citrine wrap

~~*~Crystal Creations of the night~*~~
~Citrine Quartz with suede cord (left)
~Vera Cruz Amethyst with fishtail braided cord (right)
~Citrine strung beads with Handmade Tassel (wrapped around both)

**Balanced with tea candles, Tibetan cymbals, and more crystals**
Handmade by Tori Bird Pope
>>>> @jah-feel <<<<
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Rose Quartz, Light Aventurine, and Citrine Tree of Life necklace up in the shop! Description of the meanings for each gemstone also on my Etsy☺️ Can you tell I wish I was on a beach instead of in all this snow?!❄️🐚❄️


~*Citrine Point And Dragons Vein Agate Tan Deer Skin Woven Leather Wrapped Necklace*~

Listed in my Etsy shop ~ Little Luna Creations

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Get to Know the God.

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  • Title: Stra’eel the Tranquil. The Healer. Shepard of Young Sparks.
  • Domain: Healing, Purity, and Rebirth.
  • Alignment: Primal God
  • Residence: The Fountains of Atrazels that lay in front of the Forges where his carrier resides. Tends to travel around as well but always returns home.


  • Disposition:  Curious, Optimistic, Calm, Friendly, Cheerful, Honest, Thoughtful, Loyal, Caring
  • Weaponry: A small dagger with a blade made from citrine. Staff that is wrapped in variety of stones with a crystal on the top. Both crafted by his own hands. Carrier of the music box of compassion.
  • Powers: Purification, Revitalization, and Healing to oneself or one to others. While he tends to have abilities to help he always is capable of draining life and/or weakening one.  Phoenix down.
  • Attire: Golden opaque silk attached underneath his pauldrons that draped to the ground. A orange sash wraps around his waist that drapes to his knees that have gold pattern swirls on the front. Golden bio tattoos places on his pauldron and other various areas on his frame.  

Patronage: Practioners of Medicines. Physicians. Monks. Healers. White Mages. Herbalist. Farmers and Fishmen. The sick and though that are struggling through rough times.
Symbolic flora: Peony, Frangipani, Whites roses
Symbolic fauna: Main: Luna Moths. Chickadee for air. Rabbits for ground.
Symbolic satellite: Dwarf Stars
Symbolic gemstone: Citrine
Symbolic consumable: Honey. Sweet Bread. Tea.
Favored offering(s): Mostly tends prefer no offerings but will not deny them if given. Gifts of jewelry or items that crafted with any crystals but most preferred is citrine.
Favored blessing(s): Healthy life for family and/or friends. Safe travels through rough lands. Aid in ones own struggles. Knowledge of medicine. To be reborn with someone within their next life.

QUOTE: “Out of the suffering, emerges the strongest of souls. But even then they need someone to reach to for healing. That is why I am here for guidance.”