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To make the Iraqi and Kurdish dumpling soup kubeh, Melanie Shurka dedicates hours. There are the broths to make, such as the beet-based selek or the lemon-infused hamusta enhanced by rounds of zucchini and Swiss chard. But more time is dedicated to making the dumplings themselves.

She and her cooks in New York City braise beef until it has collapsed on itself. Small palmfuls are then carefully tucked into a dough of semolina and ground bulgur, shaped into a ball with the corners of the dough kissing, and finally rolled out into a disk that’s plunged into hot broth.

The process requires skills that can only be taught by someone who has entrusted their recipe and technique to another. Perhaps because this dish is so difficult to make, Shurka, who is half Israeli and half American, has become the first person to dedicate a restaurant, fittingly named “Kubeh,” to it in the U.S.

She brought it to the U.S. not from the soup’s original home, but from its adopted one, Israel, where it’s a comfort food staple made by gifted home cooks for the Sabbath and in small restaurants that dot some of the country’s outdoor markets, most notably the one in Jerusalem.

An Iraqi-Kurdish-Israeli Dumpling Soup Makes Its Way To America

Photos: Rebecca Fondren

anonymous asked:

Okay so The Bright Sessions, Wolf 359, and King Falls Am are by far my favourite podcasts. Could you recommend more like all yalls ? I'm caught up on everything and I can't live without good radio drama . Please and thank you!!

Hooray, I love getting this question because, yes, I have so many recs! I don’t know if I have any that are similar in content or feel to ours, but I’ll give you the list of some of the podcasts I personally listen to. I’m going to bold the ones I think you’ll like in particular based on the pods you’ve mentioned. 


  • @arsparadoxica- written and produced by our sound producer @mischastanton​; time travel/history hijinks with awesome female protagonists
  • @greaterboston - surreal and lovely and sort of impossible to describe
  • Our Fair City - post-apocalypse steampunk


  • Alice Isn’t Dead - by the WTNV folks, quite creepy road trip
  • @archive81​ - creepy found footage podcast with excellent production (not terribly scary; more mysterious)
  • @theblacktapespodcast​ - demons, ghosts, and other spooky creepies that go bump in the night
  • Limetown - honestly quite scary but a great mystery and one of my personal favorites
  • Return Home - scooby doo mystery hijinks


  • The Beef and Dairy Network - I just started this one; I absolutely did not get it in the first minute and by the third minute I was doubled over laughing
  •  @eos10radio- more space adventures, this time with doctors!
  • @officialjimrobbieandthewanderers​ - two gals and their robot in weird, post-apocalyptic America
  •  @woodenovercoats - rival funeral homes in Britain. Just trust me on this one.

There are so many more but these are just a few of my current listening favorites - if anyone wants more recs, let me know! 

- Lauren

grim-monarch  asked:

Are metahumans allowed in Gotham city? What would happen if reader insert, a close friend of the Bat family was found out to be a meta human? How would the entire bat family react to that secret?

i don’t think they are but i think it’s more of the gotham city police department’s beef than the batfam so. 

Bruce probably wants to know more about their skill set and how they were able to keep their abilities a secret for so long and under his eyes, nonetheless. He warns them to be careful when they’re out on the streets- not everyone’s so friendly to metahumans as he is. 

Dick wants to know what they do and, while he does feel a little hurt that they kept it from him for so long, understands and moves on. It doesn’t change the way he treats them. 

Jason sucks on his drink until it hits the bottom and makes that gravelly drink sound before asking if he looks like the fucking cops. Obviously not. It’s their business and, hey, obviously they weren’t coming for his life so, to each his own. Nice job at staying under the radar, though. 

Tim is a ball of scientific excitement and questions. He’s never had a metahuman so close to the family before, close enough to actually ask about what it was like and, hey, was there anything different about how they go about their day? He doesn’t mean to intrude, but he’s so honestly curious. 

Barbara is unfazed by the revelation that they’re a metahuman and is the best in the batfam to adapting to the new knowledge. It changes the way she treats them, but only because now she knows they’re not a normal human and that they don’t need such a careful eye on them all the time

Damian is pissed because he’s never fought a technical metahuman and the fact that they were withholding this opportunity from him makes him grumpy. If their powers aren’t offensive, he’ll deflate and… reluctantly apologize for his reaction. If their powers are offensive, he’ll try to jump them at almost every opportunity

Autre Kyo Ya, NYC

I make no secret of the fact that my favorite restaurant in New York City is Kyo Ya, a Michelin-starred Japanese “speakeasy” in the the East Village. So I was thrilled when the chef there, Sono-san, told me that a couple of the sous chefs from his kitchen would be branching out and opening a sister restaurant a few blocks away… Autre Kyo Ya!

They’re just wrapping up their soft opening phase, working out the last of the kinks, but I’ve been down for a few visits now and think it’s about time to show off some of the wonderful Japanese-French influenced dishes that Chefs Shuji and Takashi are now cooking up. Here’s a look…

Pate Campagne made with pork neck & belly, chicken liver and pistachios, served with house made Japanese pickles…

Foie Gras Croquettes…

Panko-fried potato ball stuffed with foie gras, served with this umami rich peppercorn infused soy sauce…

Their Autre Salad, made with seasonal greens, that will change regularly based on what’s available at the farmer’s market…

The Quinoa Bouillabaisse Risotto…

Made with yakishimo-style fish and asari clams…

My favorite of their dishes, the House-Smoked Octopus…

Lightly grilled over charcoal making it so tender and flavorful, served with celery root puree, peas and smoked soy sauce…

Jidori Takekawa, which is organic jidori chicken cooked in a bamboo leaf…

With grilled potatoes, hearts of palm, kikurage mushrooms and shishito peppers…

Deux Washu-Gyu, or Japanese beef prepared two ways…

Fond de veau nikomi, braised and formed into a rillette…

And straight up grilled, with sweet potato puree, shishitos and seasonal carrots…

And the final course, the perfect closer, anago salt water eel and porcini mushrooms over garlic & shallot rice, which has been simmered in a kinoko mushroom dashi in a Kamadaki pot, which it is also served in…

Autre Kyo Ya also has a full bar and an inspired cocktail list, like this one, the Blind Willow, with Hendrick’s gin, plum wine, hopped grapefruit bitters and mint…

I cannot wait to see what these guys do in the coming months as they get used to their kitchen, to cooking together, and to creating more amazing Japanese dishes with fine French touches…


10 Stuyvesant St.

NY, NY 10003