Rio de Janeiro || Mark

Seven Cities, One Night || Series Teaser

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Rio de Janeiro? Beaches? Partying? Samba? Well, Rio is all of that and much more. Welcome to the city of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most tropical cities in the world and famous for their Carnivals. Where bronzed Cariocas clad in skimpy swimwear and Havaianas stroll the wave-patterned promenade in the shadow of Christ the Redeemer, what more of a paradise would you want? Also, we wholeheartedly invite you to attend our Carnival this year. Why? Because it’ll be an experience of a lifetime…

“What’s your name?” He yelled over the loud music. The sweat washing away his face paint, revealing the handsome man behind that mask. His pearly white teeth shone in the light as he continued to dance with the music. 

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