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Do you got any road trip aus?????¿¿¿¿

There are not many, but these are what I have found and enjoyed! PLEASE let me know if you have seen more of these, I need more of these fics in my life!

Road Trip Fics

the gps isn’t working (but we’re still on our way) by zerotransfat, Teen, 1.5k
After Yuuri’s last GPF, Victor and Yuuri take an impromptu road trip. It takes thirty hours, seven playthroughs of the Hamilton cast recording, and an entire bag of snacks, but Yuuri feels like it’s all worth it. So cute!

‘cause you’re a sky full of stars by dazaichi, Gen, 1.5k
Roadtrip au where yuuri katsuki collects an inventory of memories titled “viktor nikiforov” Thumbs up!

You may think I’m foolish for the foolish things I do by macca (NelyafinweFeanorion), Gen, 1.7k
Viktor, Yuuri and Yurio in the south of France on holiday. Stuffed cats. Katsudon keychains. Pink Cadillac. And Viktor just being Viktor. LOVE!

We’re stuck, lets make the best of it by berensia, Teen, 1k (WIP)
Everyone who participated in Skate America is now stuck there for a week. Someone brings up a road trip, and everyone goes along, they have nothing else to do. Just started, but looks good so far!

Gold and Lace by Multiple_Universes, Gen, 10k
Three skaters, one car, small Russian cities – what can possibly go wrong? This is great hahahaha

Makkachin and the Fantastic Adventure of the Wind-Catcher Machine by tikistitch, Teen, 4.3k
Makkachin accompanies his favorite humans on a brilliant summer holiday by the lakeside. This is so cute, and from Makkachin’s POV!

West Elm by destielpasta, Explicit, 7.7k
Victor and Yuuri take a much needed break, traveling to America to stay at a quaint B&B and have a spa-like experience.

the road that stretches out ahead by hellodeer, Mature, 7.3k
“What if we drove to France?” Viktor asks, and Yuuri says yes. Of course he does. Great fic!

Love’s Greatest Attractions by aceklaviergavin, Teen, 6.6k
Viktor kidnaps Yuuri and takes a road trip across Eastern Europe on a mission to find the Perfect Wedding Location. Cats are adopted. Mistakes are made. Rec’d by a follower!


Isle of Skye, 2016

This spring I travelled through Europe for three months. I saw so many wonderful cities and places, ate a lot of food and made fantastic friends.  But being all on my own on the Isle of Skye in Scotland made everything else pale in comparison. This is a place of magic with its golden light, looming mountains, fairy pools and walls of mist that suddenly surround you. Getting lost and wandering around on this mythical island will always be one of my happiest memories.

Sooooo I recently finally got Sorted into my Hogwarts House, and based on this picture I think you can guess I got RAVENCLAW! 💙💙💙 I’ve always secretly thought I’d be in Ravenclaw and now I’m just so happy that it’s been confirmed! #seaofbooks tag tagged by @paperfury, thank you! 😊💙📚

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Whats the first thing you ever drew?

I used to draw fantastic cities and geometric shapes, I wanted to be an architect more than anything else when I was a kid. This is mostly thanks to watching THE SECRET CITY when I was about 7 or 8?

Afterward I had gotten used to just drawing in my spare time and started cartooning. I used to draw comic strip characters a fair bit (Garfield, The Far Side, etc). By elementary school I started working with things like pastels and markers, even doing collages. I got really inspired by video game artwork as I got older and used to draw lots of things like fantastic Castlevania interiors, that evolved into trying to draw more characters as well and at the same time I had started getting into anime / manga / video games. I would draw all my favorite characters… (man I know I have them buried somewhere if I find ‘em I’ll post ‘em)

There was no world wide web when I was going through puberty so other than sneaking around to find my dad’s secret stash of porno mags I would just draw my own porn. It was a huge secret thrill to draw all these weird scenarios out and then figure out how to destroy them without getting caught so to speak. The first boobs I ever drew were “Princess Toadstool”s like a lot of people I had an unhealthy fascination with her… uhh anyway one pic I destroyed I wish I had kept, it wasn’t overly sexual it was Angela from Gargoyles wearing Belle’s dress… (!?) ANYway…

I drew quite a bit up until I started college which basically destroyed my free time, I did dribs and drabs here and there, I also managed to score my first copy of Corel Photo-Paint 8 in 1998 and I think by ‘99 I had finally gotten my hands on a scanner, I still have some of my art from that time

(why yes that IS a Crown Royal dice bag - such a NERD)

Following college there was a long dark period where I worked for an EXTREMELY shitty company and I basically replaced all my hobbies with working like a slave for a souless motherfucker and drinking. When I finally quit that hellhole in 2005 I discovered I suddenly had this thing called “free time” (funny when you aren’t working 90 hours a week)

By then I was still using Corel but trying to teach myself how to colour stuff…

GAZE INTO THE ABYSS PEOPLE this was me 12 years ago
(and my old icon)


I was drawing with a MOUSE like a common mouth breather …well… not so much drawing but click and dragging points with the horrid vectoring tools in Photoshop (not Illustrator uggghhhhhh).

I started getting better at colour, in fact I think I really met @grimphantom2 by colouring one of his Kiva drawings, I mean we knew each other from WWOEC but not as closely at that time, all we knew was we had good taste in cartoon ladies


Anyway it’s been a long ride since then, 11 years on deviantArt and roughly 12 years of regular drawing. Now I can almost draw a circle again!

…and color pinups like a real boy…

…and pictures that mean a lot to me personally…


What Se feels like to me...Pt 1?

Because I’m legit tired of how people describe Se, so I’m just going to do it from my limited perspective. 

I’m in a room, I see a person with a beautiful orange shirt on. It’s such a refreshing color that I actually feel like I’m drinking something right now. I sense the shirt not only with my eyes, but my throat and my fingertips. I can feel the walls around me, but it isn’t oppressive; I can feel the parameters in the room. I could walk through it suddenly blindfolded and not hit a thing. I see a tea cup on the table, the steam rising up. 

Suddenly, my vision is a snapshot and I see the contrast of the green tea with the cup and the table. I look out the window and see the crisp white on crisp blue and the sky prompts me to think of my career path. Still absorbing the sights and sounds, I begin considering my future plans to be a pilot, and imagine myself living in fantastic cities and what I’ll do when I’m there. I’m fidgeting with a spoon while I stare off in the distance contemplating. 

A striking figure with black hair enters my field of vision and I focus immediately; I’m staring, unabashedly. Interest sparked, I immediately absorb as many details about him as possible. My eyes are burning in his direction and I’m waiting for him to notice me because I can tell from observation he won’t be weirded out by this gesture. He’s ordering coffee; I watch the way his hands hold the cup, gauging his personality just from how he’s interacting with the cup, the world, the cashier, and his proximity to the person behind him. 

He catches my eye, and I immediately see the interest. Satisfied with my data, I continue looking around the room, and observe a painting on the far side of the room. I’m observing the interactions in the world, noticing the smallest expressions. Some people are very good at masking their true emotions, others not so much. Some are flagrantly trying to show off, and some just just look good without trying. Each sight evokes something different in me; if I let it, I can be flooded. In this moment, I am letting it fall under my radar, impacting me subtly, jotting notes in my head that I’ll probably forget later until it becomes necessary to remember.

A thought on Disney/Pixar's 'Coco'

So I just saw an article in Vanity Fair for the new upcoming Disney Pixar film Coco. Disney describes it as a “love letter to Mexico.” While I find that absolutely beautiful, and I’m excited for more Mexican representation and actors in the industry, I am disappointed that it seems like the only Mexican story worth telling is about one holiday, Día de los Muertos.

I want to see more stories showing the different colors and values of Mexicans. I want them to show the strong passion and the love of laughter. While the day of the dead is a visually stunning celebration, I want them to show the beauty of my country through both the landscape and the people.

I mean, my home state has an underwater cave full of giant crystals, that makes a man look like an ant. There are beautiful waterfalls and tree laden mountains. There are dust covered towns and makeshift homes that the native people live in. There are beautiful, shiny cities. There are fantastic highways and tunnels that weave through the city.

So while I don’t think that just because the topic has been covered it should never be touched again, I want to see the Hollywood industry step up and show the beauty of my country.

That being said, The Book of Life did a beautiful job, and I’m excited to see what Coco will bring.

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Hello!! I was wondering if you had any recs for people who write superbat fics pls! :D I'm usually always caught up with yours and would like something to fill in the time between your aaaamazing fics! :)

I cannot pass up the chance to mention a few of my favorites!  This list is heavy on older stories that either are not on AO3, or were posted some time ago by people who aren’t writing much S/B now—I assume you know most of the wonderful crop of people who are actively posting on AO3 right now, like MercuryandMoonlight, BuckinghamAlice, Bradygirl_12, and Khazadspoon…


Arch_schatten’s work is entirely on LJ, and especially her standalone S/B stories always thrill me to read—they’re delicate and nuanced and Clark and Bruce love each other so much. I recommend all of them, but if I had to pick a few specifically:

Fluent in Silence is a beautiful domestic fic detailing all the small ways people grow closer over time.

Filigree is a reflection on relationships in gorgeous language.

Heaven Tonight—I don’t generally like deathfic, but this is a meditation on grief and loss as Clark deals with Bruce’s death that balances joy and sadness and life going remorselessly on.

Holding On for luxurious sex in the middle of a thundercloud.


Starsandsea’s Clark/Bruce stories (again, only on LJ) are deft, dreamy, and very tender.  They tend to be quite short, so I like to save them for when I need a nibble of something sweet and delicious—although when she goes sad it will break your heart.


Something Warm by Ava_Jamison is extremely hot, dreamy (this time in the more literal semi-hallucination sense of the word), and balanced on a knife-edge of happiness and sadness.  Most of her S/B fic fits that description, but this is one of my favorites of hers.


You almost certainly know FabulaRasa’s Clark/Bruce works already, but I’ll take a moment and note my favorite of hers, which is Just a Formality—a modern marriage-of-convenience-that-becomes-much-more story.  Her Clark and Bruce are both so restrained and emotionally walled off that it always seems like a miracle when any connection happens at all—maybe my second favorite way of reading them, right after “they’re best friends and lovers and it’s incredibly easy and natural.” :)


After the Fact by Irrelevant is an episode tag for the Justice League United episode “Hereafter,” in which Superman is presumed dead.  The way that crisis breaks through their emotional barriers is a joy to read.


Finally, if you’re looking for long and plotty and don’t mind an AU, I enthusiastically recommend Icarus_chained’s The Wind at Midnight.  It’s a steampunk AU with flying cities, billowing capes, impossible heroics, a fantastic supporting cast, and lush prose.  Delicious.


Swimming Cities
Venice Biennale

“The process of ecological destruction through climate change is just beginning, so I started imagining a fantastical world where bits of cities broke off and developed their own life out at sea and began to navigate their own futures.” - Swoon

so, in the classical method of loci technique, practitioners could build their mind palaces to mirror entire cities, and the method recommended that they learn to remember words/concepts/facts/etc by populating said cities with fantastical, exaggerated and vivid characters and situations that held extremely personal resonance for the practitioner, in order to facilitate better recall, and i am just,


I went back down south recently for a couple of days to catch up with people and go places I don’t often get to go anymore.  I’ve lived up in the north a good while now, and more and more friends are moving away from places I used to know and have less reason to visit.

Brighton is one of those places.  For people outside the UK, Brighton is known for being a bit bohemian and having a big LGBT population/being a day trip spot for Londoners.

As a queer teenager I loved Brighton and wanted to move there.  Once I went to pride and spent the night clubbing then sat on the beach all night with friends watching the sun come up around a bonfire and I was in love with the place.  It was so creative and vibrant and I loved visiting.  But going back it somehow seems very unchanged, almost like it’s stuck in a late 90’s - early 2000s world of “Don’t worry be happy” smiley face posters, “No one knows I’m a lesbian” t-shirts and neon fluffy bags.  It just seems a bit worn around the edges.

I loved Brighton’s creativity, but going there now I was shocked to find the handmade shops stocking mostly work from people I know in Yorkshire (!), Donna Wilson (who is rad, but everywhere nowadays!  And good on her!) and pseudo-handmade shabby chic things.  I walked around enjoying the place on a nostalgic level, but lamenting the lack of locally made work, which is what I love to see in cities.

I went to Snoopers Paradise, a fantastic sprawling second hand shop full of absolutely anything you could want.  I’ve spent so many hours in that shop, but now being a northern expat, northern second hand shops are so cheap in comparison!

I went upstairs and found where Brighton’s local creatives are hiding, Snoopers Attic!  If you’ve been to Wilderness or Secret Garden Party and enjoyed it you’ll feel right at home.  (I definitely was!  I spent last year decorating SGP and felt like I was back there!) It has that wonderfully faux-folksy, outdoorsy festival vibe of a Pinterest garden party board.  That may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not!  It’s wonderful!  It’s beautifully decorated and stocked by local highly talented designers.  There’s sustainable clothing, collars, taxidermy, terrariums, jewellery, all sorts!  All handmade, all in Brighton, and not things I’d seen before!  And it all works so well together.  Even the stairs up to it are beautifully decorated with dried flowers, bunting, the people who decorated this know what their doing.  

I would recommend if going to Brighton you go their first, and explore the rest later!  And if you’re going to a festival this year, get your outfit here!

More of this kind of thing please =]

There were a few other good crafty things in Brighton, but more on that soon!

Interruptions (Jungkook scenario)

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Requested by Anon: You hadn’t seen Jungkook in three whole months and finally getting to see him just brought a smile to your face. Just Jungkook can get irritated sometime when the Hyung’s bother him.

A/N: YES !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! 09/04

  \\ .Λ_Λ.
   \( ˇωˇ) 
    > ⌒ヽ
   /   へ\
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )   Lノ

Genre: Fluff

(1150 words)

You sat in you bedroom. Legs cross and turning into another position, you couldn’t sit still from the excitement. Your phone was sitting right next to you and you always stole little glances on the screen, hoping something would pop. Your boyfriend was away for tour for over 3 months performing all around the tour, sending pictures to you probably trying to make you jealous. It was tough waiting for him all this time, he tried to send texts to you everyday but you told him countless time that they’re was no need to do it everyday, just hearing from him once a week calmed your nerve to see he wasn’t so stress. You heard a familiar bell sound that sends you jolting up and grabbing your phone to see if it was you boyfriend.

You got up from your position and quickly ran out of the door, feeling thrilled to see him again. You got on in the car and driving away from you apartment, you made sure to drive slowly and sooner than expected you arrived in front of the building where the seven boys lived. You got out of the car and headed inside, going into the elevator and pressing the button to their floor. The elevator stopped and opened and you got out to walk to their dorm room.

You knocked on the door until you heard a sudden shout from inside, you placed and ear against the door to hear the conversation from the other side. “CAN SOMEBODY GO TO THE CONVINIECE STORE TO BUY FOOD, THE FIRDGE IS EMPTY!”  You could tell it was Jin who was asking food. “YOONGI HYUNG! DID YOU STEAL MY UNDERWEAR AGAIN?!” You tried so hard not to burst out laughing from Jungkook’s voice. “HELL NO!” You smiled and stepped back form the door to knock again and this time it was opened by Jin. “Y/N!?” He wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up, feeling like a kid being hugged by his mother who she hasn’t seen in forever. “Jin…you can put me down…” You smiled and lightly patted his shoulder to place you back on the floor. You looked at him once more to see he was wearing his woolly pink coat. “Are you heading out?” You asked tilting your head lightly. “Yeah, we ran out of food so I’m going out shopping. Jungkook is in his room unpacking.” He informed and you thanked him. You entered the room and closed the door behind you after Jin went into the elevator.

You looked around to see clothes everywhere on the floor. You went into the room to see Jungkook taking clothes out of his suitcase either placing them in his cupboard or in a laundry basket. You knocked on the door lightly to gain his attention towards you with his large doe-like eyes looking straight into yours, a large smile instantly grew across his face. “Jagi!” He quickly walked over to you and pulled in an embrace filled with love and he tried to show how much he missed you. “How was the tour?” You asked trying to engage a conversation with him. “It was fantastic! The fans were fantastic, the cities….” He kept going on and on and you felt relieved that this whole thing wasn’t stressing him. “But there was one thing I didn’t like…” His expression turning blank all of the sudden. “What’s wrong Oppa?” Your face instantly being worried. He grabbed each of you hands and looked up to your eyes, making a soft smile on his face. “You weren’t there with me.” You rolled your eyes and smacked his chest for being cheesy, earning a groan from him.

You tried to walk out of the room but you felt a pair of arms wrapped around you pulling you close. You looked up to see him gazing down on you with his loving expression you have fell for. “Now I can finally get what I want after 3 months.” He leaned to you face, his breath tingling on you lips till you heard someone exclaiming you name. “Y/N?!” You saw Taehyung in the door way and you peeled off your boyfriends arms and went into your childhood friend’s. “Taehyung-ah.” “Aish, Jungkook keeping a secret that you are coming. What an awful Maknae….” Taehyung growled at Jungkook while still hugging. Taehyung was the one who introduced you to Jungkook and you couldn’t be more thankful for him. You tapped on his shoulder, signaling to let go and you away from Jungkook’s room. “Jagi where are you going!” Jungkook went out of the doorway to see you walking into the kitchen. “I’m just thirsty.” You calmly said and you took a glass out of the cupboard and grabbed the jug of water on the counter and poured it in the glass.

As you were drinking you were pulled into a back hug and you looked up to see Jungkook once again in the same position. You placed the glass down and looked at him to see his eyebrows furrowed. “I won’t go easy on you now that you left me for that childhood friend of yours…” “He’s one of your members.” “So what?”

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He closed the gap between you, slamming his lips on yours that he’d long forever since the tour. He missed it so much. He heard plastic bags being placed on the counter and he pulled away to see Jin leaning against the counter with his arms crossed. “If you want to make out, I suggest not in the kitchen.” Jungkook groaned, being interrupted for the second time is slowly starting to irritate him.  

Jin cooked lunch for the boys and you after the long flight they had to come back and the boys were delighted to have hyung’s cooking back. You were sitting in front of Jungkook and in between Jimin and Taehyung. As you were eating Jimin and Taehyung couldn’t help but crack jokes about the tour and the funniest moment, which you couldn’t help but laugh. Jungkook’s grip around his chopsticks tightened with anger. He was the one who invited you here; he was the one who wanted to see you, so why are you laughing with the other boys?

Jungkook smashed his chopstick on the table and walked over to you. You looked up to see anger on his face. He lifted you off the ground and placed you over his shoulder, causing you to fidget around and hitting his back. “Jungkook, I still want tot eat!” “I don’t care, I invited you but here you are talking with the other guys. And don’t you there interrupt me Hyungs!” He shouted across the hallway and walked over to his room. He threw you on the bed and instantly pinning you down, his face inches away from you. “Now…we have a lot to catch up during those 3 months.”