citrine wrap


My little anti-nightmare spell bottle all ready to go for tonight. 

With any activity that is designed to calm or soothe me in some way, I like to be organised and get everything ready ahead of time. I made this in the afternoon so that now, tonight, all I have to do is light the candle in the mouth of the bottle and meditate on having happy, pleasant dreams. 


  • a small jar or bottle
  • two small sprigs of rosemary (to prevent nightmares/aid in a peaceful sleep) 
  • salt (for protection) (I used Murray river salt, which is why its pink) 
  • rose leaf/leaves (or petals, if you have them. my rose isn’t currently flowering, so i improvised. roses encourage sweet dreams)
  • sigil(s) designed to evoke peaceful, beautiful dreams  
  • a white candle, preferably unused if you have it
  • a piece of citrine (for happiness! and in this context, for happy dreams
  • a piece of white paper big enough to wrap your citrine in
  • brown string/twine
  • a blue, sea-breeze scented tea light candle (or white/unscented/candle of your choice. something you find soothing!)


Ahead of time: 

  1. Gather your materials. Put enough salt in your bottle to cover the bottom the glass, and add your rosemary sprigs. 
  2. Light your white, unused candle. On the back of your rose leaves, write your sigil(s). You can design them at this point while the candle burns, or design them in advance. 
  3. Roll up the rose leaves and blow out the candle, waving the rose leaves in the smoke to activate the sigils. Place them in the bottle. 
  4. Take your piece of citrine and wrap it in your white paper, fastening it with the brown string. Place in the bottle. (I included this because I was thinking about how I wanted to dream of nice things, and it made me think of the “My Favourite Things” scene in The Sound of Music. The basic idea of this spell is that when there are bad things rattling around your head at night, it will help you think of good things instead!) 
  5. Place your blue tea light on top of the bottle, and put the bottle near your bed, ready for the night. 

When you’re ready for bed:

  1. Light the blue, sea-breeze scented candle and meditate on the flame. Focus your intent on creating calm, sweet dreams. Take deep, slow breaths, in and out. 
  2. If it helps, visualise a beautiful, natural scene, like the ocean, or a forest, or whatever soothes you. 
  3. Blow the candle out and go to sleep. 

And there you have it! I’m so energised after making this baby that I’m glad there’s a few hours between now and bedtime. Here’s hoping for sweet dreams! 😴👍

Terrarium Magic

 I recently made a post about using glass terrariums for cleansing or charging objects. Here’s the masterpost on all the uses of terrariums in magic as requested!

  • cleansing.
    • fill the terrarium with smoke from cleansing incense, palo santo, sage, pine, bay leaf, or sandalwood
    • fill the terrarium with dirt, sand, or salt and bury it
    • sprinkle it with salt
    • dowse it with blessed/purified water (moonwater, rainwater, saltwater, holy water, tap water, etc.)
    • spray it with blessed disinfectant spray
    • blow on it until the glass fogs up after you’ve cleansed yourself
    • surround it with cleansing crystals (selenite, citrine, kyanite)
    • wrap it in a soft material and nestle the bundle into the terrarium
  • charging.
    • fill the terrarium with smoke from incense or herbs of your intent
    • dowse it with charmed water (sunwater, herb-infused water, etc.)
    • spray it with charmed air freshener matched to your intent
    • blow on it with your intent in mind until the glass fogs up
    • surround it with crystals or ingredients matched to your intent
    • place a tarot card of your intent in with the object and cover it
    • whisper a spell into the terrarium
  • spell work.
    •  terrariums can be an aesthetic way to layer ingredients for a “spell bottle” without actually having to seal them in a jar and store. You can layer them with your intents and seal the spell with wax, then you can leave it to charge overnight or in the sun to manifest before discarding it. This method could be used in place of using jars for when you want the spell to emit its power into a room
  • aesthetic.
    • terrariums can be a beautiful way to display collected witchy items such seashells, pebbles, flowers, twigs, pine cones, feathers, beads, yarn, scarves, sand for fire safety, etc.
    • combining shit in a terrarium is cooler than in a bowl if you don’t have a cauldron
    • sometimes you just wanna put shit in a fancy ass bowl and wave a wand and call it witchcraft. do it my friend
    • not. fishbowls. stop it.

Rose Quartz, Light Aventurine, and Citrine Tree of Life necklace up in the shop! Description of the meanings for each gemstone also on my Etsy☺️ Can you tell I wish I was on a beach instead of in all this snow?!❄️🐚❄️


Saying goodbye to one of my first beautiful wraps.

Its been about a year since I’ve made this guy and he’s finally found himself a good home. Although It is no longer in my possession, the departure is funding more creations. 

The farewell was bittersweet.

Wrap done by me, rachel huey, and dichroic boro cab done by amorphous art.

I went to Pagan Pride alone yesterday…

I’m not Pagan but there were supposed to be a lot of vendors so I thought ‘well, hell, why not?’

So I never go places alone, I always feel like people are judging me and I can’t get over my fears and self doubts. Except yesterday I never felt that way and I actually made friends with people I’d have never stopped to talk to had I been with a friend.

After I dropped $300 cash and dipped into savings to pay for more crystals I thought I should probably just take a walk instead of buying more shit I (totally need) don’t have room for.

And it was amazing. I took pictures of the water falls, meditated, almost fell into the river trying to collect fall-water. I can’t even describe how magical and balanced (maybe not physically) I feel, which sounds nerdy but it’s the only way I think I can describe it!

I guess taking time for yourself is good for the soul🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyways here are some pictures (except for a wire-wrapped citrine necklace that I’m too lazy to take off and photograph):

So yesterday I made a small protectioncharm 😁

Hematite beads, wire-wrapped citrine and a rolled op piece of old book page on which I drew sigils and wire-wrapped. And a pentagram charm.
I hung it on the coat rack next to the front door, hidden underneath my kid’s raincoat so that the husband doesn’t get freaked out by my witchiness 😂

Made 4 mini-versions to hang outside the 4 corners of my house as well.

The rest of Lughnasadh I spent intensly cleaning, cleansing, setting up new wards and baking and I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I slept like the dead. I even missed out on the heaviest thunderstorm in 15 years, slept right through it 😂
I was a wreck today as well, I guess I overdid it a bit 😑


~*Citrine Point And Dragons Vein Agate Tan Deer Skin Woven Leather Wrapped Necklace*~

Listed in my Etsy shop ~ Little Luna Creations

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~~*~Crystal Creations of the night~*~~
~Citrine Quartz with suede cord (left)
~Vera Cruz Amethyst with fishtail braided cord (right)
~Citrine strung beads with Handmade Tassel (wrapped around both)

**Balanced with tea candles, Tibetan cymbals, and more crystals**
Handmade by Tori Bird Pope
>>>> @jah-feel <<<<
(PM for custom art & jewelry)