I know there’s this discourse™ going on after chapter 136 but where’s the “I’m deeply enjoying the deeply layered conflict and that there’s no "right” or “wrong” sides because the situation is delicate and complicated and there’s a lot at risk so its all a grey area and all parties have a point, but at the same time I’m utterly terrified of the outcome of all of this" corner?? I want to hide there


From the comments:

Everyone, can you hear this?  I am Knuckles the Echidna. The battalion commander of the Resistance Army which is fighting against that Eggman Army!  I won’t say anything complicated.  To be straightforward, we need your power! Please help us! You have seen the tyranny of Eggman Army, right? “An amazing world”?  What a joke! He just wants to have a huge funny toy and play with this world! Soon we will be executing a big plan to kick that egg-bastard’s butt! But for that, we need a lot more power! Age or experience don’t matter! We welcome anyone with fighting spirits and guts! We are waiting for energetic volunteer soldiers! That’s it!

Apparently Eggman is using propaganda to brainwash the citiziens and create an Eggman Army? Again another implication that he’s relying on real people and not just robots, as I suspected when the Tag Team video showed up.

(I’d love if there was a reference to Egg TV or even better Studiopolis)

Also Knuckles hasn’t sounded this badass since 1998 and I’m happy <3

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why the fuck did you do this? Southern Italy already exists, this is dumb

((R R A N T.

I coiuld have brushed this off as anon hate (but I don’t really think it is, idk), but I will use this as an occasion to explain my point of view about Hima’s Romano.

First of all, the name!

Lovino is NOT an actual italian name, it is a butchering of the italian verb ‘Rovino’, ‘I ruin’ or (this idea is a little joke of mine, an italian confused as you about it), the archaic form 'Lo vino’, “The Wine”.
My Southern Italy’s name is Romano, an actual name with its origin on the Roman Empire’s age.
It comes from Romanus “citizien of Rome”, and many Byzantine emperors and rulers had this name, including the modern poltician Romano Prodi. Vargas is ok, since it is a surname that is widely used in all of the peninsula, from Milan to Palermo.
I would like to give him a second name, now I am set on Ferdinando (widely used in the Kingdom of Naples, the Two Sicilies and modern Naples itself), Enea (Aeneas, the mythological hero) or Achille.

Second point: Family.

Hima sets North Italy as his brother and Grandpa Rome as his, well, grandpa, but I am not too sure about it, nor is the Italian-Hetalia Rp fandom (most of us are history nerds, including me).
First of all, the last time Italy was unified properly before the Risorgimento, was before the fall of Western Rome and during the Kingdom of Ostrogoths/Odoacer, so how can they be brothers, if not under the good ol’ Roman Empire? I am a proud classicist, so I support the idea of them being Rome’s sons like pretty much everyone in the italian fandom.
Who is the mother? There are two: Romano is son to Rome and Ancient Greece, making it Greece’s brother, since Southern Italy’s name itself, Magna Graecia (widely used nowadays, too!), comes from the time when Greek colonies were founded along pretty much all of S. Italy’s coasts, but I will talk more about this next time, N. Italy’s mother may probably be Gallia Cisalpina, so they are 50% brothers.
In the end, according to me, Romano’s family is:
Rome (Dad★), N. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, France, the Italian Regions and Greece (a lot of brothers, yeah?).
He is not 100% Feliciano’s brother, but he loves him anyways.

Third point: looking and acting.

Romano’s design is fine, I’d expect him to be pretty more tanned, and his hair should be curlier, but I am not complaining at all.
I think of him as older, pretty much at Spain’s age, tho.
Acting, here comes the real problem.
Romano is shown to be a stressed, whiny kid who depends on Spain and gets angry for ANYTHING, plus the “Potato Bastard” thing, ugh.
By stereotypes and a good 50% of truth, Southern Italians are more similar to Feliciano rather than being close to Romano. We are, and trust me we actually ARE, more welcoming, open minded and generally always happy about life, go lucky people. By stereotypes, we could say Hima is right on us being very flirty with tourists (I have a lot of friends who only date tourists and random foreigners, fml), pretty much hot headed, and lazy (yes, I won’t lie to myself, most of us are very lazy).
Also, the fact about him and his relationships–
They are pretty fucked up. We do joke a lot about Germany, but we like them! The greatest king Southern Italy had was Holy Roman Emperor of a German Dinasty (Frederick II of Swabia, google it) (i am using this to say something Germano related will come very soon ;)) ), and they invade us in summer with their precious tourists, bringing us money, so yes, WE LOVE YOU GERMANY.
Also Chigi in Italian is not an actual word, it is the name of a roman family and one of the italian government’s palaces in Rome but not anything really-

I will talk more about this another time, anyways! Please, PLEASE SUPPORT NON CANON VERSIONS OF CANON CHARACTERS!

nobody will probably will read this, but I had to))

In the part “First I carefully aim from the liver” in ‘Gaston’, in Italian we say something like “I arrive at the back of him and I find him” ( = “Arrivando alle spalle lo scovo”).

Well, someone on YouTube (an italian) commented with the WRONG lyrics.
He said: “Arrivando alle spalle lo SCOPO” ( = I arrive at the back of him and I FUCK him").
In italian LO SCOVO ( = “I find him”, right lyrics) and LO SCOPO ( = “I fuck him”, wrong lyrics) have only one letter different!

We just wanted to say: thank you, random citizien.

Thank you for making that scene even GAYER.


suho’s bunny citiziens zone!! they all have fan project banners i hope suho sees this, idk how far from the stage it is 😭💕🤧

Adem Jashari ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Adem Jashari was one of the founders of the UÇK (Kosova liberation army) an albanian organisation which fought against the serbian forces occupation of kosova during the 90s. 1990 the forming of the albanian troops with albanian citiziens began, who were willing to fight for their country and die for it. And even though they knew that as a minority against the serbian forces they had little chance, they would rather die than hand over their motherland to the serbs. ⠀⠀⠀
Serbian forces always wanted to catch or kill him and his brother Brother Hamza Jashari and they have attacked their house many times - in vain. they always defended their family and the serbian forces withdrew. Then on 05 March 1998, 100 Serbian forces surrounded the house of Jasharis and asked them to give up. but they would rather die in battle than to surrender themselves alive. Hundreds of heavily armed Serbs surrounded a single house in which there were 22 people. With their armor, they surrounded the whole village. The firing of the serbian forces took three days and Adem Jashari sang albanian folksongs to his children to take their fear away.
Today on 07. March 17 years ago (1998 ) the serbian police shoot a heavy explosive projectile on a part of the house and killed 13 family members. Then they shoot the others too, also Adem Jashari who was shoot at his door. Only the little daughter of Hamza did survive in this battle. ⠀⠀⠀
The House of Jasharis and their graves today are Memorials to make us remember, that heroes never die! High goals require big sacrifice, Adem Jashari and his family have fought 10 years intensively against the serbian terror forces. They are symbol of bravery and fortitude. Their Country was more important for them than their own life. ⠀⠀⠀
Rest in Peace Family Jashari. ⠀⠀⠀
Text by me | Painting by unknown

I would just like to say a few words about Creek.

I know, I know, Creek is everywhere and nobody cares about the actual issues with the finale (lazy writing and no Kyle speech, for example) because CREEK STAYED CANON OMG!!11!1!1!1

I can see how this “distraction” may seem annoying to those who would like to focus on something more “relevant”. BUT. There’s a huge “but”.

South Park is the first show to acknowledge the existence of a specific slash pairing and make it canon without making fun of it whatsoever. On Supernatural you have the musical where the nice girl talks about subtext, and you can see how the protagonist is grossed out by it, or, even worse, the occasional joke made by the occasional guest star. On Sherlock you have that little fanclub composed of weirdos who hint at a possible Sherlock/Moriarty crack ship.

But on South Park, oh, guys. On South Park you have the writers saying “we don’t understand it, but we don’t judge it, we don’t even think it’s that weird, look: it’s canon now”. Which other show has done that? 

They used Creek, and slash, not as comic relief, but as a way to truly make people happy (see: the mayor and the town citiziens). And they didn’t tear it apart at the end of the season. There was no mockery. They associated slash with love (which is what us, in the fandom, associate it with), not with weird or cheap laughs. 

I think they took a huge step forward and I think that this whole Creek-freakout is justified. Of course, there were other issues, but please let’s give them this: no other show has done this before and it’s wonderful.

Man. City fans, read this.

Well, as you might know javi garcia is now on your team. Well for you to know him a little bit better let me tell you how was him. Well javi is a great person, he’s always been one of most loved players of Benfica. ALWAYS.
We, fans of Benfica, liked him a lot, because he was a great player and a great person (:
We will always miss him, because he is definitely a “Benfiquista”, a Benfica fan.
For us, this is very hard, i mean so so so hard, i can’t stop thinking that when in the future i will see a Benfica match i won’t see Javi. It’s hard, hard, hard. But it’s best for his career and i have to be happy for him.
I want to wish him a great journey on Manchester City and i hope you like him as much as we liked him.
Thank you if you’re read.


A part of the “Refugees welcome” party which we organizated with our “verden hilft” organization today. / But this Albanian dance was very spontaneous, we just played the albanian music and the albanian refugees and citiziens came together and started dancing! It was an incredible feeling.. A little piece of home for us all ❤️ WIR HABEN DEN MENSCHEN EIN STÜCKCHEN HEIMAT MITTEN IN DEUTSCHLAND GESCHENKT !

Arrival at Swynlake // Open

Upon his arrival in England it appeared similiar to other destinations he already visited in Europe. Quite modest, clean and with much better educational offers than back at home. It was a shame, he’d think, that he wasn’t actually looking to educate himself further. Sure technically it was ‘free’, but he needed money to live of. He didn’t care by which means he would aquire it, but he was slowly warming up to the idea of getting a steady job. Just enough so he could actually live somewhere.

Hitchhiking too did tend to get you places. Maybe not necessarily places you meant to visit. One driver would not speak at all, while the other had a whole bunch of information to share or for sale. The last one that he saw that day had something in particular to mention. It wasn’t actually the first time Flynn heard about Swynlake. Popular locations were just as famous, as infamous ones were - and the citiziens were definitely suspicious of this city. A place, basically, for outcasts. He didn’t remember most of what that guy said, but he did actually stagger when he tried to talk around the fact that ‘the bunnies they pulled out of cylinders’ were actually the real thing. Okay, maybe he could deal with that, because that sounded like a place where nobody would search for him for a while.

Flynn lost no time fetching what little luggage he’d brought from his helpers car who drove off at an instant upon dropping him off. He slowly looked up at the buildings ahead and ventured down what had to be one of the main streets of the place. It was fairly silent until now, which could be excused with twilight just being around the corner. He examined a few establishments as he walked past and was glad to notice at least one of them was hiring right now. Definitely good news, he thought as he took photos of the ads to remember them later. 

He only ventured a little further until he noticed that he was no longer alone. Probably one of the citiziens, or someone different altogether. He turned around to face the stranger and set his suitcase down next to himself. “Well, hello there. Who do you happen to be?”

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Do you know why Russia is so interested in Ukraine? I know why they wanted Crimea but I don't see why they're invading Ukraine other than to flex their muscle. This is the first I've heard of Russia invading Ukraine, I haven't seen anything about it in papers or news over here in the US, best of luck to anyone over there

Vladimir Putin basically wants to be a tsar. He would like very much to rule over russian empire as it was which means Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Etstonia, Poland so eastern and central-eastern europe. Actually he’s doing exactly what Hitler was doing before 1939 which means annexating countries “because they care about german citiziens in Austria” just like Russia acted “on behalf of russian minority” in Crimea.

Of course officialy Russia is not in Ukraine  and apparently pro-russian separatists found guns and tanks in shops. 

You can go here