LMAO the cis are at it again. It’s been suggested that the facial model for the statue of liberty was a dude and so now all the news orgs are like “is the statue of liberty actually a man?” Well I for one just want to congratulate Lady Liberty on being the largest trans woman in North America if not the world.

  • straight people: *sees a baby boy make any gesture of acknowledgment to a girl* w0w wHAT a ladIES MAN!!! such a stUD!!
  • also straight people: *sees someone age 13-19 being romantic with someone of the same gender* i just don't understand??? like you can't know that you're gay until you're an adult??? why do you have to force your gay agenda on the children™???

What Cis People Say To Trans People Vs. What We Hear

By Meredith Talusan and Rory Midhani

TRANSlator 3000: Amazing technology translates cissexist BS!

“Oh you’re trans but you look so good!”
“Trans people are ugly.”

“I’ve never met a trans person before.”
“I assume I can identify any trans person.”

“I would date a trans person.”
“Trans people are usually undateable so I deserve a prize.” 

“You look just like a real woman.”
“Trans women aren’t really women.”

“I’m glad you’re being honest with me about being trans.”
“Trans people who don’t tell me they’re trans are deceivers and liars.”

“I loooooove trans people!”
“I fetishize trans people.”

“It’s so hard to switch pronouns.”
“Trans people are an inconvenience to me.”

“I don’t have a problem with trans people.”
“I have a problem with trans people.” 

  • Trans people: We're being murdered and our killers aren't being persecuted.
  • Bi people: We're being alienated and erased and because of this are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than straights.
  • Lesbians, trans people and bi women: We're far more likely to experiance sexual harassment and assault.
  • Pan, asexual, aromantic, non-binary, agender, and omnisexual people: our identities aren't aknowledged by mainstream society.
California Restaurants Launch Nation's First Transgender Jobs Program
The unemployment rate for transgender people is double that of the general population. A new program aims to change that. It's all because of a trans woman who's employed trans people for years.

trans people who don’t pass are so amazing!

trans people who don’t have the spoons to pass are valid!

trans people who are closeted and can’t present the way they want are beautiful!

trans people who are out but can’t or don’t want to pass are awesome!

trans people with no interest in passing are gorgeous!

you don’t have to rely on cis people’s idea of gender presentation to be valid!

  • -support trans women who have pattern baldness and can't wear their hair in "feminine" styles.
  • -support trans women who have sensitive skin and can't shave every day.
  • -support trans women who have pigment allergies and can't wear tons of makeup.
  • -support trans women who have blood disorders and other health problems that make surgery a preventively high risk.
  • -also, support trans women who do not have these problems but still do not feel obligated to live up to your cissexist standards of femininity.

Can we stop referring to all the cissexism that was present at the women’s march as coming from TERFs? While I don’t doubt that there was probably a lot of TERFs doing that, I’d say that a lot of it also came from liberals. Radical feminists and right wingers aren’t the only people capable of transmisogyny and I think a lot of people on the left forget that sometimes.

Controversial opinion but I’m actually starting to think there is such a thing as binary privilege within the trans community, I just don’t think it exists in the ways that most people have ignorantly speculated about it.

I definitely don’t think that you can lump in binary cis women cis men trans women and trans men as a cohesive group and any presumption to do so is totally off base. I also don’t think that transgender women experience materially impactful “binary privilege” over CAFAB nonbinary people.

But I do think that, nonbinary identity being a form of gender-nonconformity (most nonbinary people presenting or wishing to present in a way that is visibly gender-variant, and vocalizing a nonbinary identity in itself being an act of gender-nonconformity with material consequences) that within certain groups (for the sake of simplicity I’ll just discuss this in terms of CAFAB and CAMAB) binary identities are prioritized over non-binary identities.

As a CAFAB nonbinary person who is vocal about their identity I definitely do not have access to the same privilege a trans man does. Not only do both cis people and many binary trans people view my identity as being more insolent than that of a trans man and inherently less worthy of accomodation (see: The entire situation surrounding Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto and people now boycotting the entire federal trans rights bill in Canada on the basis of not wanting to use “they” pronouns) but I have experienced barriers to health care that doctors have expressly told me I would not have experienced if I was a trans man. I have also been subjected to trans men explicitly using my identity as something to attack and dismiss in order to establish more social capital for themselves, and while briefly working for an LGBT organization, had my supervisors take my opinions on trans issues less seriously than those of binary trans people, even if those opinions were on nonbinary issues specifically, as well as being subjected to invalidating micro-aggressions from both my cis coworkers and other trans people and saw similar things happen to my CAMAB nonbinary coworkers.

And while I do not feel that trans women hold some sort of gender-related privilege over me as a CAFAB person by virtue of a binary identity since transmisogyny is a significantly more materially impactful issue, I definitely have heard and seen, and had CAMAB people express to me similar experiences to what I’ve described be experienced by CAMAB nonbinary/GNC transfeminine people from binary trans women (see: Blair White and Theryn Meyer attacking nonbinary transfeminine people to increase their social capital and being given authority to speak over CAMAB nonbinary people on nonbinary-specific issues).

There’s also the issue of binary favoritism from cis people. Nonbinary people experience unique forms of conversion therapy even from therapists and doctors who claim not to practice conversion therapy, where doctors attempt to convince nonbinary people they need to “really figure out” their gender, gaslighting their patients about the validity of nonbinary identity and subjecting them to additional barriers to care should they refuse to adopt a binary identity. There is extensive medical documentation in both literature on the medicalization of trans people and on the medicalization of intersex people that the medical industrial complex has a vested interest in persuading GNC people towards binary identities, even if those identities are transgender, rather than allowing a person to embody an explicitly nonbinary gender identity and presentation, and that it is willing to carry out this agenda through means of institutional violence and bodily harm via either pressuring nonbinary people into forms of transition they do not want, or restricting access to forms of transition they do want.

Through the research I’ve done this year into the medicalization of intersex people I’ve discovered a frightening overlap in ideological motivation between the medicalization and abuse of intersex people and the medicalization and abuse of nonbinary people. And while I do not think that it’s the place of dyadic nonbinary people to speak on this, at this point I (edit: as an intersex person) do not think that is it possible to neatly separate nonbinary issues from intersex issues from an institutional perspective in a way that isn’t completely ahistorical.

So yeah TL;DR to a certain extent I do think that nonbinary people experience forms of oppression that are unique to people of nonbinary identities, I just think the way it’s been previously discussed has been extremely fallacious, that it cannot be discussed in a way that equates cis and trans women and men as a cohesive group, and that it cannot be discussed in a way that draws false equivalency between CAMAB and CAFAB experiences or doesn’t account for transmisogyny.

I know this is a really controversial topic and if you think I’m off-base I’d really appreciate feedback or criticism esp from CAMAB ppl bc I’m still developing my thoughts on this!

Edit: I hope I clarified this enough within the original post but I just wanted to state more clearly that if this topic is going to be discussed it needs to be done so with the understanding that the people who stand to benefit to most from nonbinaryphobia (for lack of a better term) within the trans community are trans men. Trans women have significantly less benefit from this and while they can still stand to harm CAMAB nonbinary people in this way, it is difficult for trans women to enact anti-nonbinary violence on CAFAB people given that CAFAB people are always capable of wielding transmisogyny in response (and do, frequently). In order to discuss this topic fairly, male privilege and female oppression need to be understood as an inexorable part of that discussion.

Over the past few years i’ve watched “im only attracted to female-bodied people” turn into “im only attracted to biologically female people,” turn into “im only attracted to DFAB people,” turn into “im only attracted to CAFAB people”

The more things change the more dyadism cissexism and transmisogyny stays the same