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You know what gets me about the second kiss?  Their hands.  The way their hands slide over each other’s back’s and shoulders and then rest in the perfect place so that they can pull each other closer.  The way that Serena’s hand hovers over Bernie’s shoulder blades before gripping her shoulder and the way that Bernie’s hands glide around Serena’s back so that she is hugging her.  And then Serena moves her hand to cup Bernie’s neck and tangle in her hair and then Bernie follow’s suit.  Then when they part, Bernie’s hand slides down Serena’s shoulder and away over the top of her arm


Tokyo Station 8468 by Krzysztof Baranowski
Via Flickr:
at dusk.

Habitat 67 & Bota Bota two classics of Montreal


Tokyo Highways 7951 by Krzysztof Baranowski
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Another angle at Edobashi JCT.


So I found out that the npc_cscannner timescale is effected by the timescale of the physics engine, which means if I turn phys_timescale up to say… 25, then the scanners go super fast but everything else goes along at normal speed. Naturally I spawned a couple dozen scanners in and voila you’re in hell.

Here’s what happen if I let the scanners know I’m there.