I just saw a photo post with a bunch of stuff in it but there were pills on a note, three different kinds. Those three were exactly my pill regiment since December up until recently. Abilify, minocycline, and citalophram. Kinda cool to see that combination in a post.


Moving to a lower dosage of medication sucks :-( I want it to work out though and wean off of them so I can try something different. Usually I start out the day feeling like complete shit and emotional with a weird fog in my head/pressure/headache. Which makes work suck worse than usual. But at a certain point the awful feeling goes away and I have energy all day. Its a weird combination of pressure in my head/headache and energy and alertness. And then I don’t go to bed until like 2am (like now) because my mind is engaged. But I think not sleeping enough isn’t helping. UGH!!! Not going through crazy mood swings though or major depression. So that is good. My head just feels whack and it’s not fun.

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Hey I was just wondering when were you diagnosed with depersonalization? I'm fourteen and was diagnosed with it and anxiety and my therapist suggested I go on meds so that will be happening soon too. I just feel weird and an outcast and kinda need some reassurance, and I feel kinda alone with this stuff. Thanks have a great night!

Hey there! I was never professionally diagnosed with depersonalization. But I am diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, which I take citalophram for. It helps to repress my DPD slightly. I only saw my first and last therapist for a short amount of time (due to her being a bully and ect), but I know that I have DPD and Ive had it for almost my whole life. It got really bad the past two years - which i spent literally trying to convince myself that I am somehow real. I like to think that I’m getting better at coping now.

That being said - look at all the notes on my self care post! Over 700! You and I are most definitely not alone. Far from it. Your existence is very real and very valid.

Also, only medicate if YOU feel it’s right. Don’t let others pressure you into it unless you’re comfortable with it.

Come off anon and talk to me whenever you like! I’d love to chat about anything and I’m almost always available.

Stay lovely now.

(Also, sorry if my reply has any mistakes. Tumblr mobile at 1:30AM is sketchy af).