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Teen Friday

In this week’s Teen Friday…. I interviewed the lovely Han Hye from South Korea! On my blog findteenpenpals I always get questions if there are any pen pals from Korea, so I’m very excited to be giving my readers an idea on how it’s like being a Teen in South Korea! Thank you Han Hye for your Interview and lovely pictures!

Here is the interview:

Name: Han Hye Ji (Han is my family name)

Age: 17

City: Incheon Country: South Korea

Q: What’s typical a typical south korean teenager in your opinion?

A:  - Really similar to other countries’s teenagers. Love to hangout with friends, Doing SNS, Going somewhere, Have a lot of interest,
But I think we have little bit more stress to study.

Q: Is there a trend South Korean teens follow when it comes to make up and fashion?

A: - Some Korean girls usually follow the trends. You can easliy find the trends in K-pop girl group’s music videos (Probably Red Velvet( girl group) is the standard.)

Matte-Bright beige color skin is essential. The pink/orange coral color shadows and lips are popular these days.

They don’t seems to do the western style makeup like conturing and smokie eyes. I think they want to look cute, more than classic.

Teens usually wear School uniform at school(uniforms are all different each school), skinny pants and many kind of shirts for outfit every year.
Espacially this year, Tennis skirts and pastel color one-to-ones are hot among teen girls.

Q: How would you describe the South Korean school system?

A: - Pretty strict than other countries but it’s worth it.

There’s two system, One is technical schools, other is general schools.
I am attending general high school so I’m gonna tell more about it :)

Natural resources are not enough in Korea. So we have to develop the human resources. That’s why everyone said the korean school system is too strict.
We go to school at 7:30AM to do self-study, School starts at 8:30AM. and all of the classes end at 6:00PM.
But we don’t go home. Stay in school until 10:00PM to do self-study. So we spend all of the daytime at school.

It’s hard and tired but really fun to be with friends all day. Everything is interesting, except the study :D
Most of countries counting grades like 1~13 but here we count like elemetry school 6years, Secondary school 3years and Highschool 3years. After do the Su neung (Like SAT in U.S) in senior year, go to universities.

Q: South Korea is home of k-pop, how would you describe it? Also do you have any songs you would like to share?

A: -Many people thinks that K-pop is the Idol dance group music, But it’s not.
K-pop is various gerne, There’s Idol groups, Solo singers, Rock bands, Hip Hop crews, Acoustic bands.. So many gernes are in this large range of k-pop. Likewise, There’s a lot of good songs! Actually, I don’t like idol dance music as well.

I would like to recommand:

Wiing Wiing(위잉위잉)-Hyukoh(혁오)
How do I look-Beenzino
Just(그냥)-Zion. T  <<I higly recommand his song.
Hold me tight(감아)-Loco(로꼬)
Too Late-John Park(존박)

Q: If an other teenager would visit you from an other country, what would you show the other teen?

A: -I want to show them Seoul first. Seoul is not only the high tech city, but also the captial city since very long time ago, passing many dynasties. So they can enjoy a lot of various expericences.

That’s not bad to traveling suburb cities. Especaily, My city Incheon has international airport. so everyone who travel korea, has to visit it.
If he/she is intrested in history, I would like to show him/her a GyengJu, another ancient capital city, or intrested in Nature, show them JeJu island, most beautiful island in korea,
I just visited JeJu for school trip last week. Really cool place to rest.

Q: What do you like the most about living in South Korea?

A.-First thing that I like is: I don’t have to care about going outside even if it’s 11 o'clock. Most cities are active like daytime at night too. So I bet that Korea is the one of the secure countries second, Public Transfortation is really comfortable. I had been to some other countries, I haven’t seen anything similar. Lastly, The super fast internet 😄

- - - - - - -

Again I want to thank Han Hye for the Interview, I myself also learned a lot :)!

For my readers: I also quickly wanted to add what’s on the pictues:

Picture One: View of Incheon from Han Hye’s room window.

Picture Two: Sunset of GyeongJu ocean

Picture Three: Seoul’s Night skyview

Picture Four: Jeju island beach!

With all that being said, I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Teen Friday! :)!

xoxo Giulia
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