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りんご、木から落ちる (Ringo, Ki kara Ochiru) by Author: 犬時 (Inutoki) and Artist: 笑平 (Syohei)

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS BOOK FOREVER… One of my favorite Pixiv artist’s debut tankoubon (I think?) !!! I wanted to get this a lot earlier, but I had to cancel my order cause it was taking too long and I was going out of country soon at the time. But once I came back, I headed STRAIGHT to the bookstore to order this book and I finally have my hands on it!!

It’s multi story collection book. I love Syohei’s art so much! It’s so unique!! Warning, I wouldn’t search up their pixiv if you’re not comfortable with Crayon Shin-chan BL. I should also mention that they also have a tumblr account @syoooheeei333 !! Go check them out, I’ve been following them for a while now on Pixiv and I love their art!!


SORRY YES I KNOW QUALITY IS CRAP and I can’t draw people kissing sorry this is such a major fail


Well it’s Diode hell so that’s okay

That’s RIGHT, Serena, you get NOTHING from Ash. He’s quite smitten with a certain blonde inventor, you see. (Sorry I’m not a huge fan of Amourshipping :p)

I’m actually writing a fanfic right now and I’m thinkin’ about putting parts of this scene in~ Clemont’s such a cutie crybaby <3


-sings quietly in the background- Kira kira kira kira hikaru Pika Pika pocket ni chu chu chu

An alternate ending to Ash’s battle with Korrina (which at this point hasn’t even aired yet lol), I thought this would be cool development for Ash and wanted to draw the idea rather than just write about it. I did it with pencils (mostly) so it’s much rougher than usual, but should still look rather clean after scanning. Hope you enjoy! :]


偽X恋ボーイフレンド (NiseXKoi Boyfriend) by 山本アタル (Yamamoto Ataru)

The art is very cute and colorful! This one is also a tankoubon with multiple different stories inside, but the main one features the two on the cover and back cover! 

Just a heads up, the first two chapters have crossdressing in it, so if you’re not into that, I guess it’s best to stay away…

Actually, a few weeks after buying this book, people have started scanlating this and, if I remember correctly, they’re done translating the entire book? Give it a read if you’re interested, and if you enjoyed it, I recommend buying a copy yourself to support the author!

いくじなしのスペクテイター (Ikujinashi no Spectator) by 山本アタル (Yamamoto Ataru)

I didn’t know Yamamoto Ataru was having a second tankoubon??? WOW!! Found this by pure chance!! I FREAKING FOLLOWER HER TWITTER THOUGH??? Btw, I recommend following her Twitter, she’s very funny and very interesting person. I enjoy all, if not, most of her tweets.
The book is about S&M and bullying but it’s not hardcore or as dark as what Harada writes about. Very funny and very cute!! I hope to see more tankoubon!!

If you enjoyed NiseXKoi Boyfriend, then I think you’ll like this, unless you’re not into S&M play. Please support the author by buying the book!