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‘Ello people of Tumblr!

Yes, I am opening commissions, for I am broke sometimes, and my sister sorta got in a c ar accident hu h ahh

For the most part I’ll draw anything, except for NSFW stuff, at least not y e t, but I will draw some suggestive stuff if wanted.

Be aware, I can and sometimes is a busy person, and also fairly laz y so it maaaay take a little time till your commission’s done, thanks to school and all that.

Again, as said before, try to avoid detailed characters please! They can be kinda time consuming.

If in the case I have gotten more commissions than expected, (which is pretty darn great, but I doubt that’ll h appen), I’d might have to make slots for people, so be aware of that too!

Reblogs are greatly appreciated, but if it cramps up ya blog’s style, I completely understand, so don’t worry about it too much!

I sincerely hope with all of my being that Pixar doesn’t do that thing where Lightning spends all of his time with Cruz because she’s training him and it makes Sally feel insecure because she’s more in his league than she is - or some other excuse - and they imply that something could happen between Lightning and Cruz.

Don’t do that. Do not do that. Don’t even hint at it, get that away from me and chuck it to the bottom of the ocean.
Sally is a vibrant and confident lady who trusts her bf, Lightning is not a weasel and loves Sally with all of his heart, and Cruz is a decent and respectable young lady who wouldn’t even think of doing something like that.
I’m watching you, Pixar.