Let’s be clear, here: If cis men were capable of getting pregnant, the right wouldn’t be so viciously opposed to abortion rights. If cis men were capable of getting pregnant, there would be an outcry about how they deserve to be able to control their bodies and make informed decisions about how, when, where, and whether they get pregnant, and there would be staunch social support for abortion on demand and without explanation or apology. Because that’s how society works. Society is sexist.

But society is also cissexist, and it’s very bound up in notions about gender that simply aren’t true — and it’s very specifically wrapped up in genital essentialism. Woman=vagina and man=penis, and women are fertile because they have eggs, while men are fertile because they have sperm. People don’t exist outside this binaristic framing. When we reduce abortion to an issue that just affects women, we do get at a huge swath of people who are targeted by anti-abortion legislation, and we also confront the fact that such legislation is rooted in misogyny.

But when we erase the fact that other people also can and do get pregnant, we’re perpetuating transphobia. And this is a huge, huge problem. Because lack of abortion protections harms people of all genders, and additionally makes it even harder for people who aren’t cis women to access abortion services. Trans-competent health care is extremely hard to find in the United States, particularly outside urban environments, particularly for people of colour. This means that some extremely vulnerable populations, like transgender men of colour, cannot access the basic reproductive health services they need — not just abortion care but paps and screenings, as well as discussions about managing pregnancy risks, depending on where they are in transition and where they’re going with transition.

To fight for abortion rights should perforce be about fighting for all people with the capacity for carrying a pregnancy to be able to get an abortion. And that includes a larger discussion about trans-competent health care.

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Internal Biases are really important to deprogram. Being an ally means having to consciously fight to deprogram these biases that you benefit from that you may not agree with but still have. In conversations about oppression, we should not have to defend you and recentering the conversation on you perpetuates the issue

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if you only respect trans people’s genders when they’re good people, that means you don’t really respect trans people’s genders. that’s conditional, and it’s false.

by all means hold racist, misogynist, ableist, abusive, etc trans people responsible for their bigotry but don’t bring their gender into it (unless their gender is part of it, such as a non-native person calling themself two-spirit)

in doing that you reveal that you believe cisness is fundamentally valid whereas transness needs to be earned

  • *before marriage equality in the usa passes*:
  • cishet:lol lesbians are gross
  • cishet:sorry theres only two genders
  • cishet:your gender is whatever is in your pants and thats what i'm gonna call u
  • cishet:lol aren't the gays so sassy? they're like angry bitchy cheerleaders. so funny. i don't want them to touch or look at me though.
  • *marriage equality passes in the usa*:
  • cishet:hey check out my rainbow profile picture on facebook u fuckin homos. lol i just love supporting the gays. i love gay marriage. can't wait for gay divorce court lol. i don't want any of you looking at me lol, i don't swing that way hahaha.
Transwomen are sometimes stigmatized—considered “not really” transgender—if they do not present indicators of femininity, so it’s a case of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What’s more, many of us wear makeup in the beginning stages of transition not because we necessarily want to, but because we need it to hide or modify signs that could get us “read” as transgender, like a bluish beard shadow or an overtly masculine facial structure. I have an androgynous, if not feminine, face, but when I began, prior to coming out, to leave my house in secret, dressed in the women’s clothing and makeup I had purchased by pretending they were for my sister, I was so often terrified of being read as transgender because of all the makeup, even as I felt too scared to venture into the world without it. That is no longer as great a fear, thanks to laser hair removal and hormone therapy. But an everyday trip to the grocery store can be traumatic if you feel the need to put on an entire face of makeup to avoid overt discrimination, if not violence. This is not equating womanhood with clothes or makeup; it is a survival mechanism.

Flight of the Ruler by Gabrielle Bellot 

Read this beautiful piece by Gabrielle Bellot on home, coming out as transgender, gender identity and the state of trans rights in her native island of Dominica and the Caribbean. 

Sing with me

If you’re tired of gendered witchcraft clap your hands *clap clap*
If you’re tired of gendered witchcraft clap your hands *clap clap* 

If you’re tired of gendered witchcraft because it is heteronormative, cissexist and erases your identity on a regular basis (and you feel like you can’t worship publicly without invalidating your own existence)

If you’re tired of gendered witchcraft clap your hands *clap clap*

So this new Stonewall movie also has this weird “coast vs flyover” culture thing going on right? Beyond the fact that it’s blatant white-washing and cis-washing, there’s also this character who is from Kansas (read: religious, backward, rural) to New York (read: urban, progressive, secular).

This is a really popular rich progressive gay trend. It’s why whenever I tell people I’m from Kansas, they always apologize or tell me that I “don’t act like someone from Kansas.” Even after I tell them that I have been threatened more for being queer and trans in California than in Kansas, they still act like I must have “escaped.” So positioning gay and trans liberation as the acceptance of white liberal secularism is obviously an implicit part of a progressive liberal rendition of Stonewall.

But once again, this telling erases the reality. Thinking of two of the women who have been sidelined in this entire mess (Silvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson), both of them were influenced at least somewhat by their religious activity. As far as I can tell, for Rivera this was later in her life, but with Marsha P. Johnson, she has accounts of religious visions. This complication both works against the progressive western gay  =/= religious dichotomy, and also raises the spectre of religious activity medicalized as mental illness.

This secularization of the beginners of gay liberation is just another way that the new movie flattens gay lives for the purposes of progressive white and western liberal sensibilities

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Do you have any tips on getting out of the friend zone? Thanks! Being "just friends" with the opposite sex is so boring! Lol

Have you looked into growing a personality?

P.S. - There is no such thing as the “opposite” gender. There are many genders!

Hey, editors: This is why you should read the article before you write the headline. The Sydney Morning Herald fixed both the headline and the URL for the story after readers pointed out the egregious mistake, but still – really? They gave you the answer. Come on. 

[Image: An article posted to the Facebook page of the Sydney Morning Herald. The teaser text says “Whatever you write about me, please, don’t say, Marco was born a boy and now he’s a girl. I was always a girl, it just took some time to share it with the world.” The headline on the article says “Born a boy, feeling like a girl.”] 

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“I’m not trying to enforce gender roles here, but I would NOT want my son to turn out gay, or do anything close to being feminine. Same with my daughter. She will not participate in any masculine activities, only wear feminine clothes, and cannot date girls. Like I said, not trying to enforce gender roles, it’s just how things should be.”

Manslation: I’m not trying to set your house on fire or anything, but I AM pouring gasoline all over it, and I WILL be lighting a match in a few seconds. Like I said, not trying to burn down your house, it’s just how things should be.


Ahhh, y’all, a ton of people with ‘feminist’ (and ‘radfem’) in their names are reblogging this, and maybe I should erase it because, look, I laughed at this joke and I made a fucking gif of it, okay?

And then, like, five minutes (and three hundred reblogs) later I realized what a transmisogynist thing this joke is. Realizing this a little earlier is something I need to be better at, and I apologize for fucking that up and not being more critical of John Oliver.

Look, this whole piece was about online harassment, but from the piece itself, you’d think only white cis women were ever harassed online – that was already a problem going on here. Its a piece that minimizes the reality of harassment suffered by women who don’t fall into that particular privileged intersection.

And on top of that, the joke I’ve reproduced is one that locates male privilege in genitalia, and it ignores the reality that not everyone with a white penis is a man, and not everyone with a white penis has the kind of privilege being discussed here. 

At it’s most basic level, a joke like this one locates gender in some TERF idea of biological sex, basically, and this kind of casual association needs to stop. Especially when what he means to say is, “Congratulations on your cis white male privilege.” 

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is there a difference between cissexism and transphobia?

Transphobia: “Trans men aren’t men!”

Cissexism: “Women are so metal for putting up with periods.”

Transphobia is usually an active dislike/discomfort/hatred of trans people, whereas cissexism is more of a societal ingrained thing wherein people erase trans people by equating genitals to gender.

Cissexism is often less actively aggressive, but it falls under the large umbrella of transphobic things. Cissexism is assuming things like every woman has breasts/periods/etc and every man has a penis. It also erases non binary genders and intersex people. It basically reinforces the bullshit genitals = gender boy/girl binary. People often don’t realise they’re being cissexist because it’s so ingrained in everything about society (ie. things like referring to pads and tampons as ‘feminine hygiene products’)

Trans woman sues Forever 21 for calling her "disgusting," "useless" and "offensive"

Alexia Daskalakis is filing suit against Forever 21, where she used to work, after one of her managers harassed her with a slew of anti-trans verbal abuse, then fired her when she filed a formal complaint. 

Daskalakis says she was wrongfully discriminated against on the basis of gender identity, and whatever court her case ends up in will most likely agree; even the Department of Justice now considers anti-trans discrimination to be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Here’s her account of what happened:

In her suit, filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Daskalakis, who had worked at a local Forever 21 shop in sales and displays since 2011, claims that one of her managers told her she was “disgusting,” a “hot mess,” “useless,” and that she “looked offensive” in reference to her female gender expression after she came out as a trans woman in January 2014.

Daskalakis also alleges that some of her outfits were deemed “inappropriate” by management despite other female employees being allowed to wear similar clothing; that she was treated with contempt and yelled at in front of customers; that one manager informed her “in our eyes, you’re still male,” and that another stated, “you used to be a hard worker when you were a guy, but not anymore.” Shortly after coming out, Daskalakis says she was fired without being given a reason.

What compels somebody to treat another human being like that? Sheesh. Wishing her all the best in her case, and definitely a more affirming employer.