Because I saw Altean!Lance on @achryathesecond (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you)

This is my idea/headcanon on Altean!Lance

  • Lance is Allura’s brother
  • King Alfor couldn’t put him into the sleeping pod with Allura and Coran when the Galra attack because he was too young?
  • I headcanon that Altean’s age differently than humans so being 1000 in Altean years could be equivalent to being 2~3 in Earth years (this headcanon will definitely fuck me up to calculate shit if I were to write this)
  • So Lance was only 1000~3000 years old whereas Allura was 8000~10000 years old
  • And to calculate the actual time the Blue Lion had been on Earth and how long Allura and Coran (plus the mice) had slept would be only be 20~30-ish Earth years
  • Anyways, when King Alfor sent the Lions to hiding, he wiped everyone’s memory of Lance to make sure no trace was left for Zarkon to find Lance (let’s just say that the Galra didn’t know that Alfor had a son)
  • Taking the idea that Alfor was the one who pilots the Blue Lion (credit to the person who came theorized this idea), he takes Lance with him to Earth and hides him there too
  • He wipes Lance’s memories of all the space shit including the fact that he was an Altean and all that relates and also does something to hide the marks under his eyes and his alien abiilities
  • Places him in an orphanage, I guess? Like I said the age headcanon will fuck shit up
  • Somehow, Lance just ends up being adopted and he spends his life as a ‘human’
  • Then all the canon stuff happens, he get into the Garrison, sneaks out with Pidge and Hunk, saves Shiro and finds the Blue Lion
  • And the reason why Blue reacted to him was not only because she (yes, I say Blue is a girl)  knows that Lance is capable to handle her but also the fondness to Lance since he’s the former Blue Paladin’s son. Alfor always brings his children on rides in Blue before the Galra attack
  • Of course Blue doesn’t forget Lance but she understands that Alfor’s wish was not to reveal the truth so she keeps quiet
  • So they go into space, flies to the castle, Allura and Coran wakes up, the Galra goes after the Lions
  • AND THEN all is revealed. This is where it diverges from canon plot
  • When he was the healing pod, the scans shows that he was Altean
  • Of course Allura and Coran finds out first because the scans are in Altean. They freaking confused to why the heck didn’t Lance say anything
  • They kept it a secret and waits for Lance to get out of the pod before saying anything
  • When Lance eventually comes out, they bombard him with questions (this is when the others find out he was an alien) and Lance is hella confused too
  • All of them try to figure things out searching the castle for answers  because the castle had all the information of it’s citizens
  • Ever since Lance found out that he was an Altean he really super focused on getting answers because he feels like he missed a huge chunk of his life due to the absence of memories of who he was before he woke up in the orphanage back on Earth
  • He ends up seeking comfort from Blue. What could be better than talking to a huge lion robot, right?
  • Blue feels a bit guilty and somehow feels like it was the right time to tell Lance
  • Turns out, Alfor had store his memories in Blue just in case one day Lance was to find Blue
  • So Lance goes down memory lane as Blue returns his memories along with a message from his father, part of it telling him where Allura’s and Coran’s memories are stored
  • Once Lance is finally out of the memory thing, the effects of whatever was hiding the marks under his eyes and his abilities vanishes. He’s also crying because he finally feels like he got his life back. And just imagine when Lance realises that he flirted with his own sister
  • He starts searching for the compartment in Blue where it held Allura’s and Coran’s memories. When he finds them, not only does he finds the capsules (yes. their memories are in capsules) but also a bunch of pictures. Ones with his Altean family. He cries harder at the sight of them
  • Lance grabs the capsules with a few pictures and starts running to find Allura and Coran
  •  They’re all shocked to see Lance and he burst in the lounge or where ever they were because he looks more like an Altean
  • They don’t get a chance to ask him as Lance starts explaining in rapid fire with no pause in between. Once he’s done though, they’re stunned with the new information
  • With the capsules, they head down to the cyropod where they extract the memories thing. If memories can be extracted then memories can be put back
  • Thus, mushy family reunion happens once they get their memories back

This is as far as I thought. I didn’t think it would be this long. Shit.

Might have some klance/shance/shklance stuff going on in between. I don’t know if I’ll write this. If anyone wants to write this go ahead but link me if you do.