citizen reporters

Sirens wail in the distance, the smoke barely settling from the gun fight, some “concerned” citizen no doubt reporting the unmistakable sound of gunshots, probably hoping to get a shout out on Weazel News. It wouldn’t surprise anyone in the slightest. Not when it comes to Los Santos.

The job hadn’t gone according to plan exactly, no one taking into account the ambush that had been waiting for them, but Geoff’s pretty sure his team’s still in one piece. He won’t know for sure, not until they meet up at the rendezvous point, but he has enough time to see Ray drag Ryan to his feet and Michael usher Gavin towards an alleyway before diving into Jack’s car, the door barely closed before her foot stomps on the gas, tires squealing as she rockets onto the street.

“You’re bleeding,” Jack points out, taking a sharp left, Geoff grabbing the door handle instinctively, gripping it for dear life.

“Am I?” Geoff is suddenly aware of the stinging pain coming from his arm. He glances over, noting the scarlet dribbling from his suit jacket, groaning softly. “I liked this suit.”

Jack snorts, shaking her head, and starts to slow down, most likely deeming it safe enough to go a decent speed. She clutches the steering wheel a little tighter than necessary, her knuckles turning a stark white, chancing a glance at Geoff, and says, “Ryan got hit.”

“A shoulder wound,” Geoff replies with a flippant hand wave. “Ray’ll make sure he gets to Burnie’s; he’ll be fine.” She gives him a dubious stare and he sighs. “Alright, I’ll call the others, tell them to meet at Burnie’s, if it’ll make you happy.”

“Thank you,” Jack states relaxing her grip on the steering wheel a little.

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbles digging his phone from his pocket. If he’s being honest, Geoff is worried too, but he knows how Ryan gets if anyone frets over him. He could be missing a limb and insist that he’s fine. That man is going to be the death of Geoff one of these days.


Ray hovers in the doorway of Burnie’s back room, watching him work. He ignores Ryan’s insistence that he’s fine, pressing gauze to the freely bleeding wound, shaking his head. This isn’t the first time Burnie Burns has had to help them and Ray knows this won’t be the last.

“Should charge you assholes extra,” Burnie complains beckoning Ray over to him. Burying his hands in his hoodie pocket, Ray crosses the room, stopping next to Burnie. Gesturing to the gauze in his hand, Burnie says, “Hold that for a second. I need to make sure the bullet actually went through.”

Ray’s hands replace Burnie’s, the gauze already turning a brilliant scarlet, and he starts poking at the exit wound on Ryan’s back. “Alright, you got lucky. It’s a clean shot, might leave a scar but you should be able to use the arm again if you take it easy.”

“Easy,” Ray murmurs with a snort, knowing ‘taking it easy’ and Ryan have never been used in the same sentence without the words 'will not be’ added to the mix. He’s constantly moving, constantly on the go, constantly doing something that it’s any wonder the guy actually sleeps.

“Yes,” Burnie deadpans pulling a suture set from his first aid kit, “easy.”

Burnie sets to work sewing up the bullet wound, all the while Ryan sits stoically, not making a sound, but Ray can see the pain in his eyes. The Vagabond may be good at hiding his emotions from his face, but he can never quite keep them out of his eyes. It’s something Ray doesn’t think Ryan knows about, or if he did he doesn’t bring attention to it. This could be why he chooses to hide himself behind those masks most of the time.

When Burnie’s finished, he yanks his gloves off, tossing them into a corner, stalking out of the room a moment later. When he’s gone, Ray fixes Ryan with a pensive look, chewing on his bottom lip, but doesn’t say anything.

“Problem?” Ryan turns his attention to Ray, quirking an eyebrow, his red and black face paint running down his face, smearing in some places.

“You could have let me take the bullet,” Ray states slowly, still watching Ryan.

“But I didn’t.”

“No,” Ray says after a brief pause, looking away from Ryan with a barely audible huff, “you didn’t.”

Burnie returns a moment later, a sudden yelp echoing through the room when he shoves a needle in Ryan’s arm. “That should stave off the pain for the night,” he says triumphantly, slamming a bottle of painkillers on the table. “Tell Geoff it’s the same fee as usual.”

“No need,” Geoff says from the doorway, the rest of the crew hovering behind him. He has his arms crossed, an amused look in his eyes. “Still got the bedside manner of a saint, I see.”

“Fuck off,” Burnie retorts with no heat behind his words. He closes his kit, drags it off the table, and starts towards the door, calling over his shoulder, “You can get the hell out whenever.”

“Alright, alright,” Geoff says turning to shove his crew towards the exit. “We still on for poker next week?” Burnie grunts in reply, disappearing behind another doorway. “Great.” He glances over his shoulder, eyes settling on Ray, and says, “Hurry up so we can get him home before the drugs kick in.”

“The drugs won’t affect me,” Ryan states with a nonchalant shrug. “I’ll be fine.” Geoff snorts but doesn’t respond, letting the door close behind him, and Ryan turns a dubious stare to Ray. “I’m fine.”

“Sure,” Ray concedes shoving a slightly damaged leather jacket at him. He gets a grunt in reply, immediately letting the subject drop, already too tired to deal with any of this tonight.

If ever, for that matter.


The drugs take a bit to affect Ryan, but Ray can pinpoint the exact second they take hold. One moment Ryan and Gavin are having the coin argument again (no one is quite sure what brought it on this time) and the next Ryan is giggling at something in the corner and Gavin is shouting, “He’s finally lost his bloody mind!”

“He’d actually have to be sane to lose his mind,” Michael calls from the breakfast bar, shoveling another spoonful of Froot Loops into his mouth. “What the fuck is he laughing at anyway?”

“It’s probably the painkillers,” Jack states from her lounged position on the couch, running her knife down the whet stone with an audible shink. “This is probably why he always refuses them.”

Ryan turns blue, owlish eyes to Ray and says, “I know you.”

“I know you, too,” Ray responds without looking up from his DS.

“I got shot,” he states in a matter of fact voice, frowning down at his bulky shoulder, a black t-shirt hiding the bandages. “I don’t like getting shot.”

“No one does, dumbass.” Michael hops off his stool, carrying his cereal bowl to the sink, dropping it in with a loud clatter. “Maybe next time you’ll duck.” He heads towards the door, grabbing his jacket off the hook. “Who wants a ride to The Vanilla Unicorn? I’m buying the first round.”

Gavin jumps up, eyeing Ryan warily, glassy blue eyes tracking his movements as he rushes towards the door. Geoff, who hadn’t even been in the living room, appears at the prospect of tits and alcohol, following right on Gavin’s heels.

“Anyone else?” Michael asks, his eyes on Ray.

“I’m good,” he answers mashing buttons, trying to get his stupid character to catch the damn butterfly.

“Suit yourself.”

The door closes a moment later, effectively cutting off Gavin’s bitching about how much creepier Ryan is on morphine. Ray’s is aware of Jack closing her knife, collecting both it and her whet stone, and getting up, murmuring something about taking a shower.

Silence settles over the apartment the moment Jack is gone, Ray silently cursing at the stupid game before shutting it off and tossing it to the other end of the couch. He doesn’t even know why he bought it; it has brought him nothing but wasted hours and frustration. It’s one stupid butterfly; it should not be that hard.

He pulls his legs up to his chest, resting his chin on his knees, and glances over at Ryan. He’s rocking back and forth, staring blankly at the floor, barely able to keep his eyes open. One good wind could knock the guy over, and had this been anyone else Ray might have gently nudged him with his foot just to see what happens, but he refrains.

“You should probably go lie down,” he says instead, unfolding his legs, shoving himself to his feet. A hand shoots out, grabbing his wrist in a surprisingly strong grip, yanking him back onto the couch. “Okay, I guess we’re just gonna sit here.” He glances down at the hand wrapped tightly around him and says, “I’ve never been the hand holding type, but I guess I can make an exception.”

“Sorry.” Ryan lets him go, a dejected look on his face.

“You okay, buddy?”

“Can I tell you something?” Ryan asks suddenly, his mood shifting again. It’s almost enough to give Ray whiplash.


“Do you promise not to tell anyone? Especially Ray.”

Barely suppressing a snort, Ray says, “I promise.”

“Good.” Ryan nods, trying to focus his eyes, giving up after a moment. “Ray’s my favorite,” he admits after a beat, nodding again, a pleased smile on his face. “It’s why I took the bullet.” He gestures to his shoulder, frowning again. “I don’t like getting shot.”

Ray’s not sure how to respond, knowing anything he says wouldn’t be remembered in the morning. He knows he has to say something though, even if it’s to make a joke, but he can’t quite push down the sudden irritation he feels. Ryan took a bullet meant for him because of what? So he didn’t have to see Ray hurt? He’s not made of glass; he would have healed.

He feels something warm lean against him, the drugs finally dragging Ryan into sleep, his head heavy against Ray’s shoulder, and Ray feels his irritation slip away. The Vagabond may be a scary mofo who enjoys causing as much mayhem as possible, but Ryan Haywood was a big ol’ softy at heart.

With a quiet huff, Ray shakes his head and says, “I guess you’re my favorite too, jackass.”


Could you write a Theo imagine where the reader is Scott’s new beta, and Theo teases her for her lack of control? And then at the end he’s her first kiss? Thank you, your writing is great! - Anonymous

         Scott, Malia, Lydia, Liam…they’re all missing. I was alone at Lydia’s boathouse with Theo because they don’t believe I can control myself yet. I didn’t ask Theo to come watch over me. He just walked through the front door as if, at one point he was welcome. I was sitting on the soft, white leather couch in the living room watching Girl meets World. It was the only show that could keep my mind off the thought of ripping Theo’s throat out. Theo was across from me at the kitchen table flipping through random police reports of citizens just randomly disappearing in clouds of mist.

         But, I guess he got bored when I heard his footsteps get louder. Theo sat down next to me and had a needle between two fingers.

         “What are you doing?” I asked in annoyance and growled at the smirk he had on his face.

I felt a pinch in my arm.

“Ow, what the hell?” I growled and he laughed.

         “I just want to see how much control you have. The pack seems to trust you. They don’t have you chained up in the basement.” He looked at the needle and a drop of my blood fell from the sharp tip, and to the surface of the coffee table. Theo then looked up at me as I tried not to focus on the blood; even though it was mine? Why am I getting so angry? Why do I have such a strong lust for blood? I’m not a vampire…I’m a werewolf.

         “Maybe I’ll try something better.” Theo said. I heard his claws tear through the tips of his fingers and he made a long cut in the middle of his hand. The scent of blood reached my nose and my eyes widened. The color of my eyes turned bright gold. My blood was boiling. The scent of Theo’s blood was taking over my mind. Kill…kill…KILL!

         My mind eventually went blank after a few seconds passed; my eyes still a strong gold shade. I growled and my teeth turned sharp. My feet left the floor and I was on top of Theo trying to bite him, trying to shred him apart; roadkill.

         Theo was truly insane. All I heard was his echoing laughter as he had multiple cuts on his shirt and his blood soaked into his white sweatshirt. He grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall and his cuts quickly healed. Slowly, I began to calm down and a shut my eyes tightly; setting my hands over them.

         He bent down and gently grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands away from my face. I opened my eyes; they were their normal color.

         “You have no control at all.” Theo said with a straight face.

A tear ran down my cheek as I whimpered; holding in the cries to prove I won’t break completely.

Theo crawled closer to me and set his thumb on my chin. He pressed his lip on to mine. They were soft and he tasted of mint and blood. He was gentle with the kiss and I bunched up a small amount of his ruined sweatshirt in my hand as I continued the kiss.

He pulled away and fixed my hair.

“But I know what can calm you down.” He said quietly

“Why did you do that?” I asked and looked up at him.

“I know that I’m an asshole that is slightly insane, but there is a part of me that has remorse and actually feels like a normal human. I had my fun, but I’m not going to leave you as a broken mess who won’t want to pick herself back up. Take this incident as a lesson. You don’t need blood. Attack for honor, not for the fun of feeling powerful.” He whispered and grabbed his jacket, leaving the boathouse with me confused inside it.

Spring Forward Into Another Dimension Day

At 2pm, all citizens are required to report to Mission Grove Park with their dimensional rifts (which you better have been warming up since Wednesday), and we’re going to push them all together and hopefully fling our wonderful little town into a new dimension.

  • Honors college advisor: you can't sleep in the honors college lounge
  • Me: I wasn't sleeping
  • Advisor: you were snoring
  • Me: conjecture, I don't snore.
  • Me: can't have been me
  • Advisor: three people identified you
  • Me: what is this, soviet Russia, three dutiful citizens reported me to the party, geez, I'll leave
  • Advisor: you don't have to leave just don't sleep here
  • Me: why would i stay if I can't sleep here

Vote Bernie Sanders why you should consider him for president

  • pushing for more taxes on the rich
  • favors equal pay for women
  • wants higher minimum wage
  • pro-choice
    • advocates for protecting the reproductive rights of women
    • has voted multiple times against anti-abortion policies
    • co-sponsored bill to ensure access to and funding for contraception
  • pro-gay rights
    • voted against constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman 
    • voted against banning same-sex marriage
  • wants to improve criminal justice system
    • voted yes on funding alternative sentencing instead of more prisons
    • reduce recidivism by giving offenders a second chance
    • voted yes on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment 
  • voted to legalize medical marijuana 
  • wants better education system
    • voted yes on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges
    • sponsored extending subsidized federal student loan rates until 2015
  • promotes conservation of the environment - prioritize green energy
  • loosening immigration 
    • make it easier to become citizens 
    • voted no on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment
    • voted no on more immigrant visas for skilled workers
  •  wants to expand Obamacare

On 26 September, 2008, the police of Lusby, Maryland, received multiple phone-calls from worried citizens that reported seeing a young girl running down the street. She was wearing pyjamas and appeared to be covered in faeces and blood. The little girl, who was 7-years-old, was taken to a local hospital - an examination revealed that she had been the victim of violent abuse and neglect. She confessed to police that she had jumped from her bedroom window to escape from her mother, who she thought was going to murder her. The police made their way to Renee Bowman, her mother’s house, with a search warrant. What they discovered inside would haunt them forever - two small frozen bodies, hidden in the basement freezer. Bowman then confessed that the two small bodies belonged to 7-year-old Jasmine and 9-year-old Minnet, her two adoptive daughters. An autopsy revealed that they had both died from asphyxia. Renee was quickly arrested and her surviving daughter was the lead witness during her trial. She revealed that all three of the girls had been confined to one room where they were forced to use a bucket as a toilet. The girls were frequently beaten and choked. An investigation revealed that Renee had adopted the young girls for financial benefits - these benefits were continued even after she had murdered the two young girls. She was sentenced to life.

Foreign citizens living in the EU Member States

Foreign citizens accounted for fewer than 7% of persons living in the EU Member States in 2014, Over 40% of them were citizens of another EU Member State.

On 1st of January 2014, the Member States of the European Union (EU) had 506.8 million residents, of which 472.8 million were nationals (citizens of the reporting country) and 34.1 million foreign citizens, this latter group consisting of 14.3 million citizens of another Member State and 19.8 million non-EU citizens. It should be noted that persons who acquire citizenship in a Member State are no longer counted as foreign citizens in that country.

On the occasion of today’s International Migrants’ Day, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, publishes a small selection of data on foreign citizens living in the EU Member States. A larger range of data broken down by country of citizenship as well as by country of birth is also available in the Eurostat database.

Read the full press release on the Eurostat website

- The Man in the Tan Jacket keeps talking to citizens about wanting to go home and the place he is from

- this place is beneath the Earth and our knowledge, according to the angels

- when asked for more information on TMITTJ he angels only said “a flower in the desert”

- the miniature city is under the Desert Flower bowling alley

- TMITTJ appeared in Night Vale in the episode where Teddy Williams catches the first glimpse of the citizens of the miniature city

- the piece of paper he gave Jackie Fierro said “ King City”

- the underground miniature city is ruled by a child king

- the city worships Huntocar to keep their city thriving “in the absence of nourishing sun” and is invading the Upper World to claim the “sun-soaked, precious land”

- shortly after arriving many citizen reported seeing TMITTJ standing and staring at the sun for hours

I’m not ruling out the possibility that the underground city is a red herring, there’s a pretty good chance that TMITTJ has nothing to do with the city at all. But with the book coming out so soon, I’m running out of time for theories.


Attention, ground units - anti-citizen reported in this community. Code: lock, cauterize, stabilize.


Dusty Howling Wolf, also know as Dusty Elisabeth Blust, runs an abhorrent backyard breeding operation in the town of Prineville, Oregon. Several concerned citizens have reported signs of neglect and abuse at Dusty’s property, where she currently houses more than 18 husky-mix dogs - many of which have endured miserable lives chained to trees and overhead lines for years on end. This is a direct violation of Oregon’s updated Tethering Law, House Bill 2783, which currently states:

No dog shall be tethered for more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period if tethered to a stationary object. No dog shall be tethered for more than 15 hours in a 24-hour period if tethered to a running or “zip” line.
Additionally, House Bill 2783 prohibits use of choke and pinch collars when tethering dogs, and creates the offense of unlawful tethering, which is a Class B violation.

The law likewise creates new definitions for “adequate shelter” and “adequate bedding” to better protect animals from the elements. It now prohibits sheltering in or under the following: Cardboard boxes, in crates and carriers designed for temporary housing, in wire cages, and in areas surrounded by debris or hazards that pose a threat to the dog.

Dusty’s canines have a variance of shelters, most of which do not comply with House Bills 2783’s revised definition of adequate. Her animals are, as stated above, tethered almost indefinitely, except for females kept in a temporary whelping pen when birthing pups.

The puppies are not separated from the other dogs at the property, and are allowed to roam freely about, even at ages as young as four weeks old. During my own visit, Dusty discovered that, as a result of her negligent care, one wandering puppy had been bit through the head and spine by another adult female tethered nearby. The puppy was clearly distressed, and looked to be leaking spinal fluids from the wounds. I offered to bring the animal in for proper veterinary assistance, but Dusty stated that she “had seen far worse injuries” and that “she did all her own veterinary care.” Unlicensed Veterinary Activity is a crime that can result in animal death.

In addition to Dusty’s violation of Oregon’s tethering laws and flagrant disregard for the safety of her puppies, myself and other witnesses at her property noted that only a few of the animals were provided constant access to water. Many had water bowls, but they were entirely empty. This is a blatant form of neglect and constitutes abuse. It is not acceptable.

On the topic of abuse, myself and others who visited the property, including a Deputy on the Prineville Police Force, noted a very disturbing display of appeasement behavior from the dogs in Dusty’s care. These animals are not just under-socialized; they are outright terrified of Dusty.Video footage shows an exceptionally nervous husky-mix dog pacing and shaking in terror as Dusty approaches it. This is a behavior often seen in animals that have suffered continued aggressive assault. It is my educated opinion that Dusty actively uses intimidation and physical violence on her animals.

As if these violations are not damning enough, Dusty has also been scamming people who purchase her puppies by misrepresenting their lineage. She charges upwards of $400 - $600 per puppy and labels the animals as “purebred”, yet on my visit, it was clear that some of the animals directly related to the puppies were mixed-breed. When I asked her about it, Dusty was happy to admit that yes, some of her animals are indeed crossed with lab, malamute, unknown Nordics. She also sells what she claims to be “wolfdogs,” but a phenotype of the animals in question clearly reveals that none have anywhere near the content she claims them to have.

Misrepresenting a product, or Fraudulent Misrepresentation, is a crime that Dusty has knowingly and actively engaged in while selling her pups.

We want immediate action taken against Dusty Howling Wolf so as to prevent further suffering to her animals. Someone as irresponsible as Dusty has no business keeping, let alone breeding, so many dogs if she cannot provide them with the basic care and containment they need to survive. Attempts to report her to the Prineville PD have, in the past, fallen on deaf ears, and now, we want to speak out as a collective voice that will no longer be ignored.


Signal Boost -

Just so you all know, the Australian parliament just passed a bill that could see anyone who works within a detention centre seeing two years of jail time for whistle-blowing any child abuse, sexual abuse etc that occurs inside an asylum seeker detention centre. 

A first world democratic parliament just threatened it’s citizens who want to report things like child abuse and sexual abuse inside government institutions. 

People should be mad about this. 

the big growth industry right now is totalitarianism.

that’s not some intense rhetorical statement or political slogan, it’s a fact by the definition of the word.

the rise of ‘smart’ technology–cities that monitor the motions of their citizens, cars that report to insurance companies what you’re talking about, thermometers that keep an eye on where people are in the house and run that through a third-party database, and most of all google (alphabet now actually, google is just a subsidiary) which is contending for the richest company in the world–are based off expanding a practice of total universal data control and “realtime behavior modification”–usually through negative incentivization: if you talk about driving dangerously, your car tells the insurance company who increases your rates. this is the purpose behind ‘gamifying’ structures as well, to build a video-game-like reward/punishment system into capitalism where one’s behavior is constantly supported or opposed. functionally, tech bros are imposing a bad videogame morality system onto real life. or, not “are imposing” so much as “have imposed”, given how such a thing already defines how we interact with each other online. it is formalized, incentivized totalitarianism, to a degree that the totalitarian governments of the past couldn’t imagine (this totalitarianism is decentralized, abstracted to trends and aesthetics and the logic of capital).

they are trying to push total complacency as we move into the era of climate collapse. and it’s happening so fast, so efficiently, and so differently than people expected, no one knows how to respond.