bananecdotes asked:


FOR YOU, WIFE?  ANYTHING.  (also, andie asked for 9 & 19)

1. The meaning behind my URL: It’s a line from the trailer for To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar, which is a film where three action stars play drag queens and if you haven’t seen it you really should.

2. A picture of me

3. Why I love my best friend: because she can make me happy even when i’m at my lowest and is not afraid to tell me when i’m wrong (and oh, i have been.)
4. Last time I cried and why: I’ve been tearing up rather than crying lately, but I nearly got into an accident while driving the other day and that freaked me out so much I started crying.
5. Piercings I have: earlobes.  I used to have a monroe but I took it out for a Mindless Self Indulgence show (which was a good call, because I saw a girl leave with her eyebrow ring ripped out) and the hole closed up.
6. Favorite Band: YOU MUST BE NEW WHAT DO I BLOG ABOUT A LOT the technical answer to this is actually AFI
7. Biggest turn off(s): ARROGANCE, OH GOD.  Nothing turns me off more than arrogance and feigned unenthusiasm.  I like ‘em earnest and loving a lot of things.
8. Top 5 (insert subject): Since I was not given a subject, I’m going to name top five colors I like to wear: grey, olive green, black, blue, brown  
9. Tattoos I want: I’ve made a post about this, but here’s a short list… AFI falling leaves tattoo, lucy and snoopy from peanuts, our lady of sorrows, a big FOB one that’s in the works, and probably a cricket.  I want to be a tattooed lady.
10. Biggest turn on(s): dark hair/eyes, tattoos, intelligence, in the arts, a bit of hard to get
11. Age: twenty one, gonna be twenty two next month.
12. Ideas of a perfect date: get me some pizza and let’s make out on the beach
13. Life goal(s): to be living in a cool city on my own or with someone i love, doing art stuff and making enough money to get by on it. :)
14. Piercings I want: I want my monroe back, goddammit, and maybe a cartilage piercing.
15. Relationship status: in a relationship!
16. Favorite movie: the royal tenenbaums
17. A fact about my life: I am the youngest of three children and the only female.
18. Phobia: things crawling on me, falling from great heights
19. Middle name: Jane!
20. Anything you want to ask: I want to answer the question of do I like dogs and the answer is YES I LIKE DOGS

I mean, the car isn’t the optimal spot but like, idunno, let’s say you were on a long car ride and just really wanted to suck your boyfriends dick? Do girls even have that urge? Anyweyz, I’m assuming that it’s on a long car ride or something…. Not like oh we’re on our way to PathMark but let’s get a quickie in on the way.