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I thought the parallels between Hun, Splinter and Shredder and their forms of parenting (well Shredder is more of Karai’s master/ancestor than a parent but he’s a form of guide for her) was absolutely interesting.

But out of all of them only Splinter/Yoshi has genuine love and concern for his children, because Karai had to earn Shredder’s favor (more than his love because he is incapable of loving at this point) and Hun ultimately loves and cares more about power and glory than he does about his son.

Splinter’s love is also unconditional because even though Leo “betrayed” them and joined the foot he only cared about getting his son back. No matter how much Leo hurt Splinter, Yoshi just wanted his son to be OK and I’m convinced that even if Leo had willingly joined the Foot clan Splinter would have still loved him.

Shredder and Hun have done nothing but torment Karai and Casey respectively. Shredder doesn’t care as long as Karai proves herself to him and Karai follows and endures out of her love for the Foot clan. Hun apologizes for it but he still wants to control Casey and when Casey rebels he’s already willing to hurt him to make him understand.

All of these scans are from IDW’s TMNT #28 the 7th and final chapter to City Fall.


Attack on Titan: Unofficial Timeline V7

Now with larger font and darker backgrounds for easier readability, along with more concise event summaries and additional information.

All of the information contained in this timeline comes from all chapters of Attack on Titan up to Chapter 76, the side manga Before the Fall, the light novel Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, the light novel Attack on Titan: Kuklo Unbound, the side manga No Regrets, the light novels Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, the side manga Lost Girls, and the Attack on Titan Guidebook.

Names of specific people, places, and things in this timeline are derived primarily from the official English translations by Kodansha Comics and Vertical, Inc.

Why Donatello did what he did...

This isn’t just a cheap publicity stunt. This is a major event built up over the past two years and there was a lot behind the decisions made that lead to this conclusion.I know there’s a lot of speculation floating around, and I know a lot of TMNT fans don’t read the comic (for whatever reason), so here’s the veeery detailed list of reasons as to why #44 went down like they did:

Oh, and major spoilers. duh.

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I canno t handle the myst erious woman

tsskyx  asked:

How come 8 humans fell down to the Underground during the last 100 years, and never before that? It has been at least a thousand years since the monsters were down there. Maybe some fell down before the war, but why never after that, only during the last 100 years? It might be just a random chance, but I refuse to believe that. Do you think that something might have prevented humans from falling down prior to 201X? (I already have a theory, but I just want to hear your thoughts on this.)

(undertale spoilers)

Because of the lack of information on why any of the humans fell down into the Underground in the first place, we can only speculate with what little we have. Please don’t consider this a theory due to the lack of evidence.

As seen in the start of the game and reiterated by Asriel, there is a legend that travelers who climb Mt. Ebott disappear.

Frisk… Why did you come here?
Everyone knows the legend, right…?
“Travellers who climb Mt. Ebott are said to disappear.”

It’s possible that this legend was merely a tall tale to keep humans away from the mountain, passed down through the generations. Eventually, humans would overcome superstition, forget the true reason why the mountain should not be approached, and venture to the mountain. Perhaps, Chara’s village was settled near the mountain, where this city is located.

With humans living near a previously-forbidden mountain, there would be a higher chance of humans exploring the mountain and falling into the Underground. However, there isn’t any evidence to support this, so please take this with a grain of salt.


I really love this comic, and how it prioritizes family above everything, even beating the Shredder.

I mean eventually they will have to but only because the Shredder poses a danger to them, but Splinter, the Turtle bros, April, and Casey just all want to be together but circumstances keep splitting them apart.
But they’ll do everything to save each other, be with each other, they will face all odds, go against an impossible enemy, make the most shady of deals if it means they all get to be together.

I can’t never stress enough how I love this comic.


I love all versions of Karai but what I love about this Karai specifically is that she is a calculating badass with a lot of patience. She takes abuse, pain, and humiliation, but it’s all not for nothing, she takes it because she knows that in the end she’ll be the victor.

She waited her whole life to take the control of the Foot from her father and she can wait a bit more to take it away from the Shredder and Leo.

I am also curious as to how the Leo and Karai relationship will develop. She really despises him at the moment (he’s kind of a dick right now even though it’s not really him 100% although he’s not entirely evil since Karai besides noting his sloppy fighting also notices that he didn’t even try to kill her) but she knows that if she kills him she will automatically lose favor from the Shredder and be eliminated by him, so she will just manipulate the Shredder into disowning Leo (and then go back to work on dethroning the Shredder because I am sure she has enough of his shit at this point).

It will also be fun to see how Leo and Karai interact once City Fall ends or maybe after the Shredder is gone because then Karai will be the one in control and she can decide to not continue Shredder’s vendetta against Hamato Yoshi.

This Karai also has no love for ol Shredhead so the whole drama about having to choose sides that we experienced in the 2k3 and 2k12 versions will most likely be avoided in this comic and her enmity or possible future respect/friendship (or lack of) for Leo will be mostly based on his actions and her actions in City Fall and beyond (also they both haven’t had a chance to meet outside battle and with Leo not being like this).

But it also might depend on some past and current actions too, since Karai really has done some messed up things in her past (and something she does at the end of this comic, it’s really messed). She has also tried to kill Leo and his family before so I don’t think Leo would want to even be friendly with a person like that and I don’t see Karai changing soon, so if they ever become friends in this comic it will be interesting to see how it happens.

From TMNT Micro-Series Villains #5