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Ocean or Space? - SPACE holy heck i love space. i love stars and galaxies and nebulas and planets and!! just everything about space
i could get sucked into a black hole and i’d say thank you

What is your aesthetic? - i have so many oh my god citiescapes at night, graffiti, graffiti on trains (holy heck that is like one of the ultimate faves), train yards at night, early morning mist, sunsets, the sky, glowy stuff, glitchy stuff,  the sound of rain on metal roofing, light filtering through trees, sunrays through clouds, the list is endless really

Would you swim with sharks?
- i love sharks but no i respect them enough to not fuck around with them lmao

Hogwarts house? - i?? don’t know i don’t care much for hp

Favourite genre of music? - any metal genre really (melodic/death metal, rap metal, nomadic folk metal), glitch hop, trip hop, chill hop, aus hip hop, hardcore, anything 80s really???, stuff that sounds glitchy in general, stoner metal, grunge, punk. idk i like a lot of stuff lmao

What is one of the seven deadly sins that you might have? - i don’t know, envy?? pride??

Fictional character that you have a crush on? - why do you do this to me. altair, ezio, jotaro, joseph (a true blessing honestly), DIO fuckin end me lmao, striders, uf!pap, fuckiN SKELETOR, kiba from wolf’s rain too i guess but god he’s so whiny, and… darcia i suppose lmao, OH MAN how could i forget kurloz i lov him, i can’t really think of any more at the moment but damn the list is pretty much endless 

Favourite dessert? - uhh i’m gonna say tiramisu like damn i love to make them esp with jack daniels   

Which era would you like to re-live? - 80s!!! like 90% of everything i love is from the 80s and i want to see the breakfast club and the labyrinth in cinema and i want to at least have a chance of seeing some of my fave bands live dammit

Whom are you the most loyal to? - friends and family i guess? rly just who ever is loyal to me 8)

What are your pet peeves? - loud eating, people chewing with their mouth open etc idk

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Odoardo Borrani - La Cappella dei Pazzi; Il chiostro di Santa Croce a Firenze - 1885-87

Odoardo Borrani (Pisa, 1833 – Florence, 1905) was an Italian painter associated with the Macchiaioli group.

The Borrani family moved from Pisa to Florence, where Odoardo enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1853. It was with his new friends Telemaco Signorini and Vincenzo Cabianca that he took up painting from life and came into contact with the Macchiaioli group gravitating around the Caffè Michelangiolo. He served as a volunteer in the Second Italian war of independence]] in 1859 and in 1862, together with Giuseppe Abbati, Silvestro Lega, Raffaello Sernesi and Signorini, went to work in the countryside outside Florence near Piagentina, the town from which this group of artists takes its name. It was also in 1862 that he first spent the summer at Castiglioncello, as the guest of the critic Diego Martelli. The gallery set up with Lega in 1875 to promote younger artists soon went out of business. He worked in later years as a teacher, ceramic decorator and graphic artist for L’Illustrazione Italiana.

Alexander Karlovich Beggrov (1841-1914) - View of Saint Petersburg in Twilight - 1911

oil on panel, 43 х 69 cm