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Watermelon Stevens (live in a video game world)

Is it just me, or does the entire way of life of the Watermelon Stevens, look like they live in a city builder app/video game?

The first thing they teach you in the game tutorial, is how to grow your own crops for resources.

And then they tell you to build buildings in which your followers can live. (And as a paid feature, you can buy the mystic statue that doubles the speed of  all your crops’ growing.)

You have to get really strong and accumulate people and resources. Because at one point, you’ll have to fight some other village/city.

Upgrade your weapons–

And go compete to have the best city/village/farm/town/kingdom!

Smoke is seen billowing in the background on December 14, 2016 in this picture taken in a rebel-held neighbourhood in the northern city of Aleppo.  Deadly clashes erupted in Syria’s Aleppo as a deal for the evacuation of rebel areas was put on hold, leaving thousands of cold and hungry civilians uncertain of their future


“If you can’t stop the end of the world, how can you find hope?” showrunner Jason Rothenberg says. “Some people will cling to their loved ones, some people will fight to their last breath, and some people are just done fighting.”

Others will try to find someone to blame. Not only will Clarke clash with City of Light followers who preferred brainwashing to dying of radiation, she’ll also encounter Grounders like Ilian (new recurring cast member Chai Romruen, below), who faults the Sky People for bringing down the latest wave of technology and destruction in the first place.

“He was forced to do some horrible things while being driven by A.L.I.E.,” Rothenberg explains. “He’s dedicated to making sure that never happens again.”

But even if Ilian’s right, how will any of them survive? The key may be to look past tribal politics once and for all — something Bellamy (Bob Morley) begins to understand after sister Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) leaves him behind. “It’s human nature to save our families, our friends first,” says Rothenberg, adding, “Can you take a little bit less for yourself in order to let somebody else have something?”

Either way, they’re going to need a bigger bomb shelter.
Illegal immigrant is arrested for murder after being freed by cops
Ever Valles, 19, is accused of murdering Timothy Cruz, 32, on February 7 after robbing him at a light railway station in Denver, Colorado, six weeks after being released on bond for theft.

Freed to kill in a sanctuary city: Illegal immigrant gangster ‘robbed then murdered man at rail station’ weeks after being released in Denver despite request from ICE to keep him jailed for deportation

  • Ever Valles, 19, is accused of killing Timothy Cruz, 32, on February 7 in Denver
  • He had been released on a $5,000 bond for theft from county jail in December
  • Denver police officers let him go despite ICE request to hold him for deportation
  • They labeled the teenager an 'immigration enforcement priority’ because of his gang ties
  • It is not known how long Valles, a Mexican citizen, has been in the US
  • Denver is considered a sanctuary city and has clashed with Trump’s White House over its treatment of immigrants

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“The 1987 Goths are a brazen bunch who openly admit to liking Free, Bad Company, Alice Cooper and Jimi Hendrix. The modern Goth bands are primarily The Cult and The Mission (whose lead singer Wayne Hussey is even a sex symbol). For boys and girls long hair is essential - as are tassles, leather, jewellery, henna, ribbon and studs. Dippy Hippy nonsense is eschewed, but so is the androgenous sexual flaunting of the early 1980s. The 1987 Goths frequent The Crypt, Kit Kat (again under new management), Alice in Wonderland, Sacrilege and Clash City. This is rock ‘n’ roll with no strings attached; just hair.” | i-D Magazine, April 1987

Playlist Tag

So, I was tagged by @experimentalsims (hey there haha). I’m not good with the whole “being able to actually do clever internet related things”, so I don’t know how to tag the songs to the text and all that magic. But here we go:

Create a mixtape for your simself or a character (I did my simself)

01: A song that makes you want to fall in love: Wouldn’t it be nice- Beach Boys

02: Your favourite pump up song: Hooked on a feeling- Blue Swede

03: Your favourite song to rock out to: I Fought the Law- The Clash/ Paradise City- Guns and Roses

04: A song that reminds you of summer: Lazy Sunday- Small Faces

05: Your favourite cover of a song: The Monkey Song (I wanna be like you)- Fall Out Boy

06: A song you sing in the shower: Build me up, Buttercup- The Foundations

07: A song that reminds you of someone: All the Small Things- Blink 182

08: A song that you want your wedding song to be: Stand By Me

09: Favourite 90/2000’s song: Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

10: A song to heal a heartbreak: These Boots Are Made for Walking- Nancy Sinatra

11: A song that makes you feel relaxed: A Change is Gonna Come- Sam Cooke

12: A song that you know all of the lyrics to: House of the Rising Sun- The Animals

13: Your favourite oldies rock song: Johnny Be Goode- Chuck Berry

14: A song by your favourite artist/genre: Hotel California- Eagles

15: A song that you like to fall asleep to: Let it Be- The Beatles

16: A song that makes you feel invincible: Feeling Good- Nina Simone

17: Favourite song from a musical: The Dentist’s Song from Little Shop/ America from West Side Story/ Betrayed from The Producers

18: A song that makes you cry: Kindergarten Boyfriend from Heathers

19: A song that is from a genre of music you don’t normally listen to: Wannabe- The Spice Girls

20: A song that reminds you of yourself: That’ll Be The Day- Buddy Holly

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Mischa & Nigel

– Violent, unlucky, beautiful souls washed in with the tide, washed up in their solitude, thrown together like clashing stars. City streets, shattered memories; the daunting task of love in a frigid, helpless landscape. Two, clashing products of fearful upbringing, a red sky of uncertainty. Two people, making a single place for themselves on earth.


10 Songs

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Rules: Shuffle your music and list the first ten songs then tag ten people.

1. Widowspeak - Wicked Game
2. Kaleo - Vor í Kaglaskógi
3. The Clash - Clash City Rockers
4. City - Am Fenster
5. Die Ärzte - Junge
6. Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
7. Fleetwood Mac - 7 Wonders
8. Nina Simone - Feeling Good
9. John Williams - Schindler’s list theme
10. Wir sind Helden - Denkmal

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In a Blow, Twin Attacks on Syrian Security Kill At Least 32

Beirut (AP) – In synchronized attacks, insurgents stormed into heavily guarded security offices in Syria’s central Homs city, clashed with troops and then blew themselves up, killing a senior officer … Read more