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You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.

I don’t know how to express how happy and thankful I am that I’ve finally reached 600 followers! I started this blog at the end of March, and to see how far this blog has gone since I started? It’s amazing. I love each and every one of my followers, and I wish I could talk to every single one every day. I especially want to thank those who I’ve befriended in my time here. You guys are what makes running a blog fun. Knowing so many people who are interested in the same thing as me makes my small corner of the world so much warmer. Thank you so much! And here’s to more milestones in the future!

PS: I’ve bolded all of my special friends <3

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And if I missed some people, I’m terribly sorry. You’re still a great friend! <3

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so i hit 1000 followers a little while ago, and i just couldn’t figure out how to celebrate or thank u all. i’ve seen a few people do follow forevers, and since i don’t have time for anything too elaborate i figured i’d thank the people who’ve supported me and entertained me in my two years of simblr!

first i want to thank my first friends in the community - @romeo-and-simulet, @pirouettingplumbobs, and @amixofpixels. these three girls are so kind and funny, and i know i’ll never be able to leave sims 3 when i look at their blogs!

my new friends, who i love more than anything - @tea-sims, @peonypyxels, @keeksim, @mochibunsims, @roseville-sims, @cat-nerd-sims and also @wyattssims, @allthingsgrilledcheese, @maxvillarreal, @complicite, @strawberrymark, @sim-bubble, @citrus-soda, @astralpixels, @neverloore, and @tinybittoxic all of them are so sweet and supportive and they’re just great to have been friends with!!! idk how i got so lucky to meet them tbh

also ty to @love–grace, @ahplumbobs and @elvensimming who i swear have taken turns being my biggest fans for like the past year!!!

and some other blogs i really enjoy! @bratsims, @kismet-sims, @ratboysims, @riddikulsims, @simprising, @pxelbox, @checkmar, @avtvmnsalad, @cuteplumbbies, @blurrypxls, @deathbycowplant, @glitchysims, @heihu, @lifefroot, @sandy-sims, @nahsims, @meisiu, @ohare-lane, @sammyshuno, @samtastic-sims, @sleepingsimmer, @bluupxels, @wyxsims, @fangflower, @pxelhood, @teekapoa, @simarex, @plumnamedbob, @bemykingofthesims, @wooldawn, @femmesim, @sinfulwunders, @minimoriyamas, @jokeplease, @geezsims, @simsandgiggles, @berrysim, @blarffy @weebpyxels, @cosysimmer, @ohduckling, @randomcoffeesimmer, @andromeda-sims, @sunnyfriendell, @omniplant, @boocreek, @simsao, @mooon-sims, @mummasim, @vvatore, @theplumbobarchitect, @threetoetoad, @dddemonhead, @lemonishsims @simburgerr

anyway, thank u all so much for 1k!!

Mistress at Play | Taehyung [TEASER]

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Summary: You meet Taehyung at a play party, and the two of you head back to his hotel room to get down with it.

Paring: Taehyung/Reader
AU: Sub!Tae
Genre: Suggestive
Rating: T
Warnings: suggestive content,
Word Count: 842

A/N: This is a teaser to a longer fic I plan to write and whatnot! So, in the future you should definitely be on the lookout for it. I originally was going to post a whole fic but since I was rather busy this month I didn’t get the chance to write it out the way I wanted to, so I made a teaser instead.

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Hello Beautiful People!!!!

For Pride Month, a group of friends and I did a collab and it is so beautiful! Of course everyone and every sexuality is not represented but this is for anyone and everyone out there!!

Credit below! Go follow these beautiful human beings!

Gay Pride Flag: @citrus-soda

Pansexual Pride Flag: @tickledsims

Lesbian Pride Flag: @solarsimms

Bisexual Pride Flag: @batsysims @elizasimmerblr

Transgender Pride Flag: @pxelsunrise

Thank you for following me bbys it really means a lot!!!  I figured that there is nothing I can make for you guys that you would want so I thought I should comprise a list of cute, kind, and very talented ppl that I adore and make sure that I keep up with their content!! Thank you all for being so kind to all of your followers and if I’ve ever talked to you for a teeny bit thank you for putting up with me ;) :P

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First off I want to thank each and every one of you for following me and being such an accepting community. Even if you haven’t interacted with me yet, I still know you’re there and thankful you decided to click that follow button!

Now, I’m not the best at making cc I’ve never made cc before, but I didn’t know how to use Gimp last week and here I am. So I’m planning on creating a palette and doing recolours soon, so stay tuned for that! (Update - I’ve made a palette, stay tuned for recolours!)

In the meantime, I thought I’d give a shoutout to the blogs that I would consider to be my follow forevers. From active followers and simblr crushes and legacy writers, this list has it all. These are simblrs who complete my dashboard, have always shown me lots of love, and make me happy to be a member of this beautiful community. 

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If I didn’t tag you don’t take it personally, I love each and every one of my followers <3

a brief description of the signs


Loves the color red, laughs often. Sometimes wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row. Favorite food is anything spicy. Can groove to a good jam.


Good natured heart. Only fights when it is not started by them. Never leaves their phone behind. Enjoys cool colors like greens, blues, and greys. Favorite food is pizza.


Cold weather is their natural habitat. Never tries to ruin anyone’s day. Dresses well. Shy and keeps to oneself. Prefers the color blue. Favorite food is any icecream.


Sweet natured, often playing with their hair. Quiet and held back, but can be rude. Sociable when they find comfort among their peers. Pink or orange are their colors. Loves to eat fruity stuff.


Everything they love is yellow, that’s their spirit color. Committed and pride bound. They love to read or just sit and think. Emotional most often. Likes to munch on sandwiches or crackers.


Can be intimidating. Push them over the limit and they will show no emotion, but rather they just talk endlessly about how they feel. Fruity alcoholic beverages are their thing. Light green and purple are their colors.


Flirtatious and caring. Bad temper and loses friends because of it. Food of any kind makes a Libra happy. Enjoys the colors red, black, and magenta.


Learning is what they love. Try as they may, they are not very athletic. Vanilla anything—they want it. Contagious smile and laugh. Always a good time, but can be overpoweringly happy at times. Hopelessly dreaming about their desires.


Quaint traits, excitable at heart, and passionate about love. Never have they not loved something or someone. Warm weather is what they want—that, and burgers. Lazy dressers, but they don’t give a crap.


Sunsets, tulips, crunchy dead leaves. Wears the glasses with no frame wire on the bottom of the lenses. Sports, even though they may not enjoy them entirely. Grey and green are their favorite colors. Chinese takeout, they could eat for days.


Love to kiss and tell. Attention and laughter is what they seek most. Glittery binder, bright colored cardigans, bubble baths with music turned up loud. Loves pink and blue. Sweet food is their daily obsession.


Family comes first with these hardy beings. Could sleep for days, but they want to shop more. Quirky on the inside, bland on the outside. Wears a lot of black. Loves citrus soda and hot pockets. Fuchsia and Aqua are their spirit colors.