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You bored, or feeling artsy but don’t have any inspiration...!?

Do you need to distract yourself? Or are you simply bored? 

Well, let’s fix that shit right now~

Here are some great websites to make the time pass.

First off, here are some 100% free art programs!; 

  • Photoshop CS2 - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • FireAlpaca - (Windows and Mac)
  • Medibang Paint Pro- (windows and Mac)
  • Sketchbook Copic Edition - (Windows and Mac)
  • GIMP - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI [cracked]  - (Windows) (Mac)
  • Paint tool SAI 2 beta - (tumblr post on said program)
  • iPaint - (Mac)
  • Paintbrush - (Mac)
  • Pencil - (Windows, Mac)
  • Paint.NET - (Windows)
  • Seashore [still in development, ver 0.5] - (Mac)
  • ChocoFlop - (Mac)
  • Inkscape - (Mac and Windows)
  • ArtRage [Demo] - (Mac and Windows)
  • OpenCanvas 1.1[must pay for 2.0] - (Windows, not sure about Mac.)
  • MyPaint - (Windows)
  • Krita - (Windows)
  • Vectorian [Supports Animation] - (Windows)
  • Pixia[Japanese, some English versions] - (Windows)
  • Asperite - (Windows)
  • Chasys Draw IES - (Windows)
  • SmoothDraw - (Windows)
  • TwistedBrush Open Studio - (Windows)
  • BOUNS - CTRL+Paint [Great for teaching all kinds of stuff, like how to use digital programs.]

Alrighty, but maybe you don’t want to download software to draw, free or not. That’s just too much time, and let’s face it, you’re already bored. Well, I’ve got you covered peoples, here are some free browser paint/drawing programs!;

  • browser photoeditor, and can be used for drawing!
  • Psykopaint
  • QueekyPaint
  • PaintOnline- ((also has some random free browser games on site too!))

Sooo, maybe You just don’t feel like drawing…understandable, you beasts-here’s a BUNCH of other websites to calm and/or stretch those brain muscles!;

  • create pixel art
  • Awesome photo editor and art program, all free…!
  • Totally free transparent textures
  • make a cute chibi
  • draw some cool generative art
  • be a graffiti creator
  • create a picassohead (you don’t need to be a picasso to do so)
  • paint online
  • another awsome site to create pixel art on
  • and another one
  • create your own mandala
  • or color one
  • create an avatar
  • or you can try creating your own superhero
  • here you can interact with organisms in different environments to see how to music changes
  • here’s a website that translates the time into hexidecimal colours,
  • Here is a website where you can travel along a 3D line into the infinite unkown
  • here is a website where you can listen to rain with or without music
  • Need a model in a certain pose for drawing? here
  • Want to build your own planet
  • here is a website where you can create your own galaxies
  • make your own pattern (very useful if you need a new background)
  • create next hit comic
  • make a city which looks like something from 90′s games
  • draw a mandala like design
  • jig saw puzzles
  • more jig saw puzzles to solve
  • create a stunning HTML5 animation - no coding!
  • make a movie
  • create and dress up dolls
  • play a piano
  • you can also play a guitar
  • create sounds
  • another sound creator
  • create a logo
  • design your dream home
  • sketch rooms
  • explore fashion trends and create your own sets
  • build a website
  • try this app for building a website
  • Or maybe start learning how to code!
  • design your own t-shirt or a beanie or sweatpants and order them
  • design your own phone case
  • pretend to be a graphic designer with this cool online tool
  • Make your own Glitch art
  • Here’s another glitch art maker
  • And another!
  • Holy hell, here’s a third!
  • make an image look like it was created by a commodore 64
  • freaking cool text generator!
  • Easy to use word processor
  • Make up really cool patterns or run your photos through it :)
  • Write an essay on anything with no hassle
  • Wanna see how something you write would look like if it was on JacksFilms YGS((Your Grammar Sucks videos on YouTube))?
  • Make pictures out of text
  • ASCII word generator
  • Need an idea for some fanart-here :D
  • mario
  • cubefield
  • sleep calculator
    essay typer
  • rice questions
  • maths 
  • artsy-fartsy pretty thing
  • quotes
  • survive nature
  • rain
  • tumblr music
  • calming rain
  • themes
  • backgrounds [x] 
  • loads of references

Still haven’t found something that would float your  proverbial boat? 

Then try these out!:

  • watch a documentary
  • learn to code
  • do something yourself
  • workout with the help of this great youtube channels
  • learn things
  • play pokemon or zelda or other awesome old school games
  • waste your time on miniclip
  • play games at additing games
  • or try games at agame
  • calm your thoughts
  • the quiet place
  • it will be okay
  • vent or listen to someone
  • pour out your soul
  • explore the sky
  • look at art from around the world
  • virtually visit museum of iraq
  • explore world with arounder
  • create a music playlist
  • list through rare books
  • scroll useful science website
  • create sand art
  • brain games
  • try out tastekid and discover new favorite band or movie or book
  • interactive 3D anatomy
  • random street view
  • post a secret
  • create a family tree
  • find our what’s the difference between x and y
  • help scientists and become volunteer researcher
  • create your own font
  • read a classic short story
  • In the mood to read, but not sure exactly what book to go for?
  • scribble on maps
  • listen to letters
  • play with acrobots
  • listen to podcasts
  • make a bucket list
  • Ever want to see the most truly useless websites in creation?
  • Prank a friend with this blue screen of death!
  • Zone out watching the colors drip down
  • Sprite generator!
  • Face Generator/Creator!

Even More stuffs;

  • Wanna make a custom minecraft skin?
  • Well then these’ll work!
  • This one too~
  • Wanna make a custom error pop up?
  • Or a custom blue screen? 
  • WELP, what about making some ASCII art?
  • Here ya go!
  • And another one~
  • WAIT-last one…
  • OH, and here’s a HTML to image converter!..You’re gonna need that!
  • How about a pixel text bubble generator
  • Here’s a photoediting website that’s free and pretty awesome to mess with!

Ok, maybe none of these peeked your interest. 

Maybe you’ve been wanting to create an o.c, but never really knew how to start, or you just enjoy making O.C’s.

This  part of this list is specifically for OCs and Oc building. It can also apply to developing RP characters~

Gemsona stuffs;

  • Just a straight up character gemsona creator
  • Here’s another
  • Not sure what gem to go with, or where? 
  • OR maybe your unsure about more than just that?

Credit to For the majority of links here!

 ((I added a couple of links! In the appearance, details, and the whole of item names section, and the Gemsona area-((above))! 

As well as the couple of Transformers/Southpark character builder links, and Undertale/TMNT below..

Basically every link I made bold I added, because I am complete fandom trash…

..Seriously, Go check her wonderful blog out~!!!

How to Write Better OCs:

  • basic tips on how to make your oc even better
  • tragic backstory? learn how to write one/make yours great
  • writing specific characters
  • a wordier, great guide on how to develop your character
  • kick out those vague descriptions and make them AWESOME

Character Development:

  • how to actually make an OC
  • Q&A (to develop characters)
  • more Q&As
  • giving your character a backstory
  • how to write an attractive character

Need an Appearance idea?

  • Humanoid generator? check
  • Here’s another one
  • and maybe if you didn’t like those this’ll work
  • Need Monsterpeople?
  • Well, then here ya’ go
  • Maybe you need Cats?


  • adding more racial diversity
  • avoiding tokenism, AKA, how to add diversity to your cast not just because you “need” it
  • writing sexuality and gender expression(doesnt include non binary, if you have a good ref to that, please add on!)
  • masterpost on writing more diversity into your story
  • cultures of the world
  • guides to drawing different ethnicities(not just a great art reference, but also really helpful in appearance descriptions!)

Mary Sue/Gary Stu;

  • Test to see if your character is a Sue
  • Explains subdivisions of Sues/Stus
  • Powerful Characters Don’t Have to Be Sues


  • villain generator
  • need an evil sounding name for your evil character? bam
  • villain archetypes
  • what’s your villain’s motive for being a villain?


  • character perceptions(What your character thinks of themselves and what others think of them)
  • how to write strong relationships between two characters
  • 8 ways to write better characters and develop their relationships with others
  • OCxLove Interest Handbook
  • develop your couple with good ol’ Q&A!
  • how to write realistic relationships
  • how to write relatives for your characters(this is more OC related to a canon character, but will help in writing family members in general)


  • 12 common archetypes
  • 8 archetypes for male/female characters
  • female archetypes (goes pretty indepth from two main categories)
  • a list of archetypes


  • how to name your character
  • random name generator
  • most common surnames
  • surnames by ethnicity


  • tips for better design
  • basic appearance generator
  • pinterest board for character design (includes NSFW and images of skeletons/exposed muscle (?) so tread carefully!)
  • clothing ref masterpost
  • Clothing generator
  • Another clothing generator
  • More clothing generator
  • Aaaand even more
  • Steam punk clothing
  • Char Style preference
  • Dress Generator


  • give your character better powers
  • a list of professions
  • proactive vs reactive characters
  • positive and negative traits
  • interest generator
  • skills generator
  • motivation generator
  • 123 ideas for character flaws
  • list of phobias
  • Oh shit someone died
  • Backgrounds and stuff? yep
  • Quirks
  • Personality. you need that shit
  • Need something fandom related?
  • City generator hell yeah
  • location? got ya
  • World-building?
  • make your own god damn laws
  • Landscape.

Need Item names?;

  • Fantasy/sci-fi/etc. medicine names
  • Stuff to make things more interesting.Weapons, clothes, treasures… whatever your characters need.
  • Item & Artifact Generators

Other story stuffs!

  • Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators
  • How did your characters meet?
  • Fanfic plots. you bet your ass!

WAIT!…if none of that worked, then maybe you want to make a SouthPark style character?

  • Here!
  • Well, this one’s nice too~
  • And another..
  • Aaaand another!

What about Transformers Characters?;

  • Here’s a Transformers name generator~
  • And a Character builder!


  • Undertale character speech box creator!
  • Want inspiration for an Undertale Oc?
  • OR a super Edgy Undertale Theory generator?
  • Maybe you just want to read some funny Sans Puns!


  • How about a TMNT creator?
  • Or a TMNT meme generator..

If any of the links have any issues for whatever reason, HERE’S THE LINK TO THE SAME LIST I COPIED TO MY DA ACCOUNT JUST IN CASE;

On The Cost Of Housing

I saw on social media today Yet Another Handwringing Op-Ed on how housing is very expensive and how this is screwing over the millennials.

These posts always frustrate me. They always follow the same format:

  • Housing costs are really high relative to historical prices
  • Millennials are now fucked
  • Why is this happening?
  • Grasping at straws attempt to explain this using authors favourite pet policy issue; OR
  • Tortured attempt to lay all blame on singular object level event
  • High-visibility-low-impact solution that does not address root cause

Guys, what would you say if I told you that the reason why housing is so expensive now is trivial and obvious? Would you believe me? Here, let’s try:

The reason housing is so expensive is because we’ve spent the last 50 years aggressively and intentionally pursuing policies designed to make housing more expensive.

It’s that simple. Like, politicians openly brag about doing this. It is the single biggest political issue in most city governments.

I’m not trying to be clever. I’m not spinning something in a way that supports my story. I’m not saying “we did this” in the same way, say, church people say “The state brags about murder” because of abortion or whatever.

The single biggest issue I can think of in city politics, generally, is when existing residents demand policy to “maintain or increase property values”. THIS LITERALLY MEANS MAKING HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE. That is all that means. If a piece of property costs $100,000, and you propose policies that increase its property value to $200,000, you have literally and by definition doubled the cost of housing.

In US & Canada, policies to “increase property values” have been aggressively pushed. Hell, people love this so much that it’s used to dubiously justify all sorts of things with only tangential relationship to property values at all. We’ve been doing this ever since we started viewing homeownership as an investment.

We stimulate investment demand in homes, through subsidized loans and tax incentives. Demand goes up, price goes up. Then we have people sinking a large majority of their life savings into that property. Nobody wants to risk their life savings, so a social expectation that this number always goes up, never goes down sets in. Then, given that homeowners comprise a majority of the electorate, they have the political clout to push for policies that continue this trend.

We’ve spent the last 50 years aggressively pushing for property values to rise, promoting political policies that support this while torpedoing ones with the opposite effect. And now we’re confused that property prices are too high? Come on. What did you think would happen?

i’m honestly not sure if i will ever really finish/post this “tim vlogging from star city” fic because the vlog conceit ends up cluttering things up a lot and obfuscating a lot of things i may not want to obfuscate, and also, there are ten million goddamn characters

i guess i could rewrite the fic to have tim filming the vlog throughout without it being written as if it is describing the final video, but youtube jumpcuts are the most convenient narrative device in the world so it would need to be completely redone from scratch and i’d lose a lot of good jokes

meanwhile this other thing is at 6.6k and is getting worryingly tell-y and when it’s done it will be completely obtuse and not remotely compliant with any existing dc canon ugh ugh ugh

anonymous asked:

This is fairly specific, but could you recommend systems that might be easy on a newbie GM with dyscalculia? The lighter end of formulas/number memorization would be amazing.

Depends on what sort of gameplay you’re looking for.

If you’re in the market for a traditional goblins-and-grid-maps dungeon crawl, you could have a look at Hero Kids. It’s designed to be playable by kids as young as four, but it’s also a pretty sold pick-up-and-play game for older gamers. There are no numbers larger than six, and outside a couple of edge cases, you’ll only ever be adding or subtracting ones. As long as you don’t have trouble with greater-than/less-than comparisons (e.g., which of these dice rolled the highest?), it should be fairly accessible.

If you’re okay with something more unconventional, you could have a look at Itras By. It’s a localised Norwegian game set in a city that generically resembles the metropolises of continental Europe circa 1920. The gimmick is that the city is relatively normal near its core, but becomes progressively more surreal toward its outskirts, eventually breaking down into pure psychedelia; player characters are, of course, those who have reason to wander. The system involves no dice or numbers at all; conflicts are resolved through a printable card deck, with each card telling you in words whether you succeed and what it will cost you. Very demanding in terms of improv skills, though.

If that’s a bit too off the wall, but you still want to try something super light, you could have a look at Lasers & Feelings. Again, very little in the way of addition or subtraction involved, mostly just greater-than/less-than comparisons. This one’s a one-page RPG inspired by classic Star Trek.

Going a little heavier, there’s also Pokéthulhu. No, hear me out - it may be a parody game, but does some very neat dice tricks to get maximum information with minimal math.

In a nutshell, basic task resolution involves rolling a pool of one to three twelve-sided dice - three for a merely tricky action, one for a very hard one, two for anything in between - and finding the highest die that doesn’t exceed your relevant stat. (This is sometimes referred to as “blackjack roll-under” because you’re aiming to roll as high as possible without going over.)

You thus have a system that accounts for character skill, variable difficulty, and even degrees of success with no addition or subtraction - just a series of greater-than/less-than comparisons. Combat is somewhat more involved, as you also need to keep track of hit points, but the additions and subtractions there are typically restricted to single-digit numbers.

Lasers & Feelings and Pokéthulhu are available in PDF for free, while Hero Kids and Itras By will set you back a few bucks each (though the former has a bundle promotion going on that gets you the base game and a whole pile of supplements for like twenty bucks - totally worth it, in my opinion!)

tagged by: @dueldestinies HEY HOW’S IT GOIN

rules: using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag people

artist/band: Owl City

what is your gender: Dreams and Disasters
how do you feel: Verge
if you could go anywhere: Tokyo 
favourite mode of transportation:
 On The Wing
your best friend: Good Time
favourite time of the day:
Vanilla Twilight
if your life was a tv show:
This Isn’t The End or The Saltwater Room
relationship status: Cave In
your fear:
The Real World or Listen To What The Man Said

some of these were honestly too easy and Too Real Damn

tagging: @defessus-puer (even tho ur taste in music is trash :x), @geeseareassholes, @legendofthesevenstars, @hypatheticallyspeaking, @attinthehatt, @animeismybestfriend104, and any other mutual who wants to do this!

Who built Great Zimbabwe?

Stretched across a tree-peppered expanse in southern Africa lies the magnificent ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a medieval stone city of astounding wealth and prestige. Located in the present-day country of Zimbabwe, it’s the sight of the largest known settlement ruins in Sub-Saharan Africa, second on the continent only to the pyramids of Egypt. But the history of this city is shrouded in controversy, defined by decades of dispute about who built it and why.

Its name comes from the Shona word madzimbabwe, meaning big house of stone for its unscalable stone walls that reach heights of nearly ten meters and run for a length of about 250 meters. For its grandeur and historical significance, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. Back in the 14th and 15th centuries, it was a thriving city. 

Spread across nearly eight square-kilometers, Great Zimbabwe was defined by three main areas: the Hill Complex, where the king lived; the Great Enclosure, reserved for members of the royal family; and the Valley Complex, where regular citizens lived. Rulers were both powerful economic and religious leaders for the region. At its highest point, the city had a bustling urban population of 18,000 people and was one of the major African trade centers at the time. What enabled this growth was Great Zimbabwe’s influential role in an intercontinental trade network. Connected to several key city-states along the East African Swahili Coast, it was part of the larger Indian Ocean trade routes. The city generated its riches by controlling the sources and trade of the most prized items: gold, ivory, and copper. With this mercantile power, it was able to extend its sphere of influence across continents, fostering a strong Arab and Indian trader presence throughout its zenith. 

Archaeologists have since pieced together the details of this history through artifacts discovered on site. There were pottery shards and glassworks from Asia, as well as coins minted in the coastal trading city of Kilwa Kisiwani over 1,500 miles away. They also found soapstone bird figures, which are thought to represent each of the city’s rulers, and young calf bones, only unearthed near the royal residence, show how the diet of the elite differed from the general population. These clues have also led to theories about the city’s decline. 

By the mid-15th century, the buildings at Great Zimbabwe were almost all that remained. Archaeological evidence points to overcrowding and sanitation issues as the cause, compounded by soil depletion triggered by overuse. Eventually, as crops withered and conditions in the city worsened, the population of Great Zimbabwe is thought to have dispersed and formed the nearby Mutapa and Torwa states.

Centuries later, a new phase of Great Zimbabwe’s influence began to play out in the political realm as people debated who had built the famous city of stone. During the European colonization of Africa, racist colonial officials claimed the ruins couldn’t be of African origin. So, without a detailed written record on hand, they instead relied on myths to explain the magnificence of Great Zimbabwe. Some claimed it proved the Bible story of the Queen of Sheba who lived in a city of riches. Others argued it was built by the Ancient Greeks. Then, in the early 20th century after extensive excavation at the site, the archaeologist David Randall-MacIver presented clear evidence that Great Zimbabwe was built by indigenous peoples. Yet, at the time, the country’s white minority colonial government sought to discredit this theory because it challenged the legitimacy of their rule. In fact, the government actively encouraged historians to produce accounts that disputed the city’s African origins.

Over time, however, an overwhelming body of evidence mounted, identifying Great Zimbabwe as an African city built by Africans. During the 1960s and 70s, Great Zimbabwe became an important symbol for the African Nationalist movement that was spreading across the continent. Today, the ruins at Great Zimbabwe, alluded to on the Zimbabwean flag by a soapstone bird, still stand as a source of national pride and cultural value.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Who built Great Zimbabwe? And why? - Breeanna Elliott

Animation by JodyPrody


After a suggestion from scotaire, here’s my version of an URBAN STRUCTURE GENERATOR! In this table, i leave the occupants’ races and other details up to you guys and i think this table is great for when your players are looking at/for a building and you need to come up with something on the fly :D

Hope you guys are able to enjoy this generator and get some use out of it! Let me know what you make from it :)

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas about this random generator or future work, feel free to send me a message

Here’s the download:

New Normal

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Summary: Things have changed since Peter got his powers, and he helps you see that they’re for better, not worse. 

When Peter crawled into your room through the window in a ripped up hoodie and covered in cuts and bruises, you didn’t ask questions.

While you cleaned and bandaged the wounds, you waited for Peter to open up or do what he’s been doing for months every other time he showed up late at night battered and bruised.

Seeing the spider logo on the chest of his tattered hoodie, you could no longer keep silent.

“How long were you planning on waiting to tell me you’re Spider-Man?”

He gave a tired sigh. “I was trying to keep you safe. I was scared that if you knew….I don’t know. I thought that it would put you in danger I guess.”

“I appreciate you wanting to keep me safe, but all this time I thought you’d started selling drugs or got into a gang!” You exclaimed.

Peter’s eyes shone with unshed tears. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I was trying to keep you safe and I tried to keep the people on the ferry safe, and Liz-”

His voice cracked. You ignored the painful pinch in your heart at the sound of his crush’s name and gently pulled your best friend into a hug.

He hugged you back and over the next few hours he told you everything. You cried with him, embraced, and talked through it. By the time the sun rose on Saturday morning you felt closer to Peter than ever before.

Harboring a crush on him had been difficult in the last few weeks as his admiration of Liz became more hopeful. Despite all that; however, you were there beside him in getting over her and the loss of the “Stark Internship”. You and Ned planned movie nights, took Peter on adventures in the city, and generally distracted him.

Life was rapidly going back to normal. Or so you thought.

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Nerdy Fact #1850: There is a “What if” story in which The Punisher’s family was never killed in the park. In this universe, Frank retires from his service in the military, becomes a New York City cop, and is generally happy with his life, but when he starts reporting on police corruption, the precinct captain has his family killed and he becomes the Punisher anyway.

(Submitted by Anonymous.)


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it’s gaudí time


On July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was born in the village of Smiljan in what is now Croatia. He came to the United States in 1884 and spent much of his career in New York City, performing experiments and generating patents related to electrical technology. His letter here to John Sanford Barnes, as well as the studio portrait and brochure, reflect his efforts to promote his work and attract much needed investments.

Burr McIntosh. Nikola Tesla. circa 1900-1910. glass plate negative. New-York Historical Society.

Nikola Tesla. Letter to John Sanford Barnes, 14 April 1904, and promotional brochure. Naval History Society Collection. New-York Historical Society.

The View From the Edge

Another delightful story for @caped-ace, this time for some Reaper76 from Overwatch! Enjoy these old men, proving that being edgelords doesn’t go out with age.

Cut is for length, not for content. 

Originally posted by etlabetes

It had taken nearly thirty minutes after the battle with Los Muertos for Soldier: 76 to finally collapse in the Dorado alleyway.

Clearly, he had known it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to the injuries he had sustained. That’s why he had concentrated on taking an aimless, twisting path through the Mexican city, avoiding major thoroughfares. Generally he kept moving south - which must have been where he had left whatever mode of transportation he had used to get there - but then, near an industrial scrapyard, his knees buckled. One arm against a building wall, the other clutching the heavy pulse rifle. Of course that would be important to him, but soon it fell with a clatter as he gripped his side, where he had taken the brunt of the grenade blast.

Idiot, Reaper thought. The child had foolishly put herself in danger, had lingered too long, and then the rogue had hesitated in deciding what to do about it, waiting for the last possible moment, losing the gang and just barely rescuing the girl. Sloppy. Careless.

After a moment, it had become too much, and Soldier: 76 sagged to the ground in an unconscious pile.

“Old habits die hard.”

And now that old habit was going to kill him. Ironic.

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I worked to put together a collection of random generators to help with writing projects. I tried to cover a lot of genres, and included generators to help with character creation and development, plot development, and world building. There are also quite a few name generators on the list as well as a few general resources that I thought could be useful, but didn’t quite fit into the other categories.

Also note that if something is in a particular category, it doesn’t mean it can only work with that category. The story ideas and the world building categories overlap quite a bit.

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Creepypasta #1247: The Graveyard In Korea

Length: Short

I guess I should start with some background. I’m in the military, I’ll leave the branch out, but of course not without allusion, we’re the best despite being the most underpaid. My friend who this story involves, I’ll give him the pseudonym of Garcia, he’d probably hate that, but that’s just how friendships go. This all took place in South Korea. The story I’m about to tell is honestly 100% true.

When we arrived in Korea we paired up with a Korean unit whose numbers matched our own. The purpose was mainly to refine tactical skills, so we spent a lot of time training with the Koreans. One of the training areas contains a more or less graveyard. In this wooded area graves were spread out and only appeared as small, but noticeably taller than the ground, mounds of dirt. And of course, like every graveyard foreign to you, you’ll hear of how it’s haunted, and you’ll have less-than-intelligent people buy into every story they hear. Well this graveyard is supposedly a place where a large number of people were slaughtered. One of the stories unique to this area is that throughout the night you could hear the shrill screams of the slaughtered.

Every night, a roster is made for pairs of individuals to stand guard while the others slept. The Koreans would return to a barracks of their own every night, while we slept in tents organized into a small area. Since we were in a small area generally free of threat, we would have one pair of rovers posted every hour, and they would be relieved on the hour. After a couple nights in, you would hear guys exchange stories about how they heard the screams and the common embellishment that they heard more than just that, which Garcia and myself would always just brush off. We had never heard anything and didn’t even deem it necessary for explanation, it was just the power of suggestion at work.

After a very long day of extensive training, it was time to set up the nightly watch roster. Garcia and myself caught a shift a couple hours past midnight. We liked to regard ourselves as two of the better infantrymen we were with, and so we lived this up with a level of stupid pride and machismo. We were excited to stand that hour, creepily in the middle of the night and hopefully experience some of these “hauntings” and, in essence, debunk them. Before we racked out prior to our shift, we hung out in our two-man tent and exchanged creepy ghost stories we created.

When it was time for our shift, one of the rovers peeked into the tent and woke me up. I in turn kicked Garcia and told him it was our turn. He groggily mumbled something entirely incomprehensible, but it was enough to let me know he was awake. I decided that I would go relieve the two rovers and he’d be right behind me. Well I was partially right at least. About two minutes later he was in tow and came to my side. There were two make-shift stools set up in the middle of this tent city and you would generally do a lap and then sit for a minute. We silently did our lap, which I attribute to the sleepiness and made our way to the stools.

We sat down and shot the shit for a few minutes, just mindless small talk, and that’s when it happened. I heard the single most blood-curdling scream I’ve ever heard. I immediately jumped up on the alert, and tightened my grip on my rifle. I frantically looked around to where I heard the scream and it was straight into the most densely wooded area in this graveyard-strewn forest. Garcia sat there with this aloofness, glanced at me and started laughing. For me, that was creepy enough. I turned back to him. 

“What the fuck are you laughing at?” I said, actually starting to anger. 

He looked over to the direction of the scream, back at me and said, “that was a fucking bird. I’ve heard ones just like it back home, stupid." That was calming, so I looked back to the woods and sat back down.

As I sat there and in between conversation, I began to notice how eerily silent it was. It occasionally made the hair on the back of my neck stand. We got back up and did our lap. Halfway through as we neared the side of the woods where that thick patch of forest was, Garcia kept insisting that we ought to check it out, just to complete the experience. If there was one thing I was adamant about at that point, it was staying the fuck out of that patch.

He started to get mad at me, which happens occasionally. We’re both very stubborn, but every time we roved by he would always bring it up and his anger increased each time we passed it, until he decided to change his approach. He tried to challenge my manliness, which normally works, but not tonight. I told him we can look tomorrow morning, which was met with a cold silence. We sat back down, our shift almost over, and I could feel his anger for not checking it out tonight. 

I went to wake up the next pair of guys and came back to the stools. He tried to get me to go one last time, since our relief was about to come anyway, and I again told him no. This was met with a heated argument, me leaving him with a "fuck you” and walking back to our tent.

I unzipped the tent and saw something inside. I quickly flipped the light on my rifle on and put it on whatever was in there. Inside slept Garcia. In a panicked motion I glanced back over to the stools. 

There sat a man who was no longer Garcia, not even really a man. I mean, it looked human but that head, that head was terrifying. It was egg-shaped and I don’t mean how some people’s heads have the shape of an upside down egg, I mean it looked like a god damn egg, right side up, it was slightly larger than a normal head should be, shaped as aforementioned, but featureless. There were no eyes, there were no ears, no mouth, no nose,no anything. And pale, that notebook-paper white. It just faced me.

Then it happened again, that fucking shriek. My eyes tore away from that thing for a second to look back at the patch, and as soon as I looked back over it was gone. I took off toward the stools, nothing. I climbed on top of them and surveyed the small camp. Nothing amiss except one fucking tent unzipped. I hauled ass over to it, but it was only the tent of the two relief rovers. I made my way back to my tent, everything was normal. Everything was normal everywhere. I mean, the silence was gone, nature made its noises, I heard snores of my brothers-in-arms, everything was fucking normal.

I woke Garcia up and told him everything. He thought I was messing with him and went back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I unzipped part of the tent to reveal a mesh net and I stared into that patch until the sun came up. We left that training site that morning.

After Garcia saw how disheveled I was he finally believed me. Once we made our way back to one of the main bases in Japan, I was freaked out enough where I had to know if it was just me. On my own accord and unknown to my unit I went through a whole health evaluation and everything checks out. Nothing spooky or paranormal has happened to me since that night, but damn does that shit give me nightmares sometimes. I guess it really is haunted all along.

Credits to: GPJoe (story)