Proposal for Undertale Shipping Month  November 2k16

Nov. 1st. Alphyne

Nov. 2nd: Alphyne

Nov. 3rd: Alphyne

Nov. 4th: Alphyne

Nov. 5th: Mettaton x body pillow of himself

Nov. 6th: Alphyne

Nov. 7th: Alphyne can’t have 5 minutes alone without Papyton bugging them

Nov. 8th: Alphyne

Nov. 9th: Alphyne

Nov. 10th: Undyne x Charasmaticdreemurr  

Nov. 11th: Alphyne

Nov. 12th: Alphyne looks at your internet history 

Nov. 13th: Alphyne

Nov. 14th: Charisk fights the cistem

Nov. 15th: Alphyne

Nov. 16th: Alphyne

Nov. 17th: Alphyne destroys #Undertail

Nov. 18th: Alphyne

Nov. 19th: Alphyne

Nov. 20th: Platonic Soriel  

Nov. 21st: Alphyne

Nov. 22nd: Alphyne cosplays as your favorite yuris

Nov. 23rd: Alphyne

Nov. 24th: Onionsan x Jerry 

Nov. 25th: Alphyne

Nov. 26th: Alphyne hardcore anime cosplay and rp

Nov. 27th: Alphyne x 2  

Nov. 28th: Alphyne + 100

Nov. 29th: Alphyne

Nov. 30th: Alphyne x Alphyne 

hilarious working-as-an-androgyne thing of the day

being asked by a coworker who doesn’t speak very fluent english basically if im a boy who looks like a girl or a girl who looks like a boy

and then having my supervisor spend a couple minutes trying to explain it to him and finally settling on “not boy, not girl, just Lane.”

Bathing in Madagaskar! Btw, this got deleted from Facebook beacause of nudity while a picture of my male incoded partner with the same amount of skin showing was totally cool. Suprised? Fuck facebook, fuck sexism and fuck the cistem.

Harry Potter Spells Series

Cistem Aperio
/ˈsɪstəm ˌæpeəriˈəʊ/
“"Stand aside,” said Riddle, drawing out his wand. His spell lit the corridor with a sudden flaming light. The door behind the large boy flew open with such force it knocked him into the wall opposite. And out of it came something that made Harry let out a long, piercing scream unheard by anyone.”

trans ally tip #2: “down with cis” and “fight the cistem” are not oppressive statements. Being cis means you have many privileges that trans people will never have. A few jokes don’t equal systematic oppression, erasure, and violence.