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“But man, Stevie Nicks… she changes the temperature of the room whenver she’s on, even in an open-air stadium like Citi Field. Her voice, sharp and enigmatic as ever, is a national treasure, her stage presence hasn’t become one iota less captivating in over 40 years of iconicity, and her songs are just the best songs. Your heart and tear ducts fill instinctively upon hearing them, before your head can even identify the particular tune.” - Billboard

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A Night to Remember- Dylan O’Brien x reader

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Dylan O’Brien x reader

Prompt: “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

Warnings: Just a little bit of fluff but that’s about it

Word count: 3,163 words

A/N: Here’s the second one shot I wrote. As you can tell, I’ve never been to a baseball game before or New York so bare with me here lol. Special thank you to @susybird for being my beta reader on this & helping me edit this whole mess, I love you!! Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think :)

“Y/N come on, get up or we’re gonna be late.” My friend Angie yelled from downstairs, loud enough for me to hear her.

I groaned, flipping her off even though she couldn’t see me. I got up from bed and went straight into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Today, Angie and I were gonna go watch our favorite baseball teams play against each other in the Citi Field stadium in New York. It was the New York Mets against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The game started at 2:30 pm and it was now 11:55 am. We lived about 2 hours away from the stadium so if we wanted good seats, we’d have to leave soon.

When I was done showering, I brushed my teeth and washed my face, soon walking over to my mirror where I had my makeup. I settled with some mascara and a little bit of blush and highlighter, not doing much with my eyebrows since they were already shaped and dark enough. I didn’t want to wear too much makeup since it was gonna be in the high 90’s today.

I blow dried my hair and straightened it, then styling it half up and half down, I left some pieces of hair in the front to frame my face. I put my nose ring back in, sprayed my face with some rose water and let it dry.

I went over to my closet and taking out my dodgers jersey I paired it with my light blue high waisted jeans and some white converse. I put on my favorite hoop earrings, a simple necklace and a ring or two.

After looking at myself one last time in the mirror, I was happy with the way I looked and walked downstairs to meet Angie.

She was wearing her Mets jersey with some black jeans and her blue vans that happened to be the same color as her jersey.

“Oh my god, about time. Are you ready to go?”

I laughed sarcastically and nodded to her, signaling her to grab her keys, both of us leaving.

It was 2:00 pm when we got there (traffic was a pain in the ass) and the stadium was already packed. I was glad I didn’t wear anything too fancy because I don’t know how long I would have lasted in the heat here.

Walking in, we were trying to look for good seats when I saw some in the Mets section. I knew there was no other good seats so I just had to swallow my pride and take one for the team. Walking over to the seats, that’s when I saw him.

He was wearing a Mets jersey, some dark blue jeans, and a backwards hat sporting the Mets logo. He had a little bit of scruff which I found very attractive and made him look 10x more older. He was with some other guys which I’m assuming were his friends, eyes focused on the game and nothing else.

We walked toward the seats,watching mets guy (that’s his nickname for now) and his friends. I made eye contact with him, seeing him lick his lips as he looked me up and down, a blush soon creeping on my face. This was going to be an interesting game.

It was almost the seventh-inning stretch and the game was tied 20-20, the Mets were batting and bases were loaded. The crowd was silent, almost everyone on the edge of their seats, including me.

Come on, get an out, get an out. I said in my head, not really wanting to piss off any Mets fans since I was surrounded by them.

I heard the bat come in contact with the ball, hitting it right on and then saw the ball coming towards the section I was sitting at. I put my hand up, not wanting it to hit me directly in the face when I suddenly felt something hit the palm of my hand.

I lowered my arm from in front of my face and looked to see what had hit my hand; it was none other than the ball that had just been soaring through the sky towards me.

Me, I had caught the ball. Completely by accident. Suddenly, I hear Angie yelling in my face,


The people next to me were congratulating me and some even said I had very good reflexes.

Okay folks it’s time for the seventh-inning stretch. Feel free to go refresh yourselves and we’ll be back after these announcements.” The man over the intercom said.

I finally get up, giving the ball to Angie and asking if she wanted any food or drink.

“Uh yeah, I’ll take a pretzel and beer.” I nod and walk off, making my way to the food area.

As I’m standing in line, I hear someone clear their throat fairly loud behind me. It was mets guy, a smile on his face. Being this close to him, I can finally see him more clearly. Moles scattered across his face, his big brown eyes staring at me and I felt like I was gonna die right then and there. God he was so cute.

“You’re the one that caught that ball?”

“Yep, the one and only, haha.”

“How’d you do it?” He seemed very interested, as if I had some superpowers that could suddenly make time go slower so that I was able to catch the ball just in time.

“Quick reflexes, I guess.” I lightly chuckle while slightly rocking back and forth, my tick for when I’m nervous coming out.

“Well I thought it was really cool.” He smiled, taking his cap off to push his hair back and putting it back on. We stood there for an awkward 2 minutes until he finally speaks again.

“My buddies and I were gonna go out for drinks afterward, maybe you and your friend wanna come?”

I think about it for a second and turn back around, now facing him.

“I’ll make you deal. If the Mets win, then I’ll go out with you and I’ll buy the first round of drinks. But, if the Dodgers win, you have to run down to where the teams are and yell as loud as you can that the Dodgers are the best. And you have to buy the first round.” I smile, patting myself on the back for how flirty I’m being.

He tilts his head back, a laugh erupting from his mouth with his hand on his chest. He looks back at me with a smirk on his face.

“Okay, you got yourself a deal..uh?”


“Dylan.” He puts his hand out and we shake on it, the deal being sealed.

After 10 minutes of standing in line, I finally get back with 2 pretzels and 2 beers and give Angie her food and drink. As the game starts, I look back at Dylan, seeing him already staring at me and he winks at me. I turn back around, waiting for this game to end already.

“Okay and that is game. The mets win 32-26.”

Angie and I both get up at the same time, about to leave when I hear a familiar voice behind us.

“I believe you lost the deal. Time to pay up.” Dylan jokes, still having that stupid smirk on his face.

We walk over to them, seeing 2 guys with Dylan. One with black hair and a beard, and the other with short dark hair and tattoos scattered all over his arms and legs. I look at Angie, seeing she’s already eyeing him.

“Y/N, this is my friend Hoechlin.” The bearded man sending us a glowing smile and holding out his hand to us.

“Your name is..different?” Angie says, not realizing how rude she sounded. I look at her, slapping her arm. Hoechlin laughs and begins to speak.

“That’s my last name. My name is Tyler.”

“And my name is also Tyler but you can call me TPosey.” The handsome guy with tattoos says, putting out his hand for us to shake, Angie immediately taking it.

I roll my eyes and then look at Dylan who is already staring at me.

“Oh yeah, and this is Y/N and her friend..?”

“Angie,” she smiles, still not breaking eye contact with TPosey.

“Shall we leave then? I believe a certain someone owes us drinks.” I roll my eyes once again and we all begin walking to the closest bar.

When we walk in, it felt like the place had gotten smaller. People were practically on top of one another because of how packed it was.  

We looked around and Hoechlin had found us a booth in the corner, thank goodness. As we made our way over, I felt a hand intertwine with mine. I look up and see it’s Dylan’s. He gives my hand a squeeze and I begin to move closer to his back, not wanting to get lost in the sea full of people.

When we finally get there we all sit down, Dylan’s hand never leaving mine.

“Okay, so I’m gonna head over to the bar. Any requests?” I say loudly so they can hear me over the loud music.

“Lots and lots of tequila.”

“And fireball!” Both Angie and TPosey say in unison, looking at each other and then laughing.

“Alright tequila, beer, and fireball it is.” I get up, leaving to go to the bar.

“Yeah, I’ll go with you.” Dylan also puts his hand up to get my attention, soon running after me. I blush hardcore as we walk to the bar together.

After ordering the drinks, I turn around to scan the room. Most of the people are already drunk and I look over to our booth to see TPosey and Angie making out while Hoechlin is chatting with some ladies that had walked in a few minutes earlier. I laugh at Angie and TPosey and take the drinks back to them.

I admit it, I was a little bummed Dylan didn’t even bother to start a conversation with me but I quickly brushed it off. I picked up a shot of fireball, raising it and clinking my glass with the rest of the group.

I lost count after 7 shots of fireball but for some reason, I was still very much sober, same with Dylan. On the other hand, Angie and TPosey were just about ready to pass out on the dancefloor so Hoechlin offered to take them home, leaving just me and Dylan by ourselves.

It started to get a little awkward since neither of us were bothering to look at each other. My reason was, I was just really nervous. I mean, he is a really cute guy, how could I not get nervous whenever I’m around him?

All of a sudden, his voice knocked me out of my thoughts.

“You wanna get out of here?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. My mom said to never get in a car with a stranger.”

“We just drank together, I don’t think that counts as being a stranger anymore, don’t you think? Plus, it’s starting to die down and I wanna show you a place.”

Hesitant at first, I thought, How bad could this actually be? He held out his hand and I tentatively took it, both of us leaving the bar.

The car ride to the “secret but greatest place ever” (as Dylan said), wasn’t awkward. There was a small talk from time to time but I wanted something more. I wanted to get to know him but he seemed quiet and distant all of a sudden. I wanted the guy at the baseball game and his flirty talks and smirks.

When we arrived at the place, I realized we were in central park. He looks over at me and smiles before getting out and making his way over to my side and opening up my door.

“Wow. What a gentleman.”

“Yeah, I’m a real catch.” He chuckles and takes my hand.

“This is what you wanted to show me? I’ve been here plenty of times.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never been here when it’s dark and there’s nobody here have you?”

“No, because there’s people here who like to creep on women at night, so I think I’ll pass.”

“What if I’m one of those creeps?”

I stop and look at him.

“Well..are you?”

He laughs and continues to walk through the park.

I think about this in my head. Okay, he could potentially take me somewhere to kill me or he could actually be a decent guy. He would’ve done something to me by now, right? Oh geez, please don’t make me regret this. I sigh quietly and try to catch up with him.

Walking through the park, it was beautiful. Flowers were growing everywhere, you could hear the cars in the city and the lights were shining brighter than I have ever seen them.

“So, tell me about yourself.” His voice interrupts my thinking.

“Not much to know. I’ve lived here my whole life. Mom and dad got divorced when I was 7. Then, my dad ended up marrying a woman who he worked with and moved to Michigan, while my mom and I stayed here. After high school, I decided to move out but my mom and I are still really close. Uh, I work at a daycare because I absolutely adore kids. And that’s about as exciting as my life gets.” Dylan listened to me ramble and didn’t interrupt at all.

After I was done talking, we stopped at a bench and sat down.

“So what about you? What’s your life like?”

“Well, hahaha, I was born in New York City, mom is a former actress who ran an acting school, and dad was a camera operator. I grew up in a town in New Jersey, until I moved to Hermosa Beach, California when I was 12. After graduating, I considered going into sports broadcasting and maybe working for the Mets, which is why I’m such a huge fan of them. I had planned to attend Syracuse University as a sports broadcasting major, but decided to go into the acting gig instead which is why I’m back here.”

“Wow, you seem like you know what you want and that you have a bright future ahead of you. I like that.” I smile at him, a blush soon creeping on his face.

“Come on, there’s something else I want to show you.”

We continued walking and I decide to check my phone. I saw that it was 2:30 am and Angie had texted me a couple hours ago.  

“Got home safe. Ty’s sleeping over. I’ll give you the deets tomorrow. Be safe.” I roll my eyes, knowing exactly how the conversation is going to go in the morning.

Dylan and I suddenly stop and I see that there are rowboats that people can rent. He walks over and pays the man.

“We’re going on this thing?”

“Yep it’ll be fun just trust me. He then took my hand, helping me get into the boat and then quickly following me in.

The boat begins to move and I edge closer to Dylan, his hand now resting on my thigh. I smile and take it, intertwining it with mine.

“Thank you for this.” I say, still looking at our joined hands.

“For what?” He says, now looking at me.

“For tonight. I didn’t think it would go like this but I’m actually having a nice time with you. I don’t know but there’s something about you that has me smiling all the time and butterflies in my stomach.” He takes his other hand and uses it to lift my chin. I look into his beautiful brown eyes and I get lost in them. He inches forward and I do the same. The kiss was filled with nothing but sparks.

“I like you too if you haven’t noticed. I don’t want this to just be a one time thing. I’d like to see you again and take you on a proper date, if that’s okay with you?” He says, a true smile forming on my lips.

“That’s perfect.” I kiss him again and this time it was better than the one before. Being with him made me feel safe and I didn’t want the day to end.

We talked more about our lives and he told me Tyler had texted him, telling him how much he liked Angie, even though they barely knew each other. But that’s how Dylan and I were, and I couldn’t be happier with anyone else. Unfortunately, I spoke way too soon as the boat ride was coming to an end.

The sun was starting to appear when Dylan dropped me off at the apartment. We exchanged numbers and said our final goodbyes until the next time we would see each other again.

I unlocked the door to Angie and I’s apartment and saw that she and Tyler were still sleeping. I tiptoed to my room and changed out of the clothes I was wearing into more comfortable ones. I plopped down on my bed, exhausted from the crazy night/morning I’d just had, but it was definitely an unforgettable one and so worth it.

I hear a bing coming from my phone and I get back up to see who the text message was from. A big grin appeared on my face when I seen Dylan’s name pop up.

Did you enjoy yourself last night?

“I believe you mean night/morning. And yes. I did.”

“Me too. What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m actually a very popular and busy person if you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh I noticed. But I wanna take you out to dinner tomorrow, for the first part of our official first date.” I blush.

“Wow first part I see? And how many parts are there in this date?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. So what do you say? Do you wanna go out with me?”

“Of course. Pick me up around 8ish?”

“Can’t wait cutie ;)”

With that, I locked my phone and set it back down, getting under the blankets and quickly drifting off into a deep sleep, the last thing on my mind being Dylan.


Lady Gaga tells the story of her aunt Joanne and why it was important to write the record. She sings ‘Joanne’ on the guitar to a SOLD OUT CROWD in New York City Citi Field Stadium August 28,2017

Things Left Undone

Being a fan of the team that loses the World Series feels like attending a great month long party and then going straight to a funeral.

The Mets had a great season that came up short. I’m disappointed with the outcome but that doesn’t take anything away from the amazing and improbable that the run that the Mets were on from July 31st through October.

The Mets postseason run gave me a chance to do something I’ve always dreamed of, seeing them play a World Series game in person.  On October 31, I flew to NY and then went straight from the airport to Citi Field.

I entered the stadium in time to have a the place as close to myself as I’ll ever have.

I was there to take in the place and the fact that I was realizing something I had been dreaming about for 30 years. I was also there to find a small bit of closure. If you know me, you know that I regret never getting to see a game at Citi Field with my father before he passed away. In fact, he never got there at all because he passed away shortly after the Mets concluded their first season in the place.

I flew to New York with nothing but my phone, a ticket to the game and a prayer card that I’ve kept around my house for the last six years.

My plan was to get close enough to drop the card onto the field before the game but I wasn’t able to make it close enough. Since I only had a standing room ticket and I needed to focus on finding the best viewing location before the game began. After finding a spot I revised my plan to leave the card on a seat after the game ended.

The game started and it was great. Seeing the Mets in the World Series was as much fun as I hoped it would be. The fact that the Mets lost the game (and the series one game later) doesn’t even matter. Sometimes the outcome is secondary to the journey.

Thanks to some people inexplicably leaving early I was able to get a seat for the last inning. After the game ended I pulled the card out of my pocket but I just couldn’t leave it behind to be swept up and thrown away.

After the game I met some friends and family at The Neptune Diner in Astoria.

After 3 hours of late night breakfast, cake and 10 cups of coffee it was time for me to get back to the airport so I could get back to LA. From the platform of the N Train I looked out at the Triborough RFK Bridge. I hadn’t realized I was so close to a bridge my father had worked on years earlier. My jittery hands took a picture of piece of my father’s life before the train pulled away. I still had the prayer card in my pocket and no regrets about the Mets. 

The 2015 baseball season is only 5 months away. Let’s Go Mets.

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❄️  139. “Sorry, I forgot you don’t like hugs.”

“Sorry, I forgot you don’t like hugs.”

The loft was deathly silent as Stiles slowly inched away from Derek, dropping his arms to his sides from where they’d been wrapped tightly around Derek’s shoulders. The Mets had just won the World Series―their third World Series win and Stiles got to see it!―and Stiles had forgotten himself in his excitement and, jumping to his feet and impulsively hugging Derek who’d been returning from the kitchen.

Staring at the ground feeling like a child who had just been chastised, despite the fact that Derek hadn’t said a single word, Stiles repeated, “Sorry.”

He backed away, tensing for the moment Derek would throw him out of the loft, shakily taking his seat on the couch beside Isaac, refusing to raise his eyes from the floor. Onscreen the Citi Field stadium was still in an uproar celebrating New York’s victory.

From the corner of his eye Stiles saw Derek move to sit in his armchair, cracking open his can of soda. He quickly turned his head, focusing his eyes on Isaac’s shoes as the betas began debating what movie to watch now that the game was over.


His head snapped up in shock, his entire body tensing as his heart rate skyrocketed in nervous apprehension. He stared wide-eyed at Scott who’d called his name, acknowledging, “Hmm?”

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Scott asked, elaborating, “Your team just won, after all.”

“Oh, uh, I don’t care,” Stiles replied, shrugging lamely and dropping his gaze to stare a hole in his jeans that was suddenly intensely fascinating.

They decided on watching Benchwarmers to stick with the baseball theme, foregoing any more serious movie in favor of a few laughs.

Stiles spent the whole movie staring at his knees and absentmindedly eating orange and blue M&Ms but when he remembered that Derek had special ordered them for the big game he felt nauseous and immediately stopped. He got a call from his dad halfway through the movie, excusing himself from the couch and standing by the wall of windows to take the call.

His dad had congratulated him on the Mets’ win and asked if he was alright when his response was notably subdued. He said he’d tell him about it later and wished him a good night on the rest of his shift.

He contemplated hiding in the bathroom until the movie was over and the pack left but ultimately decided against it, well aware it’d only call more attention to himself. And that was the last thing he needed right now.

Stiles managed to wait out the rest of the movie feeling more guilty than he had when he was six and had a tantrum and didn’t talk to his dad for three days, remembering how much he had hurt his dad. Just like he’d hurt Derek by doing what people had been doing for years, violating his personal space and touching himself consent. It made his blood boil.

The moment the credits began to roll he rose to his feet and grabbed his hoodie, quickly slipping it on over his Mets t-shirt. He was following the rest of the pack to the door when Derek called his name.

Stiles didn’t think he’d ever been as nervous.

He  turned and walked back toward Derek who was standing in the middle of the loft, keeping his eyes on the floor. Derek began, “Stiles―”

“Look, Derek, I know. I’m sorry. I never should’ve done that. I just wasn’t thinking and I know that’s no excuse either but I really am sorry,” Stiles blurted, effectively cutting him off. “I’m just gonna go, okay?”

He was turning to leave, to go wallow in guilt somewhere else, when Derek gently grabbed his arm and spun him around. Stiles looked up at him, confused.

“Stiles, I’m not upset,” Derek said, huffing a small incredulous laugh. Stiles blinked at him in disbelief. Derek reiterated, “I’m not, I swear. I don’t know why you think I am.”

“Because you don’t like hugs!” Stiles cried, flailing his arm around aimlessly.

“Stiles, I like hugs just fine. You surprised me is all,” Derek explained, smiling reassuringly. “Why did you think I don’t like hugs?”

“Because you’re you! Y'know Derek Hale: dark, broody alpha werewolf, willing and able to rip my throat out. With his teeth!” Stiles exclaimed, still gesticulating wildly.

Derek chuckled, “That was years ago. I was dying, I think I deserve some credit for my restraint in not actually doing it.”

Stiles deflated. “Well, yeah. So you’re really not upset? Like, at all?”

“No, Stiles, I’m not,” Derek assured. He was quick to add, “I’m actually a big fan of hugs, believe it or not.”

“No way,” Stiles teased, finally cracking a smile and poking Derek in the ribs. Derek grinned and nodded, opening his arms slightly in blatant invitation. Stiles froze. “Wait, really?”

Derek just nodded again, raising his eyebrows. Stiles gratefully fell into Derek’s arms, resting his cheek on Derek’s shoulder and sighing heavily as Derek wrapped his arms around him.

Derek laid his cheek against Stiles’ hair, rocking them softly. Stiles fist his hands in the back of Derek’s gray Henley, clinging to him tightly. Derek moved his head the slightest bit to kiss to top of Stiles’ head.

Yeah, everything was gonna be okay.

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