hours.) Despite her ill state, she managed to move around the city against generally better judgement and at least accept some soup oh-so lovingly made by Yuka.

But after merely having the words “virus” fall upon her ears in Twelve’s voice, she immediately reached, blinded by a pillow, to hang up so she can save herself from the rest of his bullshit, to no avail. As if the general flu going around wasn’t shitty enough as is, eh? One virus wasn’t enough, it seemed. And of course, just as last time, jackshit was going to be done about it. Another motive, another body! Ha ha…

You’d expect a salty Ai to parade down the halls and spout out her usual complaints littered with vulgarity. However, something else stopped her in her tracks. Something apparently bewildering enough to make her have a full stop and say a portion of her following text response to the group chat aloud.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Honestly…like, honestly? She was almost scared for a minute with several people suddenly acting out of left field. A soft-boiled crab? A peppy Yuka? A really salty Michiko? Something like that even managed to make her stop in her place and look around to make sure she wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating. No, it’s too elaborate of a dream, no way…this…was real. This was actually happening.

It really did feel like some elaborate prank. Trying to keep that out of her mind, she searched for the entomologist until she found the unusually peppy girl, walking up to her and waving to catch her attention, adjusting her doctor’s mask. The mangaka decided she might as well get them back now–preferably a bit quickly, but of course, that’s wishful thinking.

“Heya, uh, Kagome-san? So, like, you done with my art pens now? I never got ‘em back, so if yer done, I’ll take 'em now 'n stuff.”

She cleared her throat as she leaned back and forth boredly on the balls of her heels.


Matmata - is a small Berber speaking town in southern #Tunisia. Some of the local Berber residents live in traditional underground “troglodyte” structures.

The city was not generally known until 1967(!). And it was rediscovered by chance.

That year, intensive rains that lasted for 22 days inundated the troglodyte homes and caused many of them to collapse. The help was needed, so the delegation was formed and sent to the community center of the region, situated in a town of Gabès. The authorities were absolutely surprised, but they helped the Matmata Berbers and the above-ground settlement of Matmâta was built, but only a few of the families moved to the new surface dwellings, while most of the people continued their lives in re-built underground homes.

Today, Matmata is a popular tourist attraction, and most of the population lives on tourism and folklore exhibitions in their homes.

This the place made famous for the shooting some of the scenes in the Star Wars film.