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Baseball Tumblr, Let’s Do It.

a little over a year ago, the lovely and talented @fenwayfighter made a beautiful Baseball Tumblr Masterpost. They’ve just given me their blessing to update it!

Fortunately for all of us, Baseball Tumblr has made a lot of new friends in the last year (and the rest of us have changed our names, hurr hurr). so this is it, friends!

**If you post about baseball and would like to be on the list, please reblog this with your team(s) in the tags!**

Even if you aren’t exclusively dedicated to baseball blogging; even if you don’t post a lot of original content; even if your team is horrible; please consider allowing me to include you.

Bonus points if you tag friends who might want to come along for the ride!

Counting down Chicago’s 180th birthday 

More than 820,000 Centennial Wheel riders 🎡

Most-ever single day Divvy trips: 24,998 🚲

9 full-time series filmed across Chicago 🎥

6 major professional sports teams ⚾️ 

5 months since “Hamilton” arrived 🎭

4 days of expanded (and sold out) Lollapalooza 🎶

3 Grammy Awards won by Chance the Rapper 🙌

Second City (2) opened the Harold Ramis Film School 🎬

1: Cubs’ ranking after winning the World Series! 🎊


Wrigley Field by John W. Iwanski
Via Flickr:
Chicago, Illinois, USA.

baseball groupchat

HEY im dumb and didnt realize that you cant make groupchats on here SO we can do a twitter/ig one!! so messages me your @’s if you want! i really want to make new friends:)

Snow Leopard Cub by Janet Holmes

anonymous asked:

I gotta ask. How do you feel about the Cubs chances in the postseason, given that they're overcoming both cursed goat magic and the Giants even year magic? It's gonna be difficult to appease the baseball gods

I know very little about baseball, but it makes perfect sense to me that in this, the year that so many things about America have stopped making sense, the commonly held laws of our national pastime do not seem to apply.