My new job is wonderful and really fun and my coworkers are really nice but having them repeatedly calling me “the new GIRL” is killing me but I am never going to come out of the closet :)

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by the same principle, queer characters should always be done by queer actors???? i mean, the concept of acting is being someone you are not, does a cis straight white dude with not disabilities should always and categorically only play a cis straight white dude with not disabilities? i get how racist whitewashing is and how bad considering how many good poc actors work in hollywood but??? this seems too much?

If you think whitewashing is too much but cis people playing trans characters isn’t, then you need to look deep into yourself at the cissexism there telling you that trans women are men and trans men are women.

Fact: Cis men and cis women rarely get cast to play women/men respectively, but when they are, it’s pretty much always either them playing a trans character, or as some sort of joke character.

That sets the stage that women are not portrayed by men, so trans women should also not be portrayed by men. So even by that very simple standard, Matt Bomer should never have gotten the part, and the only reason he did was transphobia/cissexism

Additionally, if you were educated at all on trans matters, you would understand the long history of media undermining trans people’s validity, particularly trans women’s validity, through tropes like “man in a dress” that seek to assert that trans women are really just cis men in women’s clothes, that we’re really men performing womanhood and nothing more. 

There is no LGB parallel to compare that violent transphobic invalidation and erasure to. 

Which is why casting cis men in particular as trans women is violently transmisogynist, on top of the transphobia of casting cis folks in trans roles (which steal our opportunities to represent ourselves,  steal our opportunities to gain employment in and progress through the media industry, allows cis folks to earn money off of trans people’s backs without proper compensation, allows cis folks to write characters and narratives that are distanced from reality and misrepresent us unchallenged, etc. etc. etc.)

There’s no visual LGB erasure or misrepresentation going on. LGB folks are accepted to look like anyone else, behave like anyone else, they get roles playing LGB characters as well as straight roles. 

Meanwhile, trans folks are always being misrepresented. We’re always being erased. We’re being cast as something we’re not a massive percentage of the time. The decisions made around trans characters in media creates and reproduces harm against us.

Having trans people portray ourselves would open the door for trans folks to gain a foothold in media, to challenge misconceptions and mistakes, both publicly and behind the scenes, it would combat the transphobic tropes used to invalidate us, etc. 

So yeah, it’s nothing like what you posed at all. You have a lot to learn


What Cis People Say To Trans People Vs. What We Hear

By Meredith Talusan and Rory Midhani

TRANSlator 3000: Amazing technology translates cissexist BS!

“Oh you’re trans but you look so good!”
“Trans people are ugly.”

“I’ve never met a trans person before.”
“I assume I can identify any trans person.”

“I would date a trans person.”
“Trans people are usually undateable so I deserve a prize.” 

“You look just like a real woman.”
“Trans women aren’t really women.”

“I’m glad you’re being honest with me about being trans.”
“Trans people who don’t tell me they’re trans are deceivers and liars.”

“I loooooove trans people!”
“I fetishize trans people.”

“It’s so hard to switch pronouns.”
“Trans people are an inconvenience to me.”

“I don’t have a problem with trans people.”
“I have a problem with trans people.” 

LMAO the cis are at it again. It’s been suggested that the facial model for the statue of liberty was a dude and so now all the news orgs are like “is the statue of liberty actually a man?” Well I for one just want to congratulate Lady Liberty on being the largest trans woman in North America if not the world.

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would the castin problem be less problematic if they casted ciswomen? tbh i think that media which chooses to portray trans characters should try their hardest to be as representing and accurate in doing so as they can to prevent harm and to reproduce transmysoginist misconceptions, and give visibility to part of the community that is sistematically left out. like nomi in sense8, a transwoman playin a trans woman who was casted by two transwomen.

It would get rid of any potential transmisogynistic and cissexist tropes that cast trans women as equivalent to cis men, so sure, it’d be better, but it’d still be denying trans women the ability to represent themselves, and would be allowing cis women to exploit trans women for profit. 

So I mean, yeah, it’s be better to cast a cis woman than a cis man, but at the same time, we’ve seen what happens when studios do that (Transamerica) and it wasn’t pretty, either. Lots of transmisogyny.

At least when trans women are portraying trans women characters, there’s validity, there’s representation. Even if it’s shit representation (Orange is the New Black, for instance) it’s still better than nothing. 

Yeah, ideally, there’d be a lot more roles like Nomi from Sense8 out there, and more trans actresses portraying them, because the talent is there, we just never get the opportunity to show it. 

  • -support trans women who have pattern baldness and can't wear their hair in "feminine" styles.
  • -support trans women who have sensitive skin and can't shave every day.
  • -support trans women who have pigment allergies and can't wear tons of makeup.
  • -support trans women who have blood disorders and other health problems that make surgery a preventively high risk.
  • -also, support trans women who do not have these problems but still do not feel obligated to live up to your cissexist standards of femininity.

me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

Trans Beauty Queen Stripped of Title For Not Being 'Trans Enough'

Last year 23 year old transgender woman Jai Dara Latto, from Walkerburn in Scotland, was crowned as the winner of the Miss Transgender UK competition.  Now, however, she has been stripped of her title by the woman who runs Mis Transgender UK, Rachael Bailey, after claiming that Jai is not infact transgender.

The accusations come following Miss Bailey claiming to have seen footage of Jai from an upcoming BBC3 documentary, to air next month, in which Jai is filmed at home relaxing in a pair of boxer shorts and being seen working out at the gym in shorts and a t-shirt.

Miss Bailey claims that this is proof that Jai is not living her life full time as a woman, instead branding her as a drag queen.

Speaking to the Scotsman, Miss Bailey said ‘When Jai entered the competition, she said that she was full time and she’s not - she’s a drag queen.  The documentary showed her living as a gay male in her boxer shorts.  Underwear is very important to transgender females - one of the first things people do is change their underwear as it makes us feel like we are finally a woman.’

'When I confronted her, she just said that I didn’t have a leg to stand on and it is difficult.  It is basically one transgender person saying to another 'You’re not transgender enough to be in our competition’.  It sounds daft when you put it like that.’

In addition to winning the title Jai was given a £3,000 modelling contract, which has also been taken away from her and awarded to another contestant, a £5,000 cash prize, and £10,000 worth of surgery in India.  Jai has already turned down the prize of surgery, wishing to wait for gender confirmation surgery on the NHS.

Jai has said that she was approached by Miss Bailey, who claimed that she had broken the terms and conditions of the competition by not being 'full time’.

She went on to say that, 'I am transgender.  It seems to me that Rachael has based her claims on her subjective information from having viewed the documentary Miss Transgender, which is yet to be aired.  I gave consideration to sharing a letter from my doctor on my gender dysphoria, but decided against it.’

'The documentary clearly shows me living full time  in my community, functioning on a daily basis, interacting with family, friends and others in my desired gender role.  Being transgender is not some exclusive club.  There are many of us in it and we are all different from one another.’

Rachael Bailey’s fixation that only a certain way of dressing or presenting is what makes someone 'trans enough’ is an incredibly shortsighted and damaging one.  It insists that not only do trans women have to match perfectly to some pre-ordained definition of female, but it’s also quite misogynistic when you look at it.

Miss Bailey insists that only by wearing 'women’s underwear’ are you 'finally a woman’, but would she levy these same rules onto a cisgender woman found wearing boxer shorts?  I very much doubt that.

These kind of views make it incredibly hard for trans women in society, as if you are seen to act in any way that is deemed 'masculine’ it is suddenly used as an argument that it must be proof that your entire gender identity, presentation or even life is a construct based on a lie.  Miss Bailey is here saying that if you do not fit her very narrow view of what should be considered female it must automatically make you a man.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on that.  Wanting to wear boxer shorts to feel comfortable does not suddenly mean that you are lying about being a trans woman, if it did the same would have to apply to any woman who has ever worn boxer shorts, even for a moment.  Surely these other women are lying about who they are too.

It also begs the question of where else Rachael Bailey draws this line of rigid womanhood?  'You like the colour blue?  Sorry, you’re not trans enough’.  'You prefer action films to romantic comedies?  Nope, you’re a dude’.  'You have male friends and prefer beer over wine?  Well then you’re just living a lie’.

This isn’t as much about what makes a person trans enough (the answer to which is, if you’re trans you’re fucking trans enough!) but the way people view oppressive gender stereotypes.  You would hope that as a fellow trans woman Rachael Bailey would know better than to make those kind of judgements on other trans women, sadly it would appear that she does not.

Wanting to wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable doesn’t change your gender identity.  Liking certain things does not change your gender identity.  Having a body that does match your gender identity does not change your gender identity.

I’ve been in this kind of situation myself, where another trans woman questioned my validity as a trans woman, where I was accused of being a closet cross-dresser or gay man because my Facebook didn’t have enough picture of me out in public. It was crazy, it was frustrating and it was upsetting.  But it made me realise that for some people, no matter what the situation, sometimes nothing is ever enough.

So I’d say to Rachel Bailey what I said to this other person, 'who the fuck are you to judge other people’s lives?’

You don’t need anyone else’s approval, you don’t need to meet anyone’s standards to be yourself.  You’re all 'trans enough’, whether you’ve finished your transition or if you’ve only just come out to yourself.  You’re all 'trans enough’.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


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I think the problem is the ladies of the left, the arbiters of all reasonable human behavior, have become aware that there are still men fouling the public arena. And even worse,these men seem to have some sort of apparatus attached to their buttocks or somewhere down there that requires these socially unacceptable air thieves to sit with legs unacceptably akimbo while riding public conveyances.

Manslation: Somebody sat next to me on the bus and made me shift my legs closer together and you just can’t understand the TORTURE this inflicts on my TENDER PARTS. If my legs aren’t splayed wider than the English Channel my grapes will die and shrivel up into lil’ raisins. Also if I pepper this statement with enough big words, it might hide my misogyny.

ok but cis lesbians and cis gay guys complain 24/7 about people that hypersexualize their sexuality like “my sexuality is more than genitals!! my relationship is more than sex!!” but then ur only excuse for being transphobic is “well im gay so obviously i only like somebody for their dick….”

There are so many posts I’d be reblogging if OP hadn’t forgotten that there aren’t any “female-specific” organs or health issues or w/e. We really, really  need to do better about the casual cissexism and intersexism in feminist Tumblr and how widely posts from TERFs circulate when we aren’t on top of that.

There is no body part that people of only one gender have. There is no health issue that people of only one gender have. There are medical issues that are ignored or stigmatized because mostly women have them or because they’re associated with women, but they are not “female” health issues.

We can’t let cissexism and intersexism slide. Trans people and intersex people do not deserve to be pushed out of spaces they’re entitled to just because it’s easier to reblog a cissexist post than to make the point ourselves, or because we think they’re a small enough population that they don’t deserve to be included in the original post.

Let’s step it up, friends. We can do better.

The Other T-slur

I really hate that people still don’t seem to understand that “trap” is a slur against trans people.

Like, really, the idea is that trans women are trying to trick heterosexual men into having a “gay” relationship.  The whole idea behind it is predicated on both cissexism and heterosexism.  It’s not a compliment, as some people seem to insist that it is, it literally describes us based solely on our relationship to cishet men, as though we aren’t individuals in our own right who have our own interests.

Stop using “trap” this way.  Stop implying it with stupid Admiral Ackbar memes.  The Admiral would be disgusted to know his image was being used this way.

Like, to be honest, it was never completely about whether a trans woman has a penis or not because when you press most of those people, they still wouldn’t want to be with a post-op trans woman.

It’s abt the aggregation of  physical and social things that code as as trans and therefore monstrous, undesirable except as fetish objects, and ‘male’, and if our argument is based on “well what if she’s indistinguishable from a cis woman” than we have already ceded the whole point for the majority of trans women.