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hi hello, i just wanted to quickly say that i love your blog a LOT, keep doing you thank you muchly, also wanted to ask if you have a fic rec tag or if you have recced some macdennis fics in the past? or written some, maybe??? thanks in advance <3

yep!!! i gotta rec:

mac and dennis conduct an experiment and mac and dennis get a new apartment, both by pavonine - really excellent in-universe fics, caroline does a great job of maintaining the tone and style of the show without sacrificing emotional depth or character development

the gang learns to exist in the moment by mxingno - a forty thousand word dead serious (for the most part) examination of the gang getting sober and going to therapy in the wake of frank’s sudden and tragic death, truly stunning

sic transit gloria by topdennis - a really solid and bittersweet high school au

freelove by asymptotes - just a really good and gratifying slow burn

mac’s big confession by vampmissedith - super funny and fresh take on the catholic guilt and high school crush tropes

not like the old days by quixoti - they go on a cross-country road trip and share beds in cheap motels and it’s soft and sweet

obligate parisites by planbdanceroutine - the author somehow stretches the concept of mistletoe into a decades-spanning heartbreaking look at every christmas mac and dennis have ever spent together

and sorry this is the part where i toot my own horn:

electioneering - this is my absurd and somewhat lengthy historical fic about dennis running for city comptroller in 1952 and navigating city politics while divorcing maureen and beginning a covert affair with mac

this year’s model - they get a lil high on a friday night in high school and dennis whips out his makeup collection and gives mac a makeover

it’s always sunny in outer space - this happened when i realized that the plot of passengers starring chris pratt and jennifer lawrence was terrible in its original context but would make for a great high-concept macdennis fic

five times dennis wanted to fuck tom brady and one time he kind of did - based on the revelation that dennis canonically wants to bang tom brady and mac has canonically talked about how he wants to break tom brady’s arms


After 25 year ordeal, voices demand ‘Justice now for Central Park 5!’ 

Supporters packed the steps of New York City Hall February 4 to demand that Mayor Bill de Blasio make good on his promise to finally settle the case of the Central Park 5 and bring an end to the 25-year ordeal of these men and their families. 

The Central Park 5 youths – four African American and one Latino, all under age 18 – were framed by New York Police and District Attorney Robert Morgenthau for the rape and brutalization of a white woman during the infamous Central Park Jogger case in 1989. 

The NYPD forced confessions from the youths amidst a racist campaign egged on by then-Mayor Ed Koch, Governor Mario Cuomo, real estate developer Donald Trump and the corporate media. 

The men were finally exonerated in 2002, when a convicted rapist confessed to the Central Park attack. However, billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg never made a serious effort to settle the lawsuit brought by the men for civil damages. 

Three of the five– Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana – spoke at the news conference. They talked about the lifelong abuse and suffering faced by their families. 

“We continue to stand up,” said Santana, “because we know there are Central Park 6s, 7s, and 8s happening every day. Young people need to know what happened.” 

“We were not supposed to survive,” stated Richardson. “We were supposed to die or rot in prison forever. But we are here, and we are still standing.” 

The news conference also heard from Salaam’s mother, who is fighting late-stage cancer. She said she was holding on to see the case finally resolved. 

Attorney Michael Tarif Warren explained that while no monetary settlement can ever compensate for the loss of their youth, “the city must make a substantial showing. The city must do the right thing.” 

City Council member Inez Barron, former Council member Charles Barron, State Senator Bill Richardson, former City Comptroller John C. Liu and others called on de Blasio to immediately settle the suit. 

The news conference was organized by the December 12th Movement, a revolutionary Black organization that has championed the cause of the Central Park 5 for the last quarter century. D12 leader Amadi Ajamu, who chaired the event, singled out the late activist Elombe Brath for his untiring dedication to their case.

Photos and report by redguard

Questions mount after thousands of New York Democrats purged from voter rolls

Top New York City officials are crying foul and calling for investigations after reports that thousands of Brooklyn Democrats were stripped from the voter registration rolls ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Michael Ryan, executive director of the bipartisan city Board of Elections and a Democrat, said in an interview that, as previously reported by WNYC, about 126,000 Brooklyn Democrats came off the rolls since November. That number, WNYC said, marked the largest drop-off in active Democratic registrations in New York State. City Comptroller Scott Stringer is taking action over the matter.

It certainly looks suspicious that more than 125,000 Democrats were dropped from Brooklyn’s voter rolls between last November and Tuesday’s primary. New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said that the Board of Elections confirmed the voters were removed and that his office would conduct an audit to see if anything improper was done.

In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the New York City Board of Elections to “reverse that purge,” adding that “the perception that numerous voters may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process and must be fixed.”

And it was an unusually high number of names to be dropped all at once. But Michael Ryan, executive director of the city’s elections board, denied anyone was disenfranchised. While more than 100,000 voters were taken off the rolls, he told theNew York Times that 63,000 were added and that the decline did not “shock his conscience.” He told WNYC that “people die every day and they come off the list,” and that New Yorkers move a lot, another reason they might be taken off the rolls.

Why Voters Could Be Removed From The Rolls

Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
Caption: People exit the building after voting at P.S. 282 in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

NYC taxpayers are paying Eric Garner’s family $5.9 million.

New York City reached a settlement on Monday with the family of Eric Garner, agreeing to pay $5.9 million to resolve the claim over his killing by the police last July on Staten Island, according to a lawyer representing the family.


Listen.  I’m Black.  I was out marching.  I’ve been accosted by the NYPD.  I am dancing in celebration with the rest of his family right now.  Six million dollars isn’t the measure of anyone’s life, but at least the city has acknowledged that they were in fact wrong.

But after I dance, I’m going to hope City Hall burns to the GROUND because they let that piece of garbage officer go free, even with his HISTORY of racial profiling, but we as New York City residents have to pay six million dollars for his mistake.

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Baby kittens left in a box... at someone's work. (That's the fluffiest thing I can think of.)

There seemed to be a lot of noise coming from the other side of his office door.  Looking up from the stack of paperwork, Oliver Queen, interim mayor of Star City, wondered why he was hearing raised female voices and a lot of cooing.  

Maybe Katie, the city comptroller who had been on maternity leave, had brought in her son for a visit?  

Rising to his feet, Oliver smoothed down his tie and stepped over to his door, pulling it open.  “Ladies?”  

The four women gathered around the desk of his assistant, Megan, jumped at the sound of his voice.  Megan, her dark hair flowing down her back, turned and beamed at him.  “I’m sorry, Mayor Queen, but I found a box of kittens at the back entrance and, well …”  She cuddled the white and orange kitten in her arms unapologetically.

Oliver couldn’t help smiling.  “Let me see these little guys,” he asked, joining the women at Megan’s desk.  

Four of the five kittens were orange and white.  The fifth was mostly white, but with tortoiseshell markings around its face that almost looked like a mask.  That was the kitten that Oliver picked up, the animal looking particularly tiny in his hands.  

“Hello,” he said softly, gazing at the kitten.  Its green eyes were big and open, and it blinked slowly as it looked at him.  Then, it let out a soft little meow, before squirming in his hands and beginning to purr.  

“Awwww, she likes you,” Megan said with a smile.  “I thought you’d be a cat person.”

“I’ve never had a pet,” Oliver said, looking at his assistant.  

Megan opened her mouth to say something, but then she blanched and took a step back.  Oliver frowned, noticing how everyone had gone quiet, and looked up to see Felicity standing in the doorway that lead into the office. 

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