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Blue blue singing along to her mommy makes my heart melt!

Jay Z and Eddie Vedder, the lead vocalist of the band Pearl Jam, photographed backstage during the “Global Citizen Festival” in Central Park in Manhattan by Danny Clinch on September 26, 2015.

The previous year Hov had headlined the charity concert, and in ‘15 he was there to support Beyoncé as she performed. Bey joined Vedder and Pearl Jam during their set for a duet of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”

Bad Night, Rainy Night Part 2

Part 1

It all started with a simple note. It had been hand written and hastily scribbled on the back of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. It had said “Clear your schedule on July 12 & 13”. That was it, it didn’t say who it was from or anything; but (y/n) had her guess, only one person knew about her extreme love for Shakespeare…


It was two days later that the second not came. Again it was on the back of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, this time though, there was just a location scribbled on the back. In four days it would be the 12 and (y/n)’s mind had started to wander at what Jay was playing at. He had never been too much of a romantic, but maybe Dick had talked him into it.


It was July 11th when the final note came. It was on Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet with simple directions that read: “Come to the location tonight at midnight and be ready for the most memorable days of your life”. (Y/n) grinned from ear to ear as she rushed to get ready. She scrambled to fix her knotted hair, not sure when the butterflies had filled her stomach. She giggled while doing her makeup, messing up several times because of it. It was ten o clock when she pulled up her leather boots and jacket, slipping out her door, the note with the address clutched in her hand.

(Y/n) heard whispering behind her as she walked to the location on the note. It was a warehouse, suddenly the butterflies felt dead in her stomach as she turned, knowing this wasn’t a good idea after all.

“Not so fast doll face” A large man gripped (y/n)’s arm, pulling her back. She began kicking at the man, doing her best to get away from his iron grip.

“The boss still wants to see you” A second man joined the first, successfully hoisting her off the group, leaving her helpless.


“Mmmmh red is such a good color on you, I must say!” An eerie voice snapped (y/n) out of her forced sleep. She pulled, only to find her hands and legs bound together, she was laying on the floor in a lot, less, clothing.

“Come out into the light so I can see your face coward!” (Y/n) screamed, doing her best to sit up and cover as much as possible.

“Now now, there’s no need for name calling my dear” (Y/n) waited expectingly until the man stepped into the light. She immediately scooted back as far as possible. His face was hideously pale with a permanent smile and green hair.

“You… you’re… ” (Y/n) tried to form a sentence. To say anything intelligent at all but nothing would come out. Her eyes flickered over the rest of him. He had no gun or other extreme weapon, just a crowbar.

“Pity. And here I thought you had a little more bite to ya. Oh well. Time to get to work” Joker slowly walked towards (y/n) as she sat there, questions beginning to string in her mind.

“Why am I here?” (Y/n) scooted farther back, always keeping herself just out of his reach.

“It’s all because of our dear friend hoodie. It’s our half anniversary soon and I wanted to something special” Joker finally reached down, grabbing a fist full of (y/n)’s hair and yanking her back into the middle.

“But before we get to the main event dearie, I have to give you your souvenir. Tell me, have you ever had a tattoo before?”


Meanwhile back at the Wayne Manor…

“Jason, get off your sorry ass and let’s go to work. You’ve had your time off now come on!” Dick yelled, banging on his brother’s door. It had been over a week since Jason had visited (y/n) and he had been heartbroken ever since. Now usually this helped to spur him on, but he had been dragging for a long time.

“Tell Bruce I’m done. AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” Jason through his helmet at the door watching as it rolled back slightly on the ground, he laid back on his bed, scrolling through old photos of (y/n).

Dick sighed walking down the stairs when the doorbell rang. He was right there at the door so he opened it, expecting, he didn’t really know what he was expecting but it wasn’t what laid at his feet. It was an old crowbar with a small note that simply read, “I got your love bird”. Dick nearly dropped everything as he ran back up the stairs, pounding on Jason’s door.

“Jay get out here now!” Dick pounded on the door, loosely holding the crowbar in his hand.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Jason roared, standing up and walking to his door. He was done, why didn’t they understand this!

“It’s about (y/n)!” Dick yelled, waiting for the door to swing open. When Jay came out his eyes immediately went to the crowbar and he knew.

“I’m leaving in five whether you’re ready or not” Jay moved past Dick, scooping up his helmet and placing it on. This was his fault, and he was going to fix it.


“There you go, nearly painless” Joker smiled down at (y/n), taking the strip of leather out of her mouth. Her chest burned from the new tattoo. It was a simple a crooked “J”.

“Now you and hoodie can match!” Joker turned, handing the tattoo machine to one of his henchmen before picking the crowbar back up. (Y/n) immediately scrambled away, knowing the damage that weapon could do.

“Now, now, just relax, we are going to have some fun!” Joker swung, nailing (y/n) in the legs, a scream bursting from her chest.

“Leave me alone you psycho!” (Y/n) did her best to crawl away, pain shooting up through her caves as the Joker’s laugh rang through the empty room.

“I’m far from done with you my dear, very far” With that he swung again, hitting her in her ribs. She could swear something had broken because now her breathes were labored.

“I’ve done nothing to you! I won’t even tell anyone where we are!” (Y/n) tried to stand, she needed to run, but she only fell down once again.

“That’s not the point. Didn’t you here me before? This is all for hoodie!” Joker swung again, hitting (y/n)’s jaw, sending sharp pain throughout her head. Joker repeated this action several times before pausing, the crowbar bloody and bruises already forming on her body.

“Joker! Drop the crowbar and step away from the citizen!” Jay stood on the rafters, a gun in each had, trained on Joker. Joker laughed, opening his arms wide.

“There’s the man of the hour! If you want your girl, you’re going to have to get her!” Joker grabbed a fist full of (y/n)’s hair, dragging her backwards as multiple men with guns began firing at Jay. He dodged, jumping down and firing at the men. (Y/n) squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see any of it, and not wanting to see Jay kill anyone.

The battle raged on as Dick came down joining his brother, he did his best to stay behind him, less he be hit by a stray bullet. He could see (y/n) being dragged by Joker, her skin bloody and bruised.

“Big man is on his way” Dick yelled over the roar of bullets. Jay had yet to kill anyone, instead aiming for arms and legs, leaving them to be fully knocked out by Dick. Dick glanced upward, watching as Joker now struggled to pull (y/n) up some stairs, tears streaming down her eyes. She was awake at least, that was a good sign.

“He can’t get her fast enough!” Jay ran straight ahead, tossing his now empty guns. He managed to catch Joker, landing a hit square in his jaw.

(Y/n) breathed a small sigh of relief, the pressure on her scalp had been released, but her body still screamed. She opened her eyes, catching sight of Jay just in front of her. She reached out, screaming when even the small movement burned. Jay turned quickly, realizing his anger had gotten the best of him. Joker was out and he need to get (y/n) out of this horrible place. Jason scooped up (y/n), doing his best not to aggravate her injuries any further and headed for the door. Bruce burst in at the us moment, looking eyes with Jay for a second before going to fight the nearest bad guy. Jason could feel the tears brimming in his eyes, his old wounds bringing back pain, especially his jagged ‘J’ on his cheek.

“Sorry” (Y/n) mumbled as her head lolled against Jay’s chest. She closed her eyes and allowed the darkness to take her.


Y/n woke up to the soft beeping of the machine. She slowly looked around, she was hooked up to only a few machines, a good sign. Jason was just outside the door, pacing, his helmet on the edge of (y/n)’s bed. (Y/n) did her best to sit up feeling pain in her chest, the memories flooding back to her.

“J~” Her voice squeaked out as she reached out for him, her voice becoming short. It was then that her legs and arms screamed at her in pain, she could practically hear the mad man’s laugh.

“Shhhh, it’s okay (y/n). It’s okay” Jay cradled (y/n) in his arms, holding on as tight as possible. He knew what she was feeling, he knew all the pain.

“Don’t, don’t leave me again” (Y/n) sobbed, burying her head into his chest. She gripped his shirt, trying so hard to never let him slip through her fingers again.

“I’d never dream of it angel” Jay kissed (y/n)’s forehead, rocking her back to sleep. For now they were going to stay at the mansion until (y/n) was better. After that Jay was going to make (y/n) move in with him so that no one would ever hurt her again. Not on his watch.

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anonymous asked:

could you give us a few headcanons/a sneak peek at your Muslim Batfam oc? // Like her name or idk anything , how she met the Batfam or what her name is or something!

omg for sure!! I’ve been too busy to do much fandom stuff recently but you brought her up and I got so excited!

  • Her name is Hadeel which is an Arabic name. 
  • She’s a psychiatrist but she doesn’t deal with Gotham villains or anything she loves to deal more with… regular people. So no she’s not going down the path of Harley Quinn she’s just a psychiatrist for normal citizens
  • Jay ends up being one of her patients when Alfred encourages him to see a psychiatrist. Jay signs in under a fake name and all that and actually finds it great to be anonymous but still able to open up. He obviously makes metaphors about his death and all that but it helps him make analogies and get the point out.
  • She really doesn’t hit the streets as a hero often (she values her job more and doesn’t generally enjoy physical fighting much but she likes to help out when she can)
  • Her superhero name is Hudhud (pronounced hood-hood, an Arabic name for a Bird) so it kinda matches the Robin mood
  • She gets a lil hurt fighting alongside the batfam in a giant Gotham fight and Bruce takes her back to the batcave and when Jay sees her he kinda freaks out because such is his luck that he doesn’t feel anonymous anymore
  • But she’s super nice and doesn’t tell anyone where she met him??? He stops going but after a few months she reaches out to Alfred and asks about Jay
  • So Jay is basically her best friend out of the batfam
  • She’s not as much a batkid as she’s a bat-aunt tbh 
  • She’s around 28
  • Over time she & Dami become friends because he misses hearing and speaking Arabic and they just have conversations in Arabic some nights and it makes him feel much closer to her?? like she reminds him of the good memories of home and his background
  • So yea overall she’s a very laid back character who isn’t directly in the fam or in their business but she loves them & helps out & they grow to love her
  • Oh and she’s married!!! They don’t have any kids yet but her hubby is super supportive & she’s open to him about all this and he lowkey becomes a background bat-uncle who bakes them amazing cookies