citroën sm

I don’t deserve my fp he’s too perfect,, he just got this rlly good job he has to wake up early for and so this morning we woke up and he packed the bong and we smoked n i followed him around the kitchen while he made lunch n I got some foood bc he was yelling at me to eat and he grabbed the heating pad out of his car bc our rooms so cold esp without him and he kissed me goodbye a million times and keeps talking about our future and being the sweetest of all sweethearts💕💕💕

@valgeristik was rbing some of their old dh art n rbbed a piece from the dh pkmn au and. i had to fuckin Listen

s/o to all aroace girls

you deserve more recognition for all the shit u deal with, u are amazing, super brave and strong; if you are not rn, you’ll be okay, you’ll find peace with yourself, you’ll find people who’ll love and support you unconditionally, i believe in each of you wholeheartly; a bright future awaits you n there’s no doubt in this

Armored Lady Monday (technically tuesday edition)

this drawing killed me

my favorite alolan pokemon wishiwashi! it was an intense competition between pyukumuku, wishiwashi and toucannon but in the end wishiwashi is just too cute and also too cool man, im in love with this pokemon

since wishiwashi’s whole deal is to get super powerful without evolving i decided to go a mech way, thats “technically” armor right? even if it isnt this wouldnt be the wildest stretch ive ver done

anyways, hope you liked my month-ish of pokemon armor gijinka!