Sunny Disposition in Bloomsbury Square in the Winter

While you read this please play this video of Chet Baker’s- I get along without you very well.

  Today, I watched the day go by under the warmth of the sun with the cold wind chills of London blowing away the piercing burn. It’s been days since I’ve seen such wonderful weather with the two extremes, the heat and the cold, working together to make an effortlessly pleasant day.

  To make the most of the free Vitamin D I perched myself upon a park bench in the heart of Bloomsbury Square and watched as the sun went down, happily reading a book, and slowly sipping my Earl Grey tea while listening to my old friend Chet Baker. For hours I sat there, not knowing why but just being compelled to do so. With a smile I looked at my surroundings and immersed myself, loosing myself to the sky, the trees, the houses, and the people.

  The pigeons were fed and life was bustling while students sat on the grass along with the many suits enjoying this rare occasion eating their sandwiches. The red double deckers came and went and the black taxis went to and fro but life in this square was still as the sun illuminated the green of the grass and the nests that were up high in the trees.

  Now from the window of my hostel I watch the dusty twilight sky after only just experiencing the sun falling behind the Victorian Terrace houses. The wind still blowing gently preparing for the colder night ahead.

  My second last day and I seem to already miss this often gloomy and dreary place. With that said however, London has grown deep within my heart, as a home away from home.

Citizen Jay and Home So Far

   After two months of travelling around Europe it seems so far fetched that I am currently at home on my mac proceeding to write this blog about ‘home’. For the past two months the prospect of 'home’ was inconceivable with much of my time spent drifting from place to place. Almost always I’d drift through uncharted territory where familiar faces were limited to the hostel reception staff and the food was all unknown (partly due to language barriers). Now that I am in my family home, back here in Sydney, things now feel different. As a friend once told me in Amsterdam “I do not feel the room”. After 48 hours to re-cooperate, and get my mind to realise that I had been to Europe and back for two months, it seems that my desire to leave Sydney has once again returned it seems too familiar, too comfortable, and mostly too quiet.

  Despite this I am genuinely happy to be back within the comforts of home as I returned home I basked in the glory of having my own personal toilet where I can perform a gentle toilet symphony, only using natural wind instruments; my personal bedroom with a double bed where the lights can be on at anytime, a place to store my clothing rather than just simply living out of a bag; and my most cherished of all possessions, the washer and dryer, simple to navigate and it means I will not have to always read the instructions on the washer and dryer. Apart from my mother being excited about her youngest son coming home my two little dogs went crazy at the sight of me as they jumped and spun in circles faster than they usually do. I guess it is nice to be missed although we all know this newly arrived feeling will soon diminish and all that will be left is the stillness of normality, which is fine. 

  The main issue at present revolves around money with work not giving me shifts and public transport proving to be more expensive every year. I guess this is where the problem really stems to money. 

  I think it’s time for another holiday !!

Catch ya,
Citizen Jay