cishet is a slur

“Cishet people get called q***r, therefore they can reclaim it.”

Cishet people get called q***r in the same way that dudebros call each other the f slur. Like, yeah, it’s used to police normativity, but it does that in ways that are homophobic and transphobic.

When cishet people get called the q slur it’s intended to prey on and instill feelings of homophobia and transphobia because it’s used specifically to imply that the target is gay or trans and that that’s a bad thing that people should be ashamed of being associated with.

This idea that people can reclaim every slur they’ve ever personally been called is a complete failure to understand how slurs fucking work or, on a basic level, literally what words even are.

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how r u aphobic if ur url is aplutonic

aplatonic was originally coined by trauma survivors / mentally ill people like myself to describe how they found it difficult to form relationships while dealing with issues intrinsic to those experiences it just got stolen & twisted by mogais so normal 13yo kids could talk abt how having no friends is a kweer identity lmao

things cis people say

“wait ur nonbinary? I thought you were trans!”
“But using your pronouns are hard!!”
“Cis is a slur!!!”
“I hate those trans people who always make a fuss!”
“Is that a man or a woman? *uses it/its*”
“I’m alright with trans people, I just hate those fake genders”
*Insert 500 transphobic jokes*
“They’re just jokes oh my god! You’re so sensitive”
“Lmao men in dresses are so funny”
“But what if a man says he’s a woman and sneaks into the bathroom to assault people”
“you’re pretty cute for a trans man/woman”
“which bathroom do you use”
“what’s in your pants”
“are u pre op?”
“How do you have sex?”
“so technically you’re a (insert assigned gender)”
“So she- well, she thinks she’s a boy but I’ve known her for a long time so it’s okay”
“I’ve never met a trans before !!”
"i can misgender you cos you’re a cunt”
“you’re not even trans”
“But you don’t look trans!”
“I wouldn’t date a trans, I’m just not attracted to them”
“i identify as a dog LOL !!!”
“down with trans”
“Cisphobia is just as bad as transphobia”
“how can you hate someone just for being transphobic?”
“down with cis is harmful”
“dysphoria cant be that bad”
“down with hate”
“I’m not transphobic my sister’s friend’s cousin’s nephew is trans!”
“You transgenders will say anything’s transphobic”
“im not transphobic i thought i was trans 
"are you sure you’re not just butch?”
“you’re too young to know your’re trans!”
“you’re too old to know you’re trans!”
“why is being trans suddenly a trend?”
"i can say that i have a trans friend”
“this is (birthname) she thinks she’s a boy!”
“oh she’s playing dress up”
“i’ve never dated a trans but i’m up for experimenting”
“i can say that i have a trans friend”

sorry but “aphobia” for cishet aro/aces and cis aroaces doesn’t exist outside of misogyny and toxic masculinity.

if you’re a cis and/or het aro/ace girl and you’re called frigid or a bitch for not wanting sex or a relationship, that’s not “aphobia” that’s misogyny

if you’re a cis and/or het aro/ace boy and you’re called a pussy for not wanting sex or a relationship, that’s not “aphobia” that’s toxic masculinity.

there are literally already words for what you’re experiencing stop trying to make up new ones so you can invade LGBT safe spaces

I hope cishet inclusionists are aware that when they say that for a person to be straight they need to be the heterosexual and heteromantic they’re, by default, implying that to be bi you have to be bisexual and biromanitc or to be gay you have to be both h*m*sexual and h*m*romantic, all of which play into the ignorant view that gay aces or bi aces are just ‘watered down’, something you lot accuse us of doing.

You need to sit back and reevaluate what you’re saying because it’s inaccurate and actually harmful.

Aces and aros aren’t inherently straight, yes, but aces and aros are inherently lgbt+ either because of the fact that they can be both cis and het.

An ask I got on @aspecs-for-jughead

I feel like when it comes to aroaces, as well as nonbinary m-spec people, it’s easier for REGs to just misgender + mislabel us, because we don’t fall into their cissexist binary vocab.

They KNOW we’re not Gay. But they’ll never admit that Queer is a much better word for us, because they can’t stand us having our own language.

So they’d rather label us “straight” or “straight passing” than acknowledge that there are people who are Not Gay + Not Straight.

I was going to say something else but I forgot it.

Cishet people have absolutely zero business using a reclaimed slur as an identity for themselves when they’re the ones who turned the word into a slur in the first goddamned place.

I don’t give a shit how difficult it is for you to come without getting spanked. Cishets. Aren’t. Queer.

i really don’t like this new thing where “progressive” news outlets like huffpost replace almost every instance of “lgbt” with “queer.” not only are they applying that label (a slur!!!!) to every lgbt person, it gets cishets saying shit like “i read a lot about queer issues.” like, its not bad that they’re mainstreaming the experiences of lgbt people and making our stories more accessible, i love that. i just think it teaches cishets that we can all be called “queer” and that’s the preferred term now.