💎digital dash playing in the background and I became one with my coldness as I began to dance my twists move with me to the beat and I see everything in slow motion screaming at the top of my lungs while lurking on some beautiful mans page I can be the pineapples on your pizza boy! like let me be that for you I got that honey coated love for you carry it in my bag for you and yes I’m a slow learner and yes I’m socially awkward but that makes it sm more fun ..frank said he never forget a face so when I show face he bet not act like he don’t owe me one Henny Lopez In my dreams but citrus sus is my identity I’m not so good at rejection like I’m confused can’t you see these angel wings? like I dun understand why you not into me? is it because you not into things heavenly? Okay so I’m blabbing off at the mouth but there’s a method to my madness so figure it out and in the meantime I’ll be Harlem shaking through the pressure that comes with being an overlooked blessing 💎