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I was tagged by Talesfromthebiscuittin

1. Album of the year?

My favourite album that’s been released this year would probably have to be Artpop from Lady Gaga. To be totally honest, most of the bands that I -really- love released albums last year. So I’m a bit disgruntled that I couldn’t choose one of them.

2. Speak any other languages than your mother tongue?

I do! I’m fluent in German, English, and I’m in the process of learning Spanish!

3. Favourite TV series?

I don’t really watch much tv, but I religiously watch Master Chef whenever it’s on.

4. Any skills that you want to learn?

I’d really like to learn how to cut, style, and dye my own hair. I feel like that’d be a pretty convenient skill to have since I’m kind of obsessed with my hair.  

5. Is there an album that is especially important to you?

Yes! There is! It’d have to be Laundry Service from Shakira. That album was the major reason that I want to learn Spanish. 

6. Top 5 books

I don’t particularly read too much, unfortunately. The most that I’ve read in a while is a biology textbook.

7. Fan of video games? If so, top 5 faves.

1: Soul Calibur 5

2: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

3: World of Warcraft

4: Fire Emblem Awakening

5: Pokemon Platinum

8. Where would you most like to be right now?

I’d -really- love to be back in Germany right now. I miss my relatives like crazy.

9. Are you interested in any academia?

Not particularly at the moment, as I’ve already obtained the degree that I want, for now.

10. What would you change your name to if you could?

I actually went through a phase where I considered taking on my middle name, Eli as my first name.

11. Name one song that you think everyone should listen to. 

I definitely think that everybody should listen to “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Nightwish at least once in their life. It’s just one of the most amazing songs that I’ve ever heard.

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