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Clara Lee Tanner (1905-1997) was an American archaeologist and ethnologist who specialized in Native American arts and crafts. In 1927, she graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in archaeology and in 1928 she received one of the first three master’s degrees in archaeology granted from the UA.

Tanner specialized particularly in Southwestern Native American pottery and basketry, and authored an extensive list of articles and books ranging from newspaper articles to college textbooks in addition to being a regular contributor to Arizona Highways Magazine. She also served as editor to Kiva, the journal of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society.

Above everything, Tanner enjoyed educated the public on Native American art. She was a highly sought out public speaker, whose audience ranged from first graders to senior citizens to Hollywood celebrities. She felt that she had a sense of responsibility to the public and the community to introduce the entire world to the beauty, skill and creativity of Native American artists and artisans. This mindset was rare for academics of her time, who felt that the one should only publish for their peers. She also aided many Native American artists by renting them space and holding special exhibits of their work. 


The Citizens of Hollywood! 99 somethings walk into a bar

One of my all time favorite things to do is to sit and watch them be funny. Live improv, especially Studios style is so much fun!

so this guide is going to be a very very basic overview of what it’s like to WORK AT DISNEY WORLD (pt. 1)! i have a somewhat in depth knowledge of the process and what it’s actually like to be working there because i worked there doing the college program for 5 months. this will be a v v basic overview though and maybe if i feel like it, i’ll do a college program version as well, but here it is!! please like or reblog if you found this helpful!!

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Actress Fredi Wahington on her decision to not pass for white in Hollywood

You see I’m a mighty proud gal and I can’t for the life of me, find any valid reason why anyone should lie about their origin or anything else for that matter. Frankly, I do not ascribe to the stupid theory of white supremacy and to try to hide the fact that I am a Negro for economic or any other reasons, if I do I would be agreeing to be a Negro makes me inferior and that I have swallowed whole hog all of the propaganda dished out by our fascist-minded white citizens.

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Doing my favorite thing in all of Walt Disney World, watching the Citizens of Hollywood. I’m not sure why I love them as much as I do, but I do know that they remind me a lot of something Walt would create. Not so much as there are similar to the Citizens of Main Street, but the characters and their personalities just scream WALT to me. That they belong so well in that park, and that they do what Walt loved to export the most: laughter. :)