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Let Go [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I know I’m supposed to be doing a lot of stuff but this came out of nowhere….

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Death and broken dreams

Word Count: 1429

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When you were a little girl, you always imagined what your life would be like in the future. Your curious, naive eyes would see a fair maiden who looked so much like you, with a radiant smile painted on her lips. She lived in a beautiful cottage in the country, away from the starless sky of the city, away from the monotonous sounds invading her ears and away from the monsters that wore sheep’s clothing. Somehow the sun was always bright, there wasn’t a droplet of rain anywhere yet the flowers still grew as if it had been fed all the water in the world.

There would be a man beside her, so handsome and humble one could mistake him for a prince taken out of the pages of the storybook your mother used to read to you every night. He was as vibrant as her, so much so that he seemed to emanate a faint glow. He always stayed by her no matter where she went. You couldn’t have one without the other. Their eyes sparkled with the light of infinite galaxies when they looked at each other. And when they smiled? No words could describe the happiness on their face. It may not be seen at times but it could always be felt.

And they loved each other. Oh how they loved each other dearly. The very symbol of their love would be running in the fields by their cottage as they watched, as happy as could be.

That was what you wanted your future to be. The future of your dreams, something peaceful and perfect in every way. The perfect life.

But life… life wasn’t like that. Life wasn’t perfect.

In fact, life was the very opposite of dreams.

You knew you shouldn’t have had such an ambitious dream because what you dreamed of, life gave you the opposite.

“J-Jason.” you gasped when you saw the blur that you somehow recognized as your boyfriend’s unmistakable face, “Jason, I-I–”

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Jason whispered, cradling your body in his arms, “It’s going to be okay.” His words could barely be heard over the harsh drumming of the rain. You shook your head as you broke down crying.

It was a mission gone wrong. You weren’t meant to be there in the first place, you weren’t part of the plan so the plan couldn’t protect you no matter how much you or Jason wanted it to. It was your own damn fault so you simply paid for it, but that didn’t mean you wanted it.

“N-No, it’s not.” you uttered, “I-It hurts Jason, it hurts so much.” Your voice cracked as you tried to sooth the pain on your torso and it broke Jason’s heart entirely.

“Hey, hey [F/N],” Jason had a lump stuck in his throat and tears in his eyes but he refused to let himself cry, “Everything’s going to be alright.” When you continued on weeping, Jason held your face in his hands and said, “[F/N]. [F/N], you have to listen to me. I… I will make sure everything will be alright–” you tried to turn away but he held you in place, “–[F/N], love, I promise you. I swear that it will work out. You’ve got to trust me, okay? Just…” he closed his eyes tightly before opening them again but his voice wavered as he said the next few words, “just trust me.”

Through the pain that burdened you, you managed to nod. You tried to keep your eyes on him but your fear only grew when your vision began darkening and you slowly lost sight of the man you fell in love with. Your breath began to quicken, alarming the man holding you in his arms.

“[F/N]? [F/N], focus on me–”

“I-I can’t.” you confessed in a panicked voice. “Jason, I c-can’t see you anymore, I can’t see–I can’t–” You began to cry again as the reality of it all fell onto your shoulders. You were going to die and there was nothing to do about it. You were going to die in a dirty, infested alleyway as a disgrace.

“T-This isn’t how m-my life was supposed to be.” you sobbed, shaking your head weakly.

“Then… then tell me, tell me what you wanted it to be like.” Jason requested gently, sniffing, trying to do anything to distract you from your pain.

You closed your eyes as you tried to regain that imaginative vision you had as a child. Swimming through your mind, you managed to find a piece of the dream you had. You held it close to your heart and brought it up to the surface and allowed yourself to be lied to one last time.

With a shuddering breath, you began in a voice that could be lost in the wind, “I would be living in a cottage… surrounded by nothing but… green fields and meadows of flowers. I would be free from any expectations and free of life’s restraints.” You gasped for breath.


“By my side,” you struggled to continue, “by my side would be… the love of my life, the man I would have my child with. The same child running through the fields.”

“A-And is that man me?” your boyfriend inquired, trying to lighten up the mood despite this very dark time. It made you laugh, but coming out from your mouth at your state, it was more of a wheeze. Still, through your blood and tears, you smiled.

Yes.” you said in a hushed voice, “Yes, the love of my life… Jason Peter Todd.” You closed your eyes. “Jason. My Jason.” You heard Jason laugh quietly though it sounded utterly helpless.

“Jason?” you murmured. Your lover hummed in response and softly stroked your hair in the loving manner he always adored doing whenever you two were alone. “I-I’m tired, but I don’t want to leave.”


“I-I’m so scared of leaving you.” you muttered, feeling the tears appear again. “I don’t want to leave you.” The droplets of rain felt cold against your skin but you swore some of them were strangely warm.

“Just let go.” you heard Jason murmur into your ear in a voice that sounded like he was on the verge of tears, “It’s okay to let go. I’ll–” he swallowed that lump in his throat and willed himself to be strong, “I’ll be okay.”

You can let go.” He forced the words out of his mouth in a slightly unsteady voice. “You can be free.


You closed your eyes and relaxed, letting go of whatever hold you had on life. The last thing you felt were shaky lips gently kissing your forehead.

When you opened your eyes again, you were standing in a field greener than any imaginative mind could’ve thought of. The sun generously poured its rays on every object in its domain and in the distance, you spotted a beautiful cottage sitting on the horizon.

The very sight made you smile.

Jason Todd had dreams. He had many and he knew none would be fulfilled. It was the inevitable formula of life’s many fuckeries.

But when he met you? He knew something would go wrong yet he still went for it anyway.

You were… a beauty in his eyes. You might not have been beautiful to others, but to him you were a goddess that he didn’t deserve. Your kindness and selfless heart was a sheer contrast to him and this very cruel, unforgiving Earth you two stood upon. Your smile was was brighter than any star and what he saw in your eyes wasn’t a mere sparkle, it was the entire universe all bundled up into two gorgeous orbs.

He cherished you more than he cherished anything in his pathetic life which really wasn’t much to begin with.

The more he was with you and the more he received your love, the deeper he fell in love with you. He fell in love not just with your personality, but with your little habits and cute faces you made alone. He fell in love with what you saw as flaws but what he saw as just more of you to love.

He used to think that his dream was to spend his entire life with his significant other, but that wasn’t his dream. You were his dream.

But he knew that as long as he kept living, he would never get that dream.

Because as we all would eventually learn, life was the very opposite of dreams.


[What is the most difficult or challenging episode you’ve done so far?]

CaitrionaYou know, it’s great when Sam and I have fight scenes, or emotional scenes, we feed off each other in those scenes. And it’s always great ‘cause I know how to push his buttons, I think, in a scene and vice versa.

Sam: I’ll push back.

Caitriona: Literally, actually! We had a scene this season - which is not really a spoiler - but we were rehearsing and I gave him a little push. And Sam just went  * B O O M *  and I flew across the room, landed on my butt, and I couldn’t walk for about four days properly. “Aww,” see, yeah! Yeah, trying to fight with a He-Man is challenging.

Sam: Those are always the great scenes, though. We really enjoy them, don’t we? Taking chunks out of each other.

Caitriona: Throwing things at each other.

Sam: Yeah.

Is it wrong of me to really hope this entire moment from rehearsal makes it into the Season 3 Gag Reel? 😂

Humans Are Actually Alteans

NOW HERE ME OUT. This is just something I’ve been thinking about since all Alteans can’t just be gone and it makes me too sad to think that Allura and Coran are the last ones.

So what I was thinking with how humans can be Alteans actually relates back to how the Blue Lion was created. In Voltron Force there was this arc explaining that five planets brought together resources to create the Voltron Lions, I don’t remember that arc very well but it made me think

“What is the Blue Lion was built on earth?”

Again hear me out, a loooooong time ago even more 10,000 years ago Earth was having an ice age people. It makes sense that the Blue Lion, Guardian Spirit of Water was built on a planet covered more or less 70% in water and ice. My money is that the Blue Lion was built underwater to be kept safe, along with the researchers, in an underwater city sounds familiar huh?

If that’s the case, maybe a couple hundred scientists, researchers, explorers, etc may have called Atlantis and Earth their home for a time but the planet was not very suitable for a mass population to live on which may factor in to why Earth has been left untouched by the rest of the universe. Anyway, moving forward it’d also be interesting if a few other species like the Merfolk and perhaps even other species humans could consider myths now were actually other alien species that remained on earth  

Now, why did they remain on earth? For this the first thing that came to mind was Ilos from Mass Effect. That when Zarkon and the Galra empire rose to take over the empire, the planets the Lions were built on were cut off from the rest of the universe to prevent Zarkon from conquering them and learning the secrets of the Lions

And like Ilos, the Altean research team could have put themselves in cryo perhaps to wait things out or for the Voltron Force to arrive, other species like the merfolk and even other Alteans could have lived and maintained the city along with others and they could have become keepers to the city and the Alteans but it couldn’t have lasted forever right? It would take a lot of resources they’d eventually have to journey to the surface when the ice began to melt

Some Alteans and other species that had lived on Atlantis chose to live on the surface, perhaps alongside the small human population that survived the Ice Age. The Alteans took their features to blend in and accepted their new home and the species. Only a handful remained in Atlantis, some Alteans, mostly merfolk since a few pods were left active, perhaps the Alteans with the most knowledge of their culture and Voltron.

Then, when the species began to intermingle. Humans and Alteans began to evolve into a new form of Alteans that lost their mystical abilities like manipulating quintessence from lack of exposure to its raw form or maybe even losing the art from it not being caught. It happens over long periods of time, these Humans/Alteans lose their long life spans and the Altean culture. They eventually lose the points of their ears and the markings on their bodies but evolve to adapt and survive in harsh environments so that’s how humans got their current appearance. Because really, they are the ONLY species we’ve seen that resemble Alteans, literally the only different appearance wise are the ears and face marks. 

Also I’m thinking around modern times human’s lifespans may have grown again to around 100-150 years but not nearly as long as the original Alteans (again, a Mass Effect reference, shh)

I’m not saying these human/Alteans lost everything about them that makes them Altean, but many of the information and culture was lost when Earth had to cut its ties completely to keep hidden from the Druids and Zarkon’s rise to power. There may even be some Alteans descendants that still remember the stories of their people and their abilities, some may even still have such abilities and watch over Earth

These Human/Alteans that still remember tend to retain their long lifespans and have been watching over the planet and protecting it, maybe they’re an order of sorts for them? They may have also helped humanity evolve faster through technological advances

Perhaps there are members among the Galaxy Garrison?

Now I’m going into more headcanon territory now but imagine if Sam Holt was one of these Altean/Humans? Or maybe he may even have been one of the scientists in the cryo pods who was one of the original scientists to work on the Blue Lion? Or maybe he was just a descendant that remembered  

Just, I’m not letting go of all that foreshadowing he said to Katie during the last family dinner that she will be a part of her own team and do something extraordinary. If he helped built Voltron who’s to say he can’t notice a potential pilot? Also, back to Sam being Altean, he’d jump at the chance to be on a mission to travel out to Kerberos, the furthest humanity has gotten out to space he’d give anything to go out there and see the universe again because how much do these Alteans really know about how damaged the universe has become?

And everything is great! That is, until Sam and the Kerberos crew are captured and his hopes are shattered by the state of the universe and what Zarkon has done to it annnndddd that’s all I got 

Well, besides an idea that Zarkon could potentially be rounding up any species/people that have Altean blood in them because they could still be a threat to him and perhaps he has a prison for them? Has them experimented on? Maybe even turns them into whatever Haggar is. After the Haggar is Altean reveal there must be more Alteans out there, I just like to think they’re a little closer to home haha see what I did there 

ANYWAY If anyone wants to expand on this idea go for it, and please tell me about it, also I just really wanted to find a way for the Altean race to keep living on even if it’s in a different form, this may even apply to other Alteans around the universe, they’re still alive just in different forms and shapes to survive

And to end on a happier note anyone who wanted a valid reason for Altean Lance YOU’RE WELCOME