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Name: Marija
Nickname: Maki, Mara, Maru
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hogwarts House: Slytherin, yeah
Height: Somewhere around 5′3 i guess.. That’s like 162, 163cm.
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Favourite Fruit: Oranges, tangerines..
Favourite Season: Spring
Favourite Book Series: I think Harry Potter is everyone’s fav, but other than that I love Tess Gerritsen’s books, since they’re all somehow related
Favourite Fictional Character: I don’t think I have one O.o
Favourite Flower: Tulips
Favourite Scent: Anything citrus-y
Favourite Colour: Blue, red, turquoise
Favourite Animal: Pupps, Otters and Penguins :)
Favourite Band: EXO as the top! And other than that I love 21 pilots, Nothing but thieves, SHINee, NCT, 2ne1..
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: Coffeee!!! But I love hot choco
Average Hours of Sleep: It can go from 2-3 to 12 :D
Number of Blankets: I have 1 no matter the temperature, but other than that, it can go to 2-3
Dream Trip: SK, Japan, Maldives, Spain, Italy… around the world, basically :D
Last Thing I Googled: Actress Chelsea Peretti, ‘cause I wanted to see her stand up comedy :) (she’s really funny!)
How Many Blogs I Follow: 382 :)
Number of Followers: 1000+
What I Usually Post About: Exo, kpop, Kaisoo, Kyungsoo/Jongin…
Do I Get Asks Regularly: Sometimes, but the last couple of asks were those cute messages from penguin anon, so they’ve been more than good :D And I wish people to talk to me more, for whatever reason! :)

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Name: Jane (or Siobhan)
Nickname: Jamie (as in Jamie McDonald aka “the crossest man in Scotland” in the movie “In The Loop” lol)
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 165cm
Orientation: straight 
Nationality: British and Canadian
Favourite Fruit: watermelon
Favourite Season: winter and summer
Favourite flower: I’m allergic to pollen so no flowers for me
Favourite Scent: citrus
Favourite Colour: white, cerulean, navy blue and grey
Favourite Animal: dogs and dolphins
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: tea and white hot chocolate in the winter
Favourite Fictional Character: I have got a long list but off the top of my head my all time favourites in no particular order are: Diana Prince (Wonder Woman 2017), Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman 2017), Lincoln Lee as in our!Lincoln (Fringe), Olivia Dunham as in alt!livia (Fringe), Walter Bishop (Fringe), Peter Bishop (Fringe), Joss Carter (Person of Interest), Dana Scully (X-Files), Fox Mulder (X-Files), Jim Kirk (Star Trek 2009, 2013 and 2016), Steve Rogers (Captain America in MCU), Boo (Monster Inc), Sherlock Holmes (Elementary)
Number of Blankets you Sleep With: 1 thin blanket in summer and 1 down blanket in winter
Dream Trip: Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Estonia), Maldives, Antartica
Blog Created: around 2011 but wasn’t active until early 2013

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Name: James

Nicknames: uhhhh….? Not really any.

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 5″11

Orientation: Pansexual & Polyamorous.

Nationality: British

Favourite Fruit: Orange or Strawberry

Favourite Season: Spring/Autumn

Favourite Book: A Song of Ice and Fire series

Favourite Flower: Tulips

Favourite Scent: Citrus

Favourite Colour: Cobalt

Favourite Animal: Otters

Coffee | Tea | Hot cocoa: Coffee

Cat or dog person: Why not both? Why are cats and dogs always binary it makes no sense? 

Favourite fictional character: Jon Snow, Tyrion, Rick, Morty, Archer, Kreiger, Pam, Lito, Nomi, Rosa, Terry

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: I guess to go see some people I’ve met on here, I don’t really know. 

Blog created: 2012

Number of followers: 4,116 (main), 194 (creative), 761 (nsfw)

Random facts:

1) I’ve had my name in credits on tv and in the cinema.

2) Drunk me doesn’t know or care that he can’t sing and dance and no one should ever tell him because he’ll do it worse to spite you. (Unless he values your opinions a lot)

3) I’m in a really bad creative slump and I don’t know what would help get me writing and drawing again.

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Name: katie

Nickname: katoe, i cant think of any others rn

Zodiac: scorpio!!!

Height: 5′7″ or 5′8″ ??? dunno

Orientation: lesbian :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nationality: american

Favourite Fruit: cherries!!!!!!!

Favourite Season: uhhhhhhbbh summer or fall

Favourite Book: Punkzilla by Adam Rapp

Favourite Flower: sunflowers (me too!!!!!!)

Favourite Scent: margarita or citrus

Favourite Colour: pink!!

Favourite Animal: Opossums!! I love the yard angels :V

Coffee | Tea | Hot cocoa: i drink iced coffee the most of these :L

Average sleep hours: 5 to 7 i wanna say

Cat or dog person: i have a dog

Favorite fictional character: Guido Mista from vento aureo and Pickles the Drummer from metalocalypse

Number of blankets you sleep with: normally 2

Dream trip: idk!!! i wanna stay in a hotel on the beach someday i feel like it would be nice idk

Blog created: THIS one i made in 2015

Number of followers: 689 i think? last time i checked it was

Random fact: i just tried to bit my fidget spinner while it was spinning and ow oof my teeth

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ag ‘em up cowboy

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Name: madeline

Nickname:maddie; mads

Zodiac: libra

Height: 5′3 TuT

Nationality: american

Favourite Fruit: honeydew (bojack screaming in the distance)

Favourite Season: summer and fall

Favourite Book: Mr. Spaceman by robert olen butler

Favourite Flower: hydrangeas and dahlias

Favourite Scent: citrus

Favourite Colour: charcoal gray

Favourite Animal: the octopus

Coffee/Tea/Hot chocolate: ALL PLS

Average sleep Hours: the hell is sleep?

Cat or Dog person: both! at the same time!

Favourite fictional character: omfg dont go there. currently dio brando and gladiolus amiticia 

The number of blankets you sleep with: 2 or 3

Dream trip: id love to go to germany and arizona

Blog created: like 2011 or so

Number of followers: 1135 

Random Fact: im ambidextrous 

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name: ira
nickname: none
zodiac sign: aquarius
height: 158 cm
orientation: hetero russian
nationality:  russian
favourite fruit: banana
favourite season: autumn
favourite book: 1984 by George Orwell
favourite scent: citrus
favourite colour: blue
favourite animal: don’t like them tbh
coffee | tea | hot cocoa: tea
hours of sleep: 3-10
cat or dog person: ~~~
favourite fictional characters: ~~~
number of blankets you sleep with: 1
dream trip: all around the world and especially japan
blog created: month ago i think
number of followers: ~~~~
random fact: i thought that i would never like “famous” k-pop band but i fell in love with GOT7 but anyway Pentsgon is still my fav

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Nickname: don’t really have any
Zodiac sign: aries
Height: 5′6 
Orientation: lesbian

Fruit: mangoes, raspberries and blueberries
Season: fall
Book series: literally cannot think of any rn lol
Flower: peonies or sunflowers
Scents: anything citrus
Colour: lilac
Animal: cats and birds
Fictional character: dale cooper and laura palmer rn lol 

Coffee/tea/cocoa: coffee
Average hours of sleep: 7
Cats or dogs: cats
Number of blankets: just one
Blog created: since 2011 i think D:
Number of followers: 4000+ but i think most of them are dead accounts tbh lol. 

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01. name: cheyenne

02. nicknames: Chychy or chey

03. zodiac Sign: Aquarius

04. height: 5'4 or 5'5

05. orientation: I’m a bi/maybe pan romantic asexual!

06. nationality: american

07. favourite fruit: strawberry 🍓

08. favourite season: ugggh fall (im soo ready)

09. favourite book: A Tale for the Time Being!

10. favourite movie: Interstellar or spirited away

11. favourite scent: lol rags that have just been dipped in water….I’m weird, but also citrus scents

12. favourite colour: primary blue!

13. favourite animal: pandas, (red pandas included lol) and jellyfish

14. coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea

15. average hours of sleep: like 6 or 7 hours but I’m still too tired

16. favourite fictional character: uuughhh don’t make me decide!!!

17. number of blankets to sleep with: just one :^(

18. dream trip: South Korea or Japan or maybe Sweden or Iceland…I’m verrryyy indecisive lol

19. blog created: ummm catsatellite was made like a… year or two ago??

20. followers: 2,558 amazing lovely angels!

21. random fact: I’m in a relationship with pasta 🍝

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name: alycia
nickname: leesh, leeshie lou, n other variations thereof
zodiac sign: Virgo
hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
height: 5'2
sexual orientation: biii
ethnicity: white
favourite fruit: besides raspberries which are my favourite food overall, orangesss
favourite season: spring
favourite book series: probably the shadowhunters boooks and the eragon series(is it called the inheritance cycle or something idk) neither of which have I finished so
favourite flower: SUNFLOWERS
favourite scent: citrus
favourite colour: light sky blue and like a dusty pink like a velvety rose or idk
favourite animal: kittiessss
favourite band: PARAMORE
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: teaaa
average hours of sleep: like 8 n a half ?
number of blankets: ha three
dream trip: Greece > Croatia > Amsterdam & Wageningen > London & Brighton > France
last thing i googled: idk but last opened tab was Pope Francis warns “history will judge” climate change deniers
how many blogs i follow: 596 which seems like too much but everyone’s blogs are so pretty
number of followers: 156 ☺️
what i usually post: aesthetic, quotes/song lyrics, social justice
do i get asks regularly: ha no

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oh boy

name: harvey/jamie
nickname: uh i mean harvey is my nickname but i have nicknames OF that. like harn or harv
zodiac: libra 
hogwarts house: hufflepuff
height: >:]
sexuality: lesbian
ethnicity: im white 
favourite fruit: maybe apples 
favorite season: fall or spring..i cant decide
favorite book series: gosh i think the last time i read a book series was in middle school, and that was the mortal instruments?? its not my fav tho…i will always love harry potter tbh 
favorite fictional character: john egbert
favorite flower: i like plumerias and roses
favorite scent: lemon/citrus
favorite colour: green/pink
favorite animal: giraffes
favorite band: i lov the 1975 
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: none
average hours of sleep: 6 or 7
number of blankets: 1
dream trip: uhhh idk
last thing i googled: baby otter
how many blogs do i follow: around 300
number of followers: 8k+
what i usually post: gay fanart
do i get asks regularly: yea

i definitely dont have 20 ppl to tag but @magigirljane @thespacemaid @spacepuck @wow-so-blog @sweetoreo33 @neonlance @testifyds @turntechgodpeck @iltumoit @kitzup​ @samissimo

Guess I'm doin one of these thingys!

Name- Aoife

Nicknames- few family members call me leafy other than that nothing rhymes with Aoife xD But Pups calls me Lime

Zodiac sign- Imma lil Virgo

Height- 5,9 tallest in my family and the youngest

Orientation- imma pansexual boi

Ethnicity- I’m white ( Imma Irish lass)

Favorite fruit- oh god idk probably apples?

Favorite season- I’d have to say autumn or winter cause I am so bad with any kind of heat

Favorite book- gotta be War Horse (I’m more of a movie person tho)

Favorite flower- wild daisyyyss

Favorite scent- I have A LOT of candles and my faves r eucalyptus tea lights and this small lemony citrus one

Favorite colour- a mauve pink colour ( why am I so specific xD)

Favorite animal(s)- love me some of them Sloth boys

Average sleep hours- idk 5-6

Favorite fictional character- oh god how can ye chose maybe Mot and Loki

Dream trip - Iceland or Paris

Blog created- probs 2016

I gots tagged by the ma wife @megguweggu tank ya Hun

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name: Chelsea
nickname: I don’t really have one  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
zodiac sign: gemini
hogwarts house: slytherin
height: 5′8″
sexual orientation: hetero
ethnicity: white
favourite fruit: peaches
favourite season: fall
favourite book series: hmm…I have many hahaha. Tortall series? Chronicles of Amber is another one. Legend of Eli Monpress
favourite fictional character(s): I will forever have a soft spot for Eli Monpress.
favourite flower: I really love Dahlia’s.  They are just so extra.
favourite scent: rain, books, peaches, citrus, and amber
favourite colour: purple
favourite animal: dogs and cats
favourite band: I always return to Third Eye Blind
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Coffee
average hours of sleep: 5 hours
dream trip: Quiet private tropical island with a nice ocean breeze
last thing I googled: flowers
how many blogs I follow: 313
number of followers: 1,298, which is nuts but awesome
what I usually post about: 80% fandom, 15% of my artworks, 5% other
Do I get asks regularly: Not really no

tagging: any one that would like to do this!  Tag me if you do :)