i was tagged by tinicacti :^)
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name - taylee
nickname(s) - tails, tea, t, tay, tay tay, yungtaylz, mom/dad
birthday - dec 26
starsign - capricorn
gender - genderfluid/trans masculine
height - 5′1
sexual orientation - panromantic/polysexual
fav color - rly feelin periwinkle rn lmao
time right now - 9:06 am
average hours of sleep - 8ish
lucky number - don’t think I have one!
last thing i googled - flvs (site to do my online school)
words that come to mind - warm, worm..
happy place - don’t think i have one sadly
celeb crush - SO MANY,,ruby rose, jack kilmer, etc etc
fav book - unwind series or his dark materials series
fav bands - basement, citizen, modern baseball, the front bottoms, etc
last movie i saw - kingsman
dream trip - iceland or turkey maybe but i also really wanna go to yosemite or back to the grand canyon
dream job - anything with art/interior design
what i am wearing - blue mandarin collar sleeveless shirt, black knit cardigan, black skinny jeans, blue popsicle socks, black shoes, and dog earrings
tagging - whoever the hecky wants to do this,,if u say i tagged u i’ll read it :o

Citizen - Sleep