i made an adult decision

i decided i would work two weeks less than i had planned due to wanting to do some CISV related stuff. since im 18, and i will probably have my drivers license by then and therefore get there on my own, i went for it and applied as a volunteer kitchen staff.

i broke the news to my parents today and… they werent as ecstastic as i had hoped, they mumbled something about me losing two weeks of pay, and that it might be nice but ‘do you reeally need to do it?’.

i might not have had the best camp participation experiences, but i have had amazing fun times as kitchen staff. even if it pays nothing, a summer without any CISV is not really all that fun.

ive made up my mind about this and i feel like its a big step into adulthood: im not going to care too much about what my parents think, even if i understand why theyd want me to work longer.

if any 14 year old out there is going to Finland this summer for Step Up, You might just meet me serving ya some delicious makaronilaatikko :)

May 20, 2015

This is the first blog entry of the trip! We are a CISV group traveling to Norway in June for a village as the Canadian Representatives!