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Some brief but interesting background info about the cites where the following English models come from, as knowledge is also beautiful…

Doncaster is in Yorkshire, an was founded about 1,900 years ago, beside a Roman fort. Candy factories opened in the 1800s, an a castle is nearby. In fact the famous chocolate biscuit-bar Kit-Kat was invented locally.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, as was founded in 43 A.D as an international trading city - which it still is today, 2000 years later. It became the capital of England after the anglo-saxons reclaimed it in 927.

Kent is a county founded by the Jute anglo-saxon tribe and the Cantuci - a Celtic tribe from over 3000 years ago. Queen Anne Boleyn was born here. Kent is known as the garden county an has castle an a major seaport. Link

Liverpool was the worlds first truly international city, as its docks catered for global shipping on a grand scale. The Beatles pop-band originated here as did other bands. Two premiership football clubs are based here.

Sheffield is where modern steel production was founded in the 1800s, with stainless steel being invented here in 1771. Silverware is still made here. In this city originated famous bands like the Human League an Def Leppard.

Bath is a quaint city, which was named after a volcanic spring that was harnessed into a giant public bath house in 60 AD by the Roman empire. This city is considered very picturesque with quaint buildings an streets.

Essex was founded by the eastern Saxons over 1600 years ago. It is the home of Fords European research center, an the band Depeche Mode. The county has a modern city feel to it in the west an countryside to the east.

The “Newcastle” part of the hometown derives from it being the location of a ‘new castle’ in the 12th century. The “Lyme” section refers to the Forest of Lyme that covered the area with lime trees in the medieval period.



Portland man interrupts mayor to hand him a Pepsi during a tense moment

  • No matter what Pepsi tells you, authority figures don’t like being handed a can of soda by surprise.
  • After Pepsi got a hefty dragging for its protest-themed ad starring Kendall Jenner, a man at a Portland, Oregon, city council meeting caused a commotion by getting up from his seat and approaching Mayor Ted Wheeler to hand him a can of Pepsi during a tense moment. 
  • According to CBS News, the council was debating an ordinance that would allow Portland to tow boats left on city docks. After introducing himself, the man began to go off on a tangent that had nothing to do with the matter at hand. Read more. (4/6/2017 11:40 AM)
we don’t choose our family (BATFAMILY/JASON TODD X READER) PART 2

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AS PROMISED PART 2 OF “WE DON’T CHOOSE OUR FAMILY" ————————————————————————————————

You could feel your heart thumping against your chest and your palms sweating on the handles of your motorcycle as you rapidly approached the Jokers hide out.

Your fathers hide out.

You looked to the left of you and saw Jason looking straight ahead, arguing with one of his brothers, you could hear him all the way from the other side of the abandoned road.

You smiled softly knowing this would probably be one of the last times you would be this happy, for a very very, long time.

All of the pranks you pulled with Damian were going to be gone.No more practicing gymnastics with Dick until ungodly hours of the morning. You wouldn’t be able to talk about the latest gadgets that were coming into the tech community with Tim. The worst of all would be no more phone calls with Jason that eventually turned into a 9 hour call with both of you falling asleep and staying on to say good morning to each other. 

It took everything in you to not turn the bike around now and just vanish from Gotham. You had to meet him though, innocent peoples lives were on the line and you swore to protect them no matter what. Also you couldn’t leave the family heart broken like that.

In the superhero world if a “hero” vanishes  out of nowhere it means one of two things, they either got caught up into some bad shit and had to flee, or they were probably dead. You could never do that to Bruce, the man who helped you through so much shit and accepted you into his family.

You shook your head and let out a deep breath trying to clear your head as you saw the outline of the jokers warehouse or what he called it the “fun-house” fall into view.

“You ready over there (y/superhero/n).” Jason said through the com frequency that only you and him shared.

“Yeah, yeah i’m good.” You said in the most convincing manner you could muster. 

“Nothing we haven’t done 100 times before,right?” Jason said with a chuckle but you could still hear the sadness and anger behind his tone. He still hated the fact the Joker was running free and causing chaos all over Gotham.

“Hah yeah.” You said in a encouraging voice to him but you really thought ‘I have a feeling it’s gonna be different this time.’

You slowly killed the engine on you bike, as did Jason, when you were close enough to the abandoned warehouse that you guys wouldn’t alert the joker that you were closing in on him. You slowly blended into the darkness the night sky so graciously supplied for you and Jason.

“Robin to red hood and (y/superhero/n), the Joker has no men posted outside so be very cautious for traps and anything lurking in the shadows.” Damian’s rough voice came through the main com making you crack a smile by how professional the 13 year old boy sounded.

“Wait but aren’t we the ones who are lurking in the shadows.” Jason fired back at the teenager and you could practically feel the smirk that was hidden under Jason’s helmet.

“I’m actually going to murder you after all of this, you intellectually inferior sub par pass for a human.” You heard Damian growl out through the coms before Jason turned it off putting his finger up to his head in a crazy gesture.

You let out a small laugh and examined the area. You were standing in the middle of the Gotham city docks with countless storage units around you, in front of the doors of a huge industrial sized warehouse that hasn’t been in use for 12 years. Well technically it was still used, but not that the public knew that. 

You looked up and saw Tim and Dick on the very top of the roof probably looking into the skylights to see what we were going against, while you spotted Bruce and Damian on the opposite side on one of the ledges. Apparently you were right about what Tim and Dick were doing.

“There’s about 50 men walking around with AK-47s and the Joker is standing in front doing, yes you guessed it, laughing.” Tim sighed as he climbed off the roof and meet with you, Jason, Damian, Dick and Bruce. 

“Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, you’re with me on the roof, the element of surprise is in our court right now and we’re going to use it to our advantage.” Bruce said in his signature rough gravely voice. Tim, Dick and Damian nodded as they grappled onto the roof to get into positions.

“Red hood you’re better at making a grand entrance so when I give you the signal come in with (y/superhero/name), and show them what you got.” Bruce said as he gave Jason a stern glare.

It was still very prickly whenever a mission concerned the joker and Jason. The one thing Bruce still didn’t trust him with, Jason’s finger “accidentally” slipping and hitting the Joker during a mission. Before Jason could get a word in to defend himself Bruce had already pulled out his grappling gun and shot up onto the roof.

“And they say I have communication issues.” Jason said as he stared where Bruce had been standing and slowly sat down on a nearby stack of wooden planks.

“Jason, I know it hurts when he does stuff like that but you have to understand that he loves you and just doesn’t want you to do something you might regret.” You said softly as you sat down next to him, laying your hand on his shoulder and watched as he slowly relaxed his tense shoulders.

“How do you do that?” Jason asked as he reached up and took off his helmet.

His hair was still styled perfectly with a grey streak running straight through the middle. His piercing blue eyes stayed trained on you softly, as the moon light his his face making him glow like some sort of fallen angel.

“Do what?” You questioned looking up to see Jason looking at you with a lazy smile on his face. You held in a breath as he reached down and brushed a loose piece of hair behind your ear.

“No matter how mad or upset I am, you always manage to say the right thing to make me smile.” He said as his hand fell down to you cheek and caressed your face softly, making a shiver go down your spine.

“Maybe it’s my superpower.” You whispered to him softly as you smiled and leaned in closer.

You wanted to remember happy moments like this. The smiles and laughs you shared with Jason before your world is turned upside down.The first joke you shared, the last joke you shared. The first time you sparred and the last time you sparred. The first prank you played and the last prank you played. The first time you stepped into the manor and the last time you stepped into the manor.

“NOW!” You heard Bruce shout in both of your ears making you wince and jump apart.

You watched as Jason put on his helmet with a load groan and you swore you heard him mumble ‘are you freaking serious Bruce?’

“I’m sorry Jason, I truly am.” You said and ran towards the building and kicked open the door.

Before Jason could even respond you ducked a handful of bullets that has been fired your way and you landed in a crouched position on the inside of the warehouse behind a shipping container.

You looked up and saw the monster of a man, who sadly had to be your father, standing on a railing yelling at one of his lieutenants. You shivered realizing this would be the first time you would ever see him, well with him knowing you were his daughter. Apparently those 5 years of solitary confinement at Arkham helped him to figure it out.

You watched as Jason ran in guns a blazing, quite literally. He was taking out everyone in sight,jumping from one spot to another in a perfect rhythm with his brothers. You looked to see Bruce working his way up to the Joker when you noticed something.

“Guys, GUYS!” You yelled into the com trying to pull everyone out of their battle modes and focus on the real world. “The men aren’t fighting back anymore, they’re not moving from there position there just letting themselves get hit.”

“She’s not wrong guys.” Tim said as he just stood in front of one of the henchmen and they just stared at him with a emotionless look.

“What’s going on here Joker?” Bruce said honestly just as confused as the rest of us

“Are you telling me the greatest detective in the world hasn’t figured it out yet? I mean it’s just so obvious it’s almost hilarious, wait thats because it is hilarious.” The Joker said letting out a maniacal laugh at the end.

You gasped as you stood up, when a hand came around your neck and pulled you flush against a mans chest. You rolled your eyes and quickly jabbed him in the ribs. He bent over and quickly let go, you spun around round house kicked him in the face watching as he fell down and 6 more men came to replace him.

You looked around and saw you were only being pursued. They were even running around the boys to get to you. You gasped as one of them managed to hit you right in the gut. The guys finally realized you were being targeted and quickly rushed to help you take them down.

“What are you talking about,why are your men only fighting her?” Bruce asked from where he was standing face to face with the Joker on the balcony.

“Well I guess I’ll tell you but only this once.” The Joker said with a smile plastered on his face, as always.

“You brought me my daughter.” He said looking straight at you. You dropped the last henchman to the floor and felt every single set of eyes in the room trained on you.

“Isn’t that right, (y/n)?” He said and looked dead at you with the craziest look you have ever seen. Ever.

“(Y/n) please tell me that’s not true please.” Jason said off to your left in the most heart broken tone you’ve ever heard.

“Where are the hostages?” You questioned completely ignoring everyone else. This was still a mission to you even if you had to do it alone

“ That’s the first thing you have to say to your dear old dad I though it would be a little more heart warming.” He said with a mocking frown.

“That implies that you actually have a heart, now where are the hostages.” You said as you pulled out your eskrima sticks from there thigh holsters.

“Oh now i’m hurt.” He said with the same frown and clutched his heart as he leaned over the side of the railing.

“Is he being serious, answer me NOW!“Bruce said at first but then slowly turned it into a yell at you.

“COME ON BABY GIRL TELL THEM, TELL THEM WHO YOU REALLY ARE.” The joker quickly yelled after him making you clench your teeth.

“Yes.” You said quietly to your self, noticing Jason had taken off his helmet which was hanging off one of his hands before it fell to the ground.

“I can’t heaaaarrr youuuu.” He said again in a sing song voice cupping his hand up in his ear.

“YES!” You yelled up at him and tightened your hands around your weapons, not daring to turn around to meet the faces of the batboys.

“There you have it folks my one and only superhero daughter.” He said and did a twirl before coming back to the railing

“I don’t have time for this, Where. Are. The. Hostages?” You said through your teeth as you walked over the bodies of the fallen henchmen to stand directly in front of you father.You were still on the ground while he smirked triumphantly on the railing.

“oh well if you really wanna know, they’re up there.” He said pointing up to the roof.

You looked up to the sky light and saw a large crane holding a shipping container over the Gotham bay.

“You sick bastard.” You said as you kept your eyes trained on the container.

“Wouldn’t that make you the bastards daughter?” He said teasing you with a wide smile.

“I WILL NEVER BE YOUR DAUGHTER. EVER.” You stated giving him a fierce glare.


“what?” You asked in confusion. You wouldn’t go with him, not in a million years but you couldn’t let these innocent people die.

“And here I thought you were the smart one. Come with me, be my daughter and partner in crime or else they die.” He said reaching his hand out to you giggling like a mad man. Which he was.

You turned around to see dick looking at you with concern written all over his face. Damian had a hard glare set on you but his swords had fallen on the ground. Tim looked up to batman, who just had his emotionless stare settled on you. Finally Jason looked at you and was shaking his head slowly mouthing the word ‘no’.

“I’m so sorry.” You said to them all as you softly laid your hand in your fathers.

A loud boom sounded out from the roof as two ladders fell in from the skylight one for you and one for the Joker. You looked up to see a gigantic helicopter hovering over the ware house

“COME ON LITTLE ONE, DADDY HAS A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!” The Joker yelled at you while he grabbed on to one of the ladders.

“IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY” You heard Jason yell at you but Dick and Tim were holding him back while Damian was on his back.

“LET ME GO, I HAVE TO TELL HER, I HAVE TO.” Jason said struggling against his brothers. He probably just wanted to tell you he would hunt you down for your deceitful ways

You looked up at Bruce who gave you a silent nod. You sighed dropping your eskrima sticks and tightly held into the ladder opposite of the jokers.

“See little one, father knows best.” The Joker said as the helicopter raised you both out of the building into the starry night sky.

The Joker babbled on about a bunch of nonsense while the only thing you could think about was the heartbroken family you had just left behind. As the joker started to cling the ladder you made a silent promise.

Know matter how long it took or how many times you had to fight, you would find your way back to them and earn your redemption.


Part 3 coming out soon

Current WIPs Meme

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The Moonwater Series
Expected Length: 5 novels, approximately 350,000-450,000-ish words, including Crystal Combat (3rd draft), Daelysian Dreams (2nd draft), The Archives of Baellor’da (1st draft), Spirit Shores (4th draft), Crystal Terminal (planning stages)
Current Length: 364,088 words
Blurb: Magic has reappeared in the hands of old enemies, enemies who forswore magic and banished it from their history books, their conversation, and their very beings. Armed only with her father’s silver shears, the least of Sheytana’s concerns are the invasion, the destruction of her city, the new magic, her predecessor’s abandonment of his post as the Baron Sinister of Thieves, the sudden reunion of her past and current lives, and an enemy soldier determined to change his colors. With the enemy at her gates again, Sheytana will have to decide who the enemy truly is: the invading soldiers, the source of the new magic herself, or her old friend and mentor?

Gran and Gwyn
Expected Length: ~15,000 words
Current Length: ~6,000 words
Blurb: Children walk into Dreshyr Downs straight from the bogs just the other side of the town’s wrought iron fence, unable or unwilling to talk to anyone but the apple of the town’s eye, Gwyn. No one can remember when Gwyn arrived, but 26 children have showed up so far, and Gran, the old town washerwoman, is determined to find out where they come from and what’s so special about sweet, do-no-wrong Gwyn.

By the Light of Copper
Expected Length: ~20,000 words
Current Length: ~5,000 words
Blurb: Cairn Shipstealer earned her name well, but when she sinks the Vengeance in the harbor of Sailhaven and breaks her 6-year boycott of the ports, she finds herself at loose ends without a ship. A conjurer offers her purpose when xe gives her an unopenable book and tells her, “All the treasures of the Ancient Builders are yours if you head beneath the western mountains. It’s there tales from your childhood come true, there in the streets of the sunken city.”

City Docks
Expected Length: ~15,000 words
Current Length: ~6,000 words
Blurb: In most places, the cities stay put and it’s the people that fly away. Here, it’s the other way around. The city drops into the docking bays on a sporadic schedule, and lives are made or ruined depending on its departures. When Quill Williams, a boy from the Surface, meets Felicity Stockborough, a girl from the City, all his dreams about reaching the perfection of the glittering slender towers of the city he’s seen are shattered as Fell breaks the news: No one on the city will live to see it dock next.

Age of Sky
Expected Length: ~10,000 words
Current Length: ~3,000 words
Blurb: The technicians who helped everyone into their chambers assured us: “You don’t want to be here when the winter steals the wind and the sand storms die down. You don’t want to see the sky that badly, kid, take it from me.” I know what everyone says; I’ve read all the Are You Afraid of the Sky? books at least four times each. I can tell you exactly which page the sky bears its teeth and eats the last camper in the one with the red face of Mars on the front. (Page 63, if you’re curious.) I know what the old folks sitting in their chairs in the halls of the dorm wings say in hushed, low voices; I’ve sat with them an evening or two, singing Ghost Riders in the Sky and lighting lanterns when the facility’s lights dim automatically at 8 PM. Right now, looking at Aivazovsky’s paintings in the museum wing made me wonder if we were all afraid of something else.

The Boy Whose Bark Bit Worse
Expected Length: ~5,000 words
Current Length: ~1,000 words
Blurb: The boy across the street doesn’t like books. In fact, I’m not sure if he can read, but he plays hide and seek the best I’ve ever known. He can stand as still as a tree in wintertime, and he even looses his hair like the trees about then, too. It always comes back again come springtime. The boy across the street’s a dryad, and someday, he says he might even be a book. Truth is, I won’t let him.

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critical role memelocationsemon

Emon is the capital of Tal'Dorei, and is also the home of the emperor, Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III, as well as Vox Machina.

A network of tunnels exists under the city. The Clasp, a thieves’ guild, has a subterranean base beneath the city. They use the tunnels to covertly get around, and know of several hidden entrances up to the surface. At least a part of the city is built on top of the ruins of an old, forgotten civilization. 

Abadar’s Promenade is located on the east side of the city, with a very small portion of it extending beyond the city walls. Gilmore’s Glorious Goods is located within this district, and Greyskull Keep is located just outside the outer wall, a little ways away.

The Skyport district is located to the northwest right next to the Cloudtop District. This is where the city’s Skyships dock.

Shown to be within the center of the city, the Cloudtop district is surrounded by another wall due to the sovereign’s palace being here. It is also where the Tal'Dorei Council convenes to discuss various issues within Emon and all of Tal'Dorei. The Ivory Tower is also located here.

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First line of By the Light of Copper:
Cairn Shipstealer’s deck bubbled water through the riven boards.

Alternatively, for City Docks:
The bells tolled at noon, their clamor spreading through the docks like the night fogs.

And Crystal Combat:
Cyrian’s thumbs twiddled as he contemplated the proposition laid before him in the form of a large velvet pouch cinched with golden tassels.

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This is my “I’m trying to get into oil painting but it’s so incredibly expensive!!! ft. new book of shadows” haul😊✨

🌺Rïver Ïsłand🌺
• Body chain - £10.00

• Face masks x2 - £4.00
• Temporary tattoos - £7
• Sticky notes - £5.00
• Pencils - £5.00
• Lotus ring - £5.00

• The Masked City - £7.99
• Hickory Dickory Dock - £7.99
• The Mystery of the Blue Train - £7.99
• A5 Azure Midi notebook - £18.99

My art supplies cost £146.45 total - one of the oil paints was £15.90 so i’m doubly glad i didn’t pay 😋

🌺Total: 270.41🌺

i’m actually so happy over the Wàtêrstœnes stuff bc it was my first time lífting books!!☺️❤️ i’m going to power through the whole Poirot series before the years’ end at this rate. plus i’m drooling over my new notebook, it’s the prettiest thing to write my witchy stuff in!🌺✨✨✨

The 5 times the Green Arrow unexpectedly called Captain Singh and that one time Singh was thoroughly done with that superhero BS - a fic

Oh god oh god what have I written. I blame @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline and @somewhatinvisible.


Captain Singh was sitting in his office, feet up on his desk and forlornly gazing at the kidney bean and coleslaw wrap that his husband had packed for his lunch when his personal cell phone began to ring. He checked the number, and frowned when he didn’t recognise it. As a Central City Police Captain, he didn’t give out his personal cell number very often, and all of the people who he knew had it were in his contacts. Taking a bite of his wrap and grimacing at the taste, he picked up, figuring there was no harm done. Maybe Rob or one of his detectives had lost their own phones, so were borrowing somebody else’s.

“Captain Singh speaking.”

“I need a list of all of the known metahumans currently imprisoned within Iron Heights,” came the immediate, modulated reply.

Singh practically spat his mouthful of food out, feet clunking down onto the floor as he growled out, “You? Again?”

“Yes, me,” the voice replied, sounding somewhat amused. “The Green Arrow. Now do you have the list, or not?”

“How the hell do you have my personal cell number?!”

“I have my sources. The list, Captain?”

“Get it from your own city’s police captain!” he barked irritatedly into the speaker. He hung up. Seconds later, his phone was ringing again. Rolling his eyes and figuring the emerald archer was only ever going to leave him alone if he did what he asked, Singh picked up and seethed, “YES?”

“Me again.”

“Yes, I fucking well know it’s you,” he gritted out. “Why can’t you get this from the Star City main precinct? You’ve broken into that place god knows how many times to steal information and hack into their database.”

“That requires effort, arrows and time, which I am currently short of.”

Searching for the file and muttering furiously under his breath about how he had enough vigilantes within his own city to deal with, Singh finally opened the document. “I have the list up on my computer screen right now, how do you want me to send it to you?”

“Send it to Mayor Queen’s email. He’ll pass it on to us.” And then the archer hung up without even a word of thanks, or explaining what he needed the list for.

“Fucking ungrateful vigilantes,” Singh grumbled, quickly emailing the list over to the mayor of Star City. “I’m blocking his cell number.”

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