cissyna  asked:

Hello! I've spent the last two hours browsing through your blog and I have to say how awesome it is! Really loved every content, your art is absolutely fantastic *.* Thank you for being this amazing

thank youuuu for this message !! i can’t believe anyone would look through my stuff for 2 hours omg i want to give you a medal for that

cissyna  asked:

Heyho :) I just wanted to thank you, you beautiful being, for ruining my life with showing me Steam Powered Giraffe. I admit I still don't really get this style or the band, but there is something catchy in some songs, so yeah... Why I'm writing is because last night I scrolled through your blog a bit too much and in my dream I fall in love with a robot (or robot-masked man? doesn't really matter), who looked a lot like the bands singer. So thank you again, without you I never had this chance :D

Oh my! Well, welcome to the bandom! I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

cissyna  asked:

Hello! First I'd like to say how much I adore your comic, it's so perfect, the charaters are on point every time, the art style is amazingly beautiful and the story seems interesting too. Second, why I decided to write you because after readking the last pages I listened to my playlist and Saving me from Nickleback popped up and it just hit me that it goes so well with the story so far. I'm not saying the lyrics is 100% accurate, but there are moments when it goes so well.

oh boY sorry for replying so late SHAME ON ME

first of all, thank you so so much for your kind words, i’m so happy you enjoyed the comic and think i got their characters right ;;;;;;;

also i JUST listened to the song and i’ll be damned, the lyrics really do fit the story quite well… i’m sad all over again [`・⊇・´]