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Unlucky Circumstance

It’s certainly a case of Murphy’s Law. It’s certainly and expectedly his bad luck that had caused this.

Or rather he’d blame this entirely on that if Ladybug was anywhere in sight. Beyond all the chaos of screaming teenagers and a city reduced to canoodling, love struck citizens, there’s no sight of red and black.

There’d hardly been enough time to transform before the akuma, aptly named Lovestruck, had broken through the school’s decidedly poor security system. Chat Noir was left with little recourse but to fend him off and corral as many of his unaffected classmates as he could into a safe space.

He leaves Kim behind. It’s too late for the boy. He’s already sobbing into his hands and crying about his one sided love for Alix.

(She’s torn between amusement and something bordering on embarrassment as she runs out the door.)

“Hey, Lovestruck! Your type of love isn’t real! We don’t want it!” Someone shouts behind the screaming/swooning mass of students.

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I have a headcanon that BLI really uses the fab 4 to represent the “greatness” of themselves after they capture them. Everyone thinks the 4 will be severely punished (on another note, I’m still unsure how BLI would be about capital punishment…) but instead, the Director, Korse, and other top officials basically lock themselves in a conference room for a few days and discuss the best course of action. They end up deciding to “rehabilitate” the ones who could be, and then have them perform very public and prestegious, but very low risk, jobs in order to demonstrate to the citizens that BLI is so fantastic that not only can they eradicate terrorists; they can make them good. And who better to assure the citizens that BLI is their saviour than a reformed rebel?

So basically they assess the intake interviews and interrogations that were performed when the 4 were brought to the city, and come up with a plan: 

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Skeleton Puppies

Fan fiction time, yeaaaa. I had this idea for a one shot after splurging across @babyblasters‘s blog. 

Fandom: Undertale, babyblaster AU from @spacegate

Additional warnings: Mild mentions/implications of child abuse and abandonment. 

Summery: Snowdin is a small and quiet town, the last bit of civilization before the Ruins. Any and all rumors pass through Grillby’s, so he’s heard everything. So when the rumor of strange puppies running in the forest starts to spread, Grillby finds himself front row for all the sudden strangeness.

Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five Epilogue Ao3 Mirror

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