I interviewed for a position teaching senior citizens social media and doing marketing for the program. It was like someone created this job just for me: 

1. I have taught senior citizens before through Elderhostel so check there.

2. I have been doing social media consulting for a huge company for the past six months, where I literally teach people how to use social media and create viral content. I also have been doing it off and on for a decade as contract work. 

3. I have two fucking degrees in Communication and have marketing experience up the ass.

I didn’t get the job. HOW? Can someone PLEASE fucking tell me how I didn’t get a job that I was clearly overqualified for? I just do not get it. You cannot tell me that in this town of 25K there was someone else out there who had more experience than I do or was more personable than I was. I REFUSE to believe it. 

Rant Alert!

Im so angry!

I’ve just spent nearly an hour trying to show my cousins how fucked up it is that Saudi men can do what they like, with little to no backlash from fellow citizens or the media, whereas Saudi women are treated like minors.

Hassan Jameel is out here dating Rihanna and having pics of them getting intimate in a pool in Spain. Where are the religious comments? Where are the fellow Saudi men who seem to be able to tell women to cover up and be/act modest and police their every move, but have nothing to say when its just another Saudi guy doing the whatever the fuck he wants!

I am SICK AND TIRED of fellow Saudi men thinking they can do whatever they feel like, but suddenly become the religious police when a Saudi woman dares to go against religion, culture or society. The level of hypocrisy is beyond words.


Work Smart Show daily blog.

No doubt when you saw the word ‘networking’ you also had a lot of connotations that went along with it. It has become synonymous with people meeting people above them in some way with the aim of improving their situation or getting something for themselves. Now please take this as a personal opinion from an introvert but this is always the view I have had of ‘networking’ and was only strengthened by my forray into MLM many years ago. But at the same time those who do network effectively can undeniably greatly increase their position and influence.

So then where does this leave us, either networking or not? I would like to propose a middle ground that I have recently discovered. When we started the Work Smart Show brand; podcast, radio show, site and blog, I started getting to know people on Twitter. This was to see what other people in our industry and niches were doing, what we could imitate, update or improve on. Whenever I found a blog, podcast, site or tool that I thought was valuable I would share this with my own followers. Every time I did this I found that the creators, artists or authors would like my comment or message me with thanks. Over time several of these relationships have grown closer, with the creators offering advice and help with a variety of things. Now these are people that I never would have walked up to in a meeting or conference but have ended up accidentally ‘networking’ with.

I propose that we act as good ‘social media citizens’ and let the relationships and networking fall out of this. This offers many advantages such as actually knowing the person you are talking with, a mutual trust and showing that you are humble and honest enough to promote their work and not just yourself.

I challenge you to try and approach people in this way, offer them honest support and encouragement, when and only if they deserve it. Honesty and humility need to form the basis of any interaction with others and the need for this is intensified in the social media world.


The last roundup of Beta Stage Character Designs for ‘By Order of the Leader’ by Zeroth Entertainment.  Next round of designs will be the finals meaning they will be incorporated into the game itself. So exciting!

Not gonna bother with lengthy character descriptions at this point, but we have:
- The Lower Class: The strong, smelly backbone of your beloved country.
- The Upper Class: Sickeningly Opulent Citizens.
- The Media: Beloved whistleblowers who are fed up with their jobs.
- The Military: Trained Socio/Psycopathic Patriots with a ton of funding.
- Yakyakian Ambassador: Leader of the Yakyakian people, very serious.
- The Yakyakians: The sworn enemies of your country. Very friendly vikings.
- Bob: The sole member of your country’s middle class.
- The Puppet Leader: A puppet of your boss has gained sentience and now leads a splinter cell to overthrow the government.

ramseymac  asked:

What's wrong with society's perception of science?

quite a lot, unfortunately

the societal perception of science is complicated, but to the primary issues are that it’s seen as 1) inaccessible, 2) untrustworthy, and 3) dangerous

i place them in that order because they feed into each other (inaccessibility breeds mistrust which breeds speculation on danger) but to briefly touch on each as a separate entity, let’s start with inaccessibility. 

the general perception of science is that it is something difficult, almost untouchable – something only certain people can participate in. and i won’t deny that there are barriers to getting involved in STEM fields (the gender inequality rampant in them comes to mind, as does the general inaccessibilty of research), but that is obviously something that should be remedied. in any case, science is built up as something only accessible to prodigies – a problem visible in places like the entertainment industry, where the “genius” trope pervades in portrayals of science, and mirrored by the rest of society. which is a major issue, since science should be something everyone can have an understanding of and participate in, be it through proper science reporting and media, citizen science programs and volunteer opportunities, or simply good communication to break down the walls between scientists and the public

it makes sense that this problem would fuel mistrust, because we have a natural tendency to be suspicious of what we don’t understand. because science is locked up behind walls, people start to question it. look at any highly contested area of scientific reseach (GMOs, climate change, vaccines, etc.) and you’ll see a huge gap between the public opinion and what scientists are actually saying. society viewing science as untrustworthy leads to the doubting of information directly from the people investigating it which, again, is a major problem

and then, of course, there’s the fact that this mistrust at its core comes from a fear that science is actually overall dangerous. that’s the “why” in why people don’t trust scientists. there’s a field of thought (which i subscribe to) that suggests the continuous portrayal of scientists as out-of-control and compromising their morals (look at where we get the term “faustian bargain”) in the public eye as contributing to this. as fun as fictional “mad scientists” can be, the extremely negative connotations the victor frankensteins among them contribute are very possibly dangerous towards societal perceptions of whether science can be trusted or not. and of course, science is not a morally flawless field and never has been – but when people begin to doubt the trustworthiness of genuinely helpful advances and imperative issues, despite the progress science has proven it can bring, something has gone wrong

needless to say, there’s fault to go around. scientists are definitely responsible for some of this image, the media for a significant portion as well, and the lack of research (which of course can be partially attributed to poor accessibility and reporting, tying back to the last two) done by the public another part. essentially everyone has a role in cultivating this poor image of science. i tend to fixate on the scientists’ role as a scientist (…in progress) myself, and am very passionate about trying to break down some of the walls discussed. but i hope i’ve answered your question sufficiently, and maybe even brought attention to one of the issues i’m most passionate about

Tuning Out Blackness
Race and Nation in the History of Puerto Rican Television

Tuning Out Blackness fills a glaring omission in U.S. and Latin American television studies by looking at the history of Puerto Rican television. In exploring the political and cultural dynamics that have shaped racial representations in Puerto Rico’s commercial media from the late 1940s to the 1990s, Yeidy M. Rivero advances critical discussions about race, ethnicity, and the media. She shows that televisual representations of race have belied the racial egalitarianism that allegedly pervades Puerto Rico’s national culture. White performers in blackface have often portrayed “blackness” in local television productions, while black actors have been largely excluded.

Drawing on interviews, participant observation, archival research, and textual analysis, Rivero considers representations of race in Puerto Rico, taking into account how they are intertwined with the island’s status as a U.S. commonwealth, its national culture, its relationship with Cuba before the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and the massive influx of Cuban migrants after 1960. She focuses on locally produced radio and television shows, particular television events, and characters that became popular media icons—from the performer Ramón Rivero’s use of blackface and “black” voice in the 1940s and 1950s, to the battle between black actors and television industry officials over racism in the 1970s, to the creation, in the 1990s, of the first Puerto Rican situation comedy featuring a black family. As the twentieth century drew to a close, multinational corporations had purchased all Puerto Rican stations and threatened to wipe out locally produced programs. Tuning Out Blackness brings to the forefront the marginalization of nonwhite citizens in Puerto Rico’s media culture and raises important questions about the significance of local sites of television production.


I’m a student of Republic of Korea, which is well known as the South Korea.

I’m feeling really sorry to know the pitiful, terrible terror issue in Paris.

But I’m here to beg you to know the truth that the democracy in South Korea is about to be destroyed. In South Korea’s Gwanghwa-moon, there were citizens who were having a peaceful protest craving for their reasonable and deserved rights, but the government ordered the police to suppress it with force. The police is  blasting the demonstrators with water cannons with tear gas and capsaicin, and lots of protesters and innocent citizens passing by got fatal injuries. However the president is in overseas in name of international conference.  South Korean president, the daughter of the dictator, is now suppressing South Korean citizens. The press and medias are on government’s side and they are announcing completely nothing about this protest and the repression using force. I’ll make it clear once more;  SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENT IS NOW SUPPRESSING SOUTH KOREAN CITIZENS. I want to keep Korea as a democratic country, all the more so because I love my country a lot. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for reblogging. Please help us to keep Korea’s democracy. PLEASE pray for Korea.

Thank you.

리블로그 부탁드립니다

저는 대한민국의 학생입니다.

오늘 일어난 파리 테러 사건은 정말 안타깝고 끔찍한 사건이었고, 저도 정말 마음이 아픕니다.

그러나 저는 여러분께 지금 한국의 민주주의가 파괴될 상황에 처해있다는것을 알려드리고자 합니다. 대한민국의 광화문에서는 자신들의 정당한 권리를 추구하는 시민들의 평화로운 시위가 일어나고 있었으나, 정부는 이를 무력으로 탄압했습니다. 정부의 지시를 받은 경찰들은 무고한 시민들에게 최루액과 캡사이신이 섞인 물대포를 쐈고, 이로 인해 많은 사람들이 치명적인 부상을 입었습니다. 하지만 대통령은 현재 회의를 명목으로 해외에 나가있는 상황입니다. 대한민국 대통령이 대한민국 국민을 탄압하고 있습니다. 정부의 편인 언론은 이 시위와 무력진압에 대해 일절 보도하고 있지 않고 있습니다. 다시한번 말합니다. 대한민국 대통령이 대한민국 국민을 탄압하고 있습니다. 저는 대한민국을 사랑하고, 그렇기 때문에 더욱 지켜내고 싶습니다. 대한민국의 민주주의를 지킬 수 있도록 도와주세요. 대한민국을 위해 기도해주세요.


The copyright of the image is owned by @PIA_1014 on twitter.


Not all Muslims are comfortable with the fact they are somehow expected or pressured to apologize for crimes they have no hands in or on behalf of groups that commit atrocities in the name of their religion.

Should Muslims Apologize for ISIS’ Atrocities?

Fight For America

I’ll be on the streets taking part in Anti-Trump protests this weekend and I signed the petition on challenging the electoral college (tho I don’t see much value on online petitions post-elections, coz ma babies ppl should have voted instead, but I understand taking whatever shot you got no matter how little), I’m more of a realist and pragmatic in my politics and activism. 

In short, I just don’t want to be loud, I want to get things done.

While we suffered devastating blow, we are not as powerless as we think. There’s much we can do NOW, not simply wait around and try to survive the next four years. In that process of survival, we can either be divided and let it be survival of the fittest, or move forward as one and be stronger together.

Trump will be in the White House for the next four years. While we can reject him as our legitimate president, we have to face the fact that he’ll most likely be in the Oval Office for the next four years, making decisions that will harm us and the rest of the world. But we are going to be his check and balance.

Here are stuff we can do from now until November 2020, and for most of them, they require little effort or time from us:


- protect the Filibuster. Right now, Democrats in the Congress only has the Filibuster in their arsenal, and GOP now wants to eliminate it and they can. Write letters and emails to your representatives, tweet or facebook them, and let them know you want the Filibuster to remain. Even and especially if your representative or senator is a Republican. They said they will serve as check and balance on the President no matter who it is, hold them to that. If Donald Trump wants something crazy passed through legislation, Democrats should have the ability to Filibuster it. If GOP can’t publicly oppose Trump, they need to let Dems have the means to do it. 

- Organize. Help the DNC (or a decent third party, if you’re so inclined) build their infrastructure and ground game. Canvass. Phone Bank. Register voters. Support local campaigns. We need democrats, liberals and progressives in our local and state governments, not just in Washington. And the work starts now, not during election years. Don’t bitch about the DNC a couple months before the elections, you’re too late. 

- Contact elected officials. Get to know your current councilors, mayors, state legislators, representatives, governors, AGs, etc. Let them know where you stand on issues, no matter their political affiliation. They serve you too.

-Subscribe to your local newspapers/ Watch local news. They are the ones who keep tabs on what your local government is doing and keep the citizens informed. National media depend on them to find out what’s going on in the country. Keep them in business. Write letters to the editor. Let them help you amplify your voice.

-Volunteer. Find the organizations that work on causes you are passionate about and take time to volunteer or give money. Subscribe to their newsletters. Follow their social media. Keep informed on what’s going on without the national media spin. 

- Pit Trump and GOP Congress against each other. This is where we get dirty, but we know Trump don’t have a good relationship with GOP Leadership. He’ll make Mike Pence work with them instead. So let’s then divide and conquer. We know Trump loves polls, and for better or worse, his loyalty is not to the GOP, it’s to his constituents. But polling will not be just from his supporters, it will be from Americans whatever their political leaning. What is consistent with Trump is he pay attention to the polls more than the GOP leadership. I’m not saying now we lay in bed with Trump, but by making GOP our common enemy, we might be able to trick him into allying with us. It’s not a far fetched idea, since his position is all over the place. 

At the very least, we can keep Trump occupied with designing and figuring out how to build his wall, and prevent him from focusing on anything else. 


We got work to do.

Senate midterm elections. 34 seats are up fro grabs. 26 are Democrats. 8 are Republicans. 

House mindterm elections. 435 seats are up for grabs.

Gubernatorial elections. 36 states will elect or re-elect governors. Even if you’re in a blue state, don’t sit this one out. MD is a blue state and we were surprised when we ended up with a Republican governor. Low voter turn out.

If we take back the congress and got more Democrat governors elected, GOP and Trump power will even be more limited. Arugably, Governors will have more effect on their citizens more than the federal government will. 


ONLY Democrats will have primary elections. Though let’s not be surprised if GOP holds one too, depending on how Trump’s first two years bodes for them.

Join campaigns of your candidates as early as you can, or if you don’t know who to support yet, at least take part in GOTV efforts, learn where they truly stand on issues, keep the campaigns positive. Donate. If we don’t want them depending on big money, then we have to donate ourselves, even if it’s just a dollar a month. 


No matter who wins the primary elections, let’s support the candidate. Let’s have one hell of a Convention once more without the drama. Let’s learn from the mistakes we made and do better. Most of all, whatever happens in Trump’s first term, let’s keep amplifying minority voices and our issues. We can’t make our national elections be just about White people and their anxiety. 

We are America, too. 

Many of these are quiet hard work. There will be days when it seems pointless or you’re only affecting three blocks within your neighborhood. We will have setbacks. We will get knock down. The Fight For America won’t always be the hot topic of the day. You’ll be doing work while the rest of the country seem to have forgotten, become apathetic, checked out, and now focused on other things.

But anytime we get knocked down, we get back up. And remember:

“Never Stop Believing That Fighting For What’s Right Is Worth It”

[Fic][Request] Save My Heart

Thank you for the prompt! This was the first thing I thought of… I hope this turned out okay for you.

Title: Save My Heart
Genre: Superhero AU, a bit of angst
Word Count: 2321
Warning: A couple instances of swearing.
Summary: Jungkook is a jaded superhero, and all his sidekick Jimin wanted to do was make things easier for him.

[ AO3 link ]

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What everyone should know about filming (and sharing) injustice on social media

Armed with mobile devices and social media, citizen journalists around the world have become essential agents of democracy, bearing witness to criminal behavior and abuses of power that might otherwise remain obscured and unseen. That genie’s not going back in the bottle. But the next time you happen upon an unfolding scene of injustice — particularly when police are involved — there are some things you need to know before you hit record.

In collaboration with @pivottv

Peaceful protesters didn't want anything like this. People who wanted to shut them down did.

There are people who have been waiting for this. Not necessarily the death of cops, but that one event that allows them to paint all protesters as anti-police, anti-american.

That one terrible event that allows them to make it more than it is, and take shots at their political opponents.

There is a national frustration that there are two standards: Whether it’s a “Black v. White” standard or a “Conservative v. Liberal” standard… 

…if connections can be made to tarnish the underdog, the powerless, or the left… that happens immediately, loudly, by players of the highest level.

And if connections can be made to tarnish the establishment, the entitled or the right well… that’s blown off as conspiracy theory.

Cliven Bundy should be in jail. Had the world gone crazy on him when two people on his ranch peeled off and killed two cops… had there been a national conversation and reaction to domestic terrorism or sovereign citizens and media fueling this kind of hatred by elevating them to “patriot” or “hero,”… I’d be writing differently about this moment.

But no, those same types lined the rooftops in Ferguson, this time not to protect protesters but to protect business. They went from training guns on feds to training guns on protesters. People just decided to point their guns at other people. And again, there were those that made them heroes. But mostly, silence.

So here we have a disturbed individual who shot his girlfriend and then killed two cops. But suddenly, he’s the face of a people who want there to be accountability when police murder unarmed men? Or roll up in their car and shoot a kid in 1.5 seconds (and then lie in the report?) And this is allowed to go unchecked, unmocked, unexamined and without response?

Forget it.

To everyone who posts something idiotic like “Well, you got what you wanted,” get bent. I don’t want this. I don’t want any of this. And you’re one more person attempting to use these dead police officers to tamp down a very legitimate complaint from those who feel there is a double standard that ends in death. 

You’re no better than the person who picks up a corpse in Mogadishu and parades it in the streets.

And we both know what happens next. Cops - understandably upset - will overreact to a protest. Not in New York because I think that’s a professional police department that knows how to deal with protests… even when they are upset or grieving.

But in Ferguson? They’re going to walk into the next major protest with every weapon they have.

And you - persons suddenly upset about the death of THESE specific cops - will be cheering for it.

It’s gross.

It’s obvious.

And I reject it.

I have a headcanon that BLI really uses the fab 4 to represent the “greatness” of themselves after they capture them. Everyone thinks the 4 will be severely punished (on another note, I’m still unsure how BLI would be about capital punishment…) but instead, the Director, Korse, and other top officials basically lock themselves in a conference room for a few days and discuss the best course of action. They end up deciding to “rehabilitate” the ones who could be, and then have them perform very public and prestegious, but very low risk, jobs in order to demonstrate to the citizens that BLI is so fantastic that not only can they eradicate terrorists; they can make them good. And who better to assure the citizens that BLI is their saviour than a reformed rebel?

So basically they assess the intake interviews and interrogations that were performed when the 4 were brought to the city, and come up with a plan: 

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This is the most essential thing: You cannot be a news program and be afraid to cover the news and to stand up to bad people and bullies because of concerns over money. You cannot be afraid to criticize the White House or Wall Street because you want to get invited to the Correspondents’ Dinner.

The news must be entirely independent from business and politics, otherwise we’re left with the empty carcass of our establishment media in which “journalists” kiss up to the wealthy and powerful to remain in their Rolodexes, so the can keep the wealthy and powerful as anonymous sources the next time the wealthy and powerful want more tax breaks or to lead us into another pointless war.
—  Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny’s book #NEWSFAIL is out today!