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We’ve started it right here (about company)

PT Intisurya Citratama is an established woodwork company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under the brand Citra Parquet, we have been trading internationally since 2003 and specialized in the wholesale distribution and export of hardwood building material to buyers and other industries.

In the year 2010, Citrakayon was established as a continuous concept of our journey and passion to bring you the stunning, exquisite, and long-lasting building materials. Thus, we persist of using only Teak and Merbau, the best exotic tropical hardwoods, for our products. 

Under the name Citrakayon, we have evolved a new management based on its philosophy: Citra, in Sanskrit language means paintings. While Kayon is a word found in traditional Javanese puppet show, Wayang Kulit, represents a tree of creation that grows from earth towards heaven. In Sanskrit language, it originally means tree of life.

During this journey, we have gathered a vast knowledge in our special field – and this is clearly reflected in the quality of every inch of our product. For then as much as now we have never contented ourselves with our achievements. This has made us what we are today and what we are determined to remain: An internationally successful company with a rich tradition and a bright future.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver the cultural richness of Indonesian natural wood materials. We combine the traditional methods with modern day machinery to give our costumer a complete package from design through to completion. An ecologically sustainable, environmentally safe production also has always been of great importance to us.


Engineered Wood Building Component

Real Eco Friendly Technology

We pride ourselves on the state of the art manufacturing advances the Engineered Wood Technology. This production process can significantly reduce the amount of timber used. We also have a production control system that tracks the various stages in the production chain that leads to reduced resource consumption, greater plant availability and, ultimately, significantly reduced the costs.


Inspired by the greatness of engineering wood application for flooring, we are proudly present you this technology to assemble other building component for your home and building.  We differentiate our products to most natural quality wood building component on the market today with our high concern of environment by using this new and optimized technology.


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Many woods are unique, but teak is the best! The legendary properties  

of teak have made it one of world’s best woods. The beautiful honey-brown  

timber comes from Tectona grandis, a kind of native tropical tree.  

It has been cultivated in tropical regions for hundreds of years,

since the establishment of teak plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries.

When teak trees are cut, their sap preserves the wood.


Teak Offers:

·         High Durability: Resistant to climate extremes, insects and fungus.

·         Restorable: As it weather for years, the color of teak will change,

      but you can easily restore your woods to its original golden-brown color.

      Thus, many prefer to let it weather to an attractive silver-gray.


Indonesian Wood Plantation owned and managed by Indonesian Government.

The company, Perum Perhutani maintains the official teak plantations

on the Indonesian island of Java. There are a predetermined number of trees

that can be felled each year. Each tree is replaced with a new one that’s

planted on the plantation. As part of our commitment to protect the environment

and which sustain the need of long term supply, we only use legalized

Timber from Perum Perhutani Plantation.



Merbau is a very hard wood with a truly special beauty. Its grain and growth ring

figure together with its dark red-brown color gives it a very attractive appearance.

Good appearance and typically free of defects. Merbau has smooth, glossy and

coarse-textured surface. This hardwood ranges in color from yellow to orange-brown

when freshly milled, and bronze to dark-red upon exposure to light.

Some pieces may contain yellow deposits in the pores,

which creates an attractive gold fleck when finished.


Merbau offers:

·         high durability and stability

·         hardness rated 49% higher than northern red oak

·         moderate color variation

·         sands, nails and finishes well

·   30 x 30 cm

·   40 x 40 cm

·   60 x 60 cm

·   60 x 120 cm


>>Panel Design

With our revolutionary Panel flooring, it couldn’t be easier to install your own wood floor.

Simply just click together. No fixing with nails, no messy Adhesive to spread.

Fit as a floating floor. This product will save you time and money,

much lighter with comparable strength.
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