citizens band radio

Prompted; Helpful jutsu

karnekki answered esamastation:
I0d ask for a Hobbit fic, but I don’t think you did that fandom before. So maybe a Naruto learn a reaaaly helpful jutsu?

“Okay,” Kakashi said while slamming a book down to the table between Sasuke and Naruto while across them Sakura jumped with surprise. “Here’s a thing we’re going to learn.”

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Rules concerning the use of citizens band radios in Europe.

Map legend:

  • Green - there is no need a license for CB radio with FM modulation (european system).
  • Orange - there is no need a license for CB radio with AM modulation (polish system).
  • Red - CB radios are banned or license required. CB radios are banned in Romania and Northern Ireland, in Austria are ban for CB radio with AM modulatory and multistandard radios using other than FM modulatory. Permits are required in Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Ireland, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia and Spain.
  • Gray - no data about CB radio law