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Dude stop fear mongering. If enough people vote for a third party thank third party will win. Stop trying to scare people into voting for your favorite candidate

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks.

“If enough people vote for a third party thank third party will win.”

Please cite your reliable sources which point to the current possibility indicating that “enough people” intend to vote third party in this election. 

While you’re working on that:

I am not fear mongering. I am stating obvious truths about the current state of our presidential election and the US political system.

This has happened before and many of us have lived through it and would like, very much, not to have to do so again. 


Gore v. Bush (ft. Ralph Nader & Pat Buchanan)

A relevant excerpt:
Nader and his Green party won merely 3 percent (2,830,900) of the national vote, far below the 5 percent required to receive federal financial support in the future (his principal goal), even less than the support won by Ross Perot as a third-party candidate in 1996 (8 percent) and 1992 (19 percent), and vastly less than the extravagant attention Nader had attracted in the press. Buchanan did far worse, gaining less than half a million votes (.4390), even though he had over $12 million in federal money, inherited from the Reform party previously headed by Perot.

Despite their small numbers, Nader’s and Buchanan’s supporters provided the margin of victory for Bush. If Nader had not been on the ballot, Gore would have carried Florida and all of the other close states easily, giving him a comfortable electoral total of at least 292. [4] If Buchanan had not been a candidate, the Florida ballot might have been simpler to understand, giving Gore enough votes to win the national election simply by carrying the Sunshine State. Even without Florida, we might speculate–but cannot demonstrate–that an election without Nader would have enabled Gore to campaign in other winnable states (most obviously Tennessee and New Hampshire) and overcome his shortfall of only three electoral votes.

A few good reads regarding third party voting, non-participating, protest voting:

The lousy reason I didn’t vote in 1968 — and why Sanders supporters shouldn’t fall for it

The Folly of the Protest Vote

And, as I clearly need to re-state the obvious, the United States of America is a two-party system. At the end of this election cycle, our president will either be Hillary Clinton, or, heaven help us, Donald Trump. 

If people want to change the system, then by all means, they should do that. They should get involved in the parties they support via volunteering for local election campaigns and supporting local candidates. They should work toward growing smaller, independent parties to a point where they have an actual foothold in American government and can become viable options for presidential candidates. 

Right now, none of these parties are at that point. Right now, none of these parties are running candidates that are even remotely appealing to more than the tiniest fraction of the population. I’d venture that most of those supporters are likely only there because they just “can’t bring themselves to compromise their morals,” which is 100% ridiculous. 

Jill Stein is probably about as qualified as Donald Trump to be in this election. I’m not going to bother writing anything new about her because I’ve made a ton of posts already and she’s too ridiculous to waste any more time. Check the tag. I know you won’t.

Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was until a few weeks ago. He says he supports a women’s right to choose, but he’s to the right of Clinton on abortion, supports parental notification laws, opposes funding for abortion, and supports late term abortion bans. He’s also an originalist in terms of how he chooses to interpret the Constitution. You know who else was an originalist? Antonin Scalia. He’s opposed to gun control, despite recently stating maybe mentally ill people and terrorists shouldn’t have them (you think?), he still tossed in a “If there were law-abiding citizens that were carrying weapons — I’m not saying they would lessen the impact of these horrible atrocities, but maybe, maybe they could.”

I’m just going to quote myself now, because my statement from two months ago still stands:

Work on building up local government seats. Get your numbers up. Get your visibility up. Get into the House. Get into the Senate. Get a Governor elected, man. Stop showing up every four to eight years and acting like you give a shit.

Because that is the problem people have with the Greens (and third parties in general). Where are they right up until a Presidential election, when they suddenly decide to run some spoiler that has no shot at winning, but can ruin the next four to eight years for more than half the country? If the Greens want to be taken seriously, they need to do the hard work of actually organizing and building a solid foundation. The constant attempt to take from the top down is ridiculous.

And for the first-timers, who don’t understand that this has happened before, please, understand: This has happened before. You are not the first, but you can be the last if you try to make a positive change rather than perpetuating the spoiler cycle. You can focus your efforts on organization, lower elections, strong candidates, and growing your party to the point where you’re actually ready to take the larger step. You can make that effort. That would be progressive.

Third party voting, or “protest voting,” especially in this election cycle is an entirely selfish act. There’s no moral high ground there. The people who make that decision are doing nothing to advance the betterment of this country, or their own interests, when the result is contributing to Donald Trump’s victory. 

And no, I’m not trying to “scare people into voting for my favorite candidate.” 

I’m advocating for the only qualified candidate in this election, who in my opinion, also happens to be an excellent choice.

As well, I have no intention of stopping. As I mentioned last night, if you have an issue with this, you’re welcome to unfollow me. 


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Sick and tired of hearing "source?" or having to explain white privilege and systemic racism? This post is for you.

So I’m doing this from mobile. Sorry for the formatting.

First, let’s start with a MUST HAVE in argumentation

Identifying and avoiding logical fallacies:

Now.. Onto white privilege and systemic racism. Enjoy!


Why white people and Americans in general are afraid to admit racism exists

On reverse racism..,80611,.shtml

Enjoy. If you’ve got anything to add, feel free. I really want this post circulated. If you like it, make sure to reblog it!!

Terrible things the Steven Universe fandom has done so far
  • Threatened cosplayers and artists who don’t look or draw what they feel is “appropriate” to the show.
  • Removing artists captions/tags from art posted on websites like Tumblr and/or reposting art in general.
  • Frantically denying or making excuses for how character relationships are treated in the show (Ruby and Sapphire, Pearl and Rose, Pearl and Garnet, etc.)
  • Bastardizing characters for acting or reacting realistically to relatable situations (especially Pearl).
  • Spreading false information through the use of parody blogs as well as citing said sources when saying inflammatory things to the Steven Universe crew.
  • Leaking screenshots or episode synopses that were not meant to be leaked.
  • Chastising people who make nsfw content of the show when a.) a majority of said people put a specific tag on it that can easily be blacklisted to prevent people from seeing it (Stephen Galaxy) and b.) the creators actively encourage people to ship what they want, think what they want, and create what they want.
  • Harassing crew members like Matt Burnett and Ian Jones Quartey over Twitter with incessantly stupid or backwards questions/notions (often with hilarious burns from Matt).
  • Posting REAL REVIEWS to the Keystone Motel in Florida that can physically hurt said business in real life.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few things so feel free to add to this paltry list of transgressions these clods keep committing.

Citing Help!

I know it’s pretty much the end of homework for awhile (yeah!) but here’s a nifty tip on citing sources straight off of Google!

Step 1: Google the article/book/poem title into Google scholar. 

Step 2: Click ‘cite’ at the bottom of the result

Step 3: Copy whichever form of the citing into your document

It’s that easy! :) Hope this helps for any future papers! 


I have absolutely no patience for Jared hate anymore. Ive unfollowed 22 people today I shit you not. Im not going to even say like “you can hate him if you want just not for false rumors” like there is literally no reason to hate him at all. Since his career started hes never done anything to deserve this hate. Hes always been the sweet, shy, kind, considerate, and done his job well guy. I have never experienced anything like this before. The majority of the hate comes from people who didnt know he existed before he was cast as the joker. These poor actors in the DCEU get dragged and hated for nothing, because people feel so jealous and self righteous behind a computer screen. The hate is invalid, youre not doing any good by believing everything you read and spreading venom. And youll be blocked for it, this website is so toxic.

Some of the headlines this morning, Jan 22, 2016

UK Press:

The Inquisitr:  Louis Tomlinson stays silent as rumors claim One Direction baby is born 

The Daily Mail:  Has the first 1D baby been born? Directioners go wild on Twitter claiming Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have welcomed a son

The Mirror:  Is Louis Tomlinson a father? Fans claim Briana Jungwirth has welcomed a son  

The Sun:  One Direction fans in frenzy over claims Louis Tomlinson has become a fatherSources tell The Sun he is by Briana Jungwirth’s side in hospital

The Evening Standard:  One Direction fans send Twitter into meltdown over claims Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have welcomed a son Fans remained sceptical about the claims on social media

Unreality TV:  One Direction: Congrats Louis Tomlinson! Baby BOY born last night?!

The Metro: Has Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth had their baby? Twitter claims a boy has been born

OK!:  Has Briana Jungwirth given birth to a baby boy? One Direction fans claim Louis Tomlinson welcomed son

Australian Press:

Vogue:  The One Direction baby is here (the only AU press that says waiting for rep comment)

Woman’s Day:    One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has reportedly welcomed a baby boy

Cosmopolitan: One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson fathers a baby boy!

Elle:   One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is Officially A Dad!  

The Kaisoo ship is ending this year super strong. Lately, they have been just 





That beautiful moment when your ship basically ships themselves 

(Credits: x x x x x )

I’ve been kind of writing this JeanMarco au and I wanted to draw my sons in it??? So here you go, have some handsome one-armed Disney prince Marco and roguish knight Jean in shiny dragon armor

(The au is based loosely off of this poem. Whether or not I actually publish it, I’m still undecided. But please enjoy this art anyway!)

On Korean Miraculous Ladybug Hiatus

A few months ago, I wrote an informative post stating that the Korean broadcast of Miraculous Ladybug will go on hiatus after the first 13 episodes air. Ladybug is a 26 episode show: it is divided into two seasons in Korea, each 13 episodes. Yonhap news claimed that Season 2 will air March 2016. You may read my original post here:

SAMG Animation published a blog post recently regarding the end of Season 1. They informed their readers that episode 13 will be the last episode of Season 1. Beginning next week, previous episodes of Miraculous ladybug will be rebroadcasted. SAMG states that Season 2 will air Spring 2016, matching the March 2016 claim.

SAMG’s blog post:

파리를 누비는 소녀히어로 ‘레이디버그'와 '블랙캣'의 이야기!
지난 9월부터 방영을 시작한 레이디버그와 블랙캣의 흥미진진한 이야기!

시즌1, 13편의 방영이 이번주로 마무리가 됩니다.
다음주부터는 동일한 시간에 1화부터 재방송되며,
새로운 이야기 시즌 2는 2016년 봄에 시작될 예정이니 기대해주세요!

11월 24일 방영되는 시즌1, 13화 이야기!
놓치지 마세요~

Note that this hiatus only affects the Korean broadcast of Miraculous Ladybug. The plans of the French broadcast and English broadcast are currently unknown. TF1, the french broadcaster, is currently re-airing Ladybug episodes. It is speculated that new French episodes will be released the next holiday break in France, during Christmas. Episodes will most likely be released similarly to the Toussaint break marathon, where new episodes of Miraculous aired every weekday during holiday break.

Miraculous Ladybug will air in America on December 6th at 12:00PM on Nickelodeon.