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You are great. Diode is great. EVERYTHING IS GREAT


Diode is beautiful I mean

Look at these nerds

That’s just





And honestly who doesn’t love Clemont he’s such a cutie pie. The PUREST CINNAMON ROLL


I told you not to get me started. I TOLD YOU


Gold took him to Hot Topic and this was his reaction

And this was Gold’s reaction when Silver dressed up in some very questionable clothing there

Meanwhile Clemont is being harassed by Bonnie on getting a girlfriend, “What, do you not want a girlfriend?” Clemont isn’t sure how to tell her that he’s actually really gay for Ash but whatever

(I actually had a hard time choosing if I wanted to draw Clemont or Cheren because they’re both my favorite Gym Leaders but. In the end Clemont won lolol
I’ll definitely do Cheren next time, he’s my son <3)

Thanks for requesting these! Lol I’ve done so many now that there are repeats of certain expressions popping up but that’s okay! I’m not going to take any more requests though; I’m going to do the ones remaining in my inbox and when those are done…I’m going to do another meme similar to this one but with ships. So. Look out for that ^^


“Sup d00ds, it’s 2013, AoT is lit, and I’m here doing sh*tty crossovers for it. Waddup homies.🤝" [Thats not a high five emoji, but we keep things professional]

No one tell the AoT fans, even I find this slightly insulting… but GOD it’s so fun to make either way.

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Could we have some more diode fluff..? <3

Whaaat? That adorable drabble wasn’t enough to satisfy your cravings?!

Well, alright I guess. Since you asked so nicely…

Science boyfriends!!