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wc - // rated M for sexual themes. 

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“(Y/N)?” A tired voice sounded on the other end of the receiver, the roughness of the tone raising goosebumps on your skin. Putting down the pants you were folding, you stood rigidly, hearing Junmyeon wince like he was beside you.

“Junmyeon? What’s wrong?” You asked, bracing yourself against the wall of your laundry room, wondering why he was calling you so late. You saw your best friend yesterday, his lighthearted laugh still ringing in your ears as he told you of his latest shenanigans with his members. Hearing him clear his throat, you checked the time.

“It’s half past midnight, what are you still doing awake? Don’t you have practice tomorrow?” You nagged, walking into the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water before going to bed. Admiring your Christmas lights illuminating your apartment in a dreamy and dizzying way, you waited for his answer. He coughed, making you jump a little.

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It was a long wait, but London Grammar’s sophomore album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing finally arrived this year, and the English trio once again took our collective breaths away with their operatic dream pop and orchestral trip hop, lead by Hannah Reid’s pure and flawless voice. Standout album cut Hell To The Liars gets turned a completely different direction as North London house and garage duo Gorgon City transforms it into a deep pounding, dark pumping club jam. It’s a glorious remix whose rumbling bass and propulsive booming beats are a stark thrilling contrast to Hannah’s high flying, aerial diving voice.