In an interesting and progressive move, New York’s recently released OneNYC plan- its overarching vision and objectives for the city- is explicitly based on the recently agreed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Here 4 visions of the city, based on the respective ‘lenses’ of growth, equity, sustainability and resiliency, are linked to specific SDGs- with further details of goals, initiatives and targets listed in the plan.

Should other cities, in both developed and developing regions, similarly consider framing their longer-term strategic visions in the context of the SDGs, and develop policies, programs and targets that align with the Global Goals?… 

Some of my favourite urban sights:

  • Bricked-up windows
  • Upper-storey doorways that open into empty space
  • Staircases that lead nowhere
  • Clean, working, fully stocked vending machines in obscure and inaccessible places
  • Detailed graffiti on surfaces with no obvious spot for the artist to stand, like the underside of a high bridge, or ten metres up a bare wall
  • Machinery left to rust because there’s no use for it anymore, but it’s in a weird or precarious location and there’s no way to safely remove it

(I’m sure there’s a theme here…)