You didn’t really know what to expect when your friend took you to see a Harry Styles concert at a theater in Boston. You knew the theater decidedly better than the performer. You knew who he was, of course, the legendary boybander who’d ventured out on his own. You’d heard his songs but not enough to know the words and although you remembered that they were different, you weren’t sure if you’d recognise them if you heard them again.

That said, this was a night out with your best friend and you were going to enjoy it. And if not, then the wine, afterward. 

You weren’t expecting it, but once you were in your seat, somewhere to the left on the second row, and the lights had dimmed, there was this odd static in the air. This hum of anticipation. It made the hairs on your forearms stand on end and sent a tingle down your spine.

You fully expected screaming, your friend had warned you, after all, when Harry Styles and his band appeared as silhouettes against the pastel and dark backdrop. But instead he just commanded a silence that took your breath away.

When the lights overhead came on, there was the applause and the noise that made your head spin. But was it really the noise? Or was it him as he gazed down into the audience? At you? Was he really looking at you, or were you just imagining the lingering glance?

Whatever it was, you were ensnared by a spell that he had cast and was keeping in place with his voice and his music. And for all the times you’d laughed at your friend, you now formed an apology in your head. Because you got it now. Harry Styles was an enigma and demanded everyone’s attention.  You understood everything, from the music, the mystery and the charm. You got it now.

Charlie McAvoy - Day Dreaming

“This is my last request lmao for now.. could I get one where u have the nightmare.. thanks omg” - @mcavoythedoughboy

Word count: 462
Warnings: none

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You woke up in a fright from your sleep, accidentally hitting Charlie in the face. Who, about ten seconds prior, was peacefully asleep.
“Ow… What’s going on?” Charlie said, half awake.
“Sorry, I think I had a nightmare. But I woke up too fast to even remember what I dreamt about.” your heart was still racing. Charlie reached over and turned on his bedside lamp while putting on his glasses.
“Come here, baby.” He said, sitting up. You cozied yourself up to his chest. His calm demeanor was bringing your heart pace back down to normal.
“I’m really sorry about accidentally hitting you.” You stroked his face and gave him small kisses on his cheek. He let out a heartfelt laugh.
“It’a fine. I won’t tell anyone you beat me up in your sleep.” He joked. You couldn’t help but smile up at him.
“Tell me a story so I can sleep.” you got excited, “Please?”
He began rubbing your back. Humming while thinking. His touch was waking you up even more.The way his fingers circled on your skin always gave you goosebumps.
“Want to know what I day dream about?” He asked. You nodded, mesmerized by his sleepy face. You loved when you were home together and he’d wear his glasses. By him wearing them now, you thought you’d never fall asleep since you don’t want to stop staring at him.
“I day dream about you. A LOT. on the road, on the ice, when I’m in a plane or on a bus going anywhere and I know you’re back here at home waiting for me.” He confessed. Your heart starts to race again at the same rate that you woke up from your nightmare at. You were so in love with this man. Everything he was spilling out proved he was just as in love with you.
“I might be on the road at 3am in California knowing that it’s almost 5 or 6 in Boston. I’m always wondering how you’re sleeping and if you’re on my side of the bed. I dream about when I come home to you. No matter what time it is, you always are up and greet me with the greatest hug and sweetest kisses.” He yawns.
“Wow, you’re cute.” you gush. He smiles at you.
“Yeah, I kind of like you.” He laughs, “Are you getting tired? Because I am.” He puts his glasses back on his night stand and turns off the lamp.
“After a kiss, I can go back to sleep.” You hint at him. He gives you a soft kiss on the lips and sinks back down on the mattress.
“Goodnight, my love.” He mumbles, already falling back into a deep slumber.
“Goodnight.” You whisper, still snuggling on his chest.

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