You ever seen Halloween is Grinch Night?

I hadn’t seen it until the other night when a cool bro streamed it. I went to bed that evening thinking "I want to cosplay that.“ obviously because i am passionate about my hobby.
I did.
I’m missing the orange gloves. But white is better than no gloves.
And the detail on the shirt. … I simply overlooked it. :Ia

I hereby dedicate this spontaneous Eukariah Who cosplay to Starxapple.  

And if you’re a fan of Eukariah Who, get to following askswageukariah.
He’s out of control with his orange grading pen.

bonus ke$hastuck photo

i was in the middle of getting into the cosplay when suddenly my family decided it was mealtime. that’s my little brother charlie. we had burritosmy family cant have nice dinners anymore

hurr durr meant to post this last week when I took it, but I plain forgot.

In 30 days begins Phoenix Cactus Comicon!
I really hope to have both versions of The Once-Ler done for then. :D
For this one I’m missing a couple things, and my hat is still the wrong color! I may have to spend a pretty penny on the right style and color, but it’ll be worth it.

I will also be cosplaying as Cyborg 009, Joe Shimamura, and Jake English at PCC. And Perhaps Red, from Pokemon. c:
Yeah Excitement! 


Nepeta: h1ghj1nx

Cosplaying Kanaya is more fun than I originally thought. She is very… glamourous? I’ll look into cosplaying her seriously for a future convention.

More 6/12 shenanigans : )
Our Lemon Lime snow cones ended up looking suspiciously like chilled slime. Especially after mixing it all together. No side effects were observed.